Fast Chill Range

The Andrews Fast Chill range provides clients with reliable, specialised units suited to the storage and retention of food and other perishables. We understand the repercussions of failing to keep delicate goods safe and in a refrigerated environment, which is why we are the preferred supplier to a number of companies in your industry. By utilising low temperature chillers, our clients are able to prolong the freshness of their products whilst also preventing the growth of bacteria and other harmful microbes.

  • Low Temperature to -15℃
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Large volume cooling
  • Temperature controller to 0.5℃
  • Quick connect couplings
  • Installed and Commissioned
  • Extensive range
  • Price Competitive
  • Back-up 24/7 service all year round

Specifically designed for food storage, our Fast Chill range comprises of three separate models ensuring applications of all sizes can be accommodated without issue. These compact chillers offer end users a nominal cooling capacity of up to 26.3kW per unit, while their simple installation facilitates quick deployment in emergency circumstances.

A robust crash frame enables each product to be protected even when located in vigorous or fast-paced environments, while an automatic thermostat allows temperatures to be controlled to within 0.5°C of a desired reading. This unique product design features an indoor unit, which provides the chilled air, and an external unit for heat rejection.

Our units are capable of reducing temperatures to as low as -15°C and are therefore suitable for keeping fish, poultry, meats and even soups edible for extended periods of time.

Maximum air flows of up to 10,000m³/h render our FC chillers perfect for large storage areas, while their economical performance means food can be kept cool around the clock without our clients incurring extortionate running costs.

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