Ventilation Fans

Andrews Ventilation hire offers an extensive range of ventilation and extraction fans for hire or sales from our network of depots located throughout the UK. The FV range of heavy duty, high capacity units has been leading the market for many years. They are widely used in many environments such as tunnelling, construction, confined spaces, power stations, oil refineries, factories, water works and ship building, where they are used either to supply clean fresh air or remove polluted air.

  • Can be used for fresh air supply or extraction
  • High capacity outputs - up to 38,000 cubic metres per hour
  • Successfully operate with long lengths of ducting
  • Ducting sizes ranging between 300mm and 600mm
  • Smaller models can be used on 110V power supply
  • Long term or short-term hire - competitive rates
  • Mobile units for ease of transport and manoeuvrability
  • Service back up 24/7 365
  • Fast and friendly service from our UK depot network
  • Strong robust design for heavy duty applications

The Andrews range of ventilation fans begins with our AF3900 fan, which is specifically designed to deliver air changes and supply fresh air to a range of applications. Our FV range can be used to provide fresh air but also to extract polluted air from areas which contain fumes, smoke or dust in a variety of environments. These include factories, workshops, construction sites, tunnelling, oil refineries, power stations, ship building, water works, railways, demolition, agriculture and many more. Our FV100 is a simple lift and carry unit that operates on a single-phase supply, delivering volumes of up to 1,700 m³ per hour. At the top end of the range is the FV1800 which has a capacity of 38,000m³ per hour and can operate on ducting lengths of up to 40 metres. The units can be ducted on both the inlet and the outlet. All FV units can be operated in the outdoors and are of a weatherproof design. All of the necessary ducting and accessories are supplied with the unit so that they can be operated within minutes of arriving on site.

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