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In the present day, construction companies are under more pressure than ever to adhere to time constraints and ensure they keep ahead of their competition. Delays are both frustrating and costly in equal measure, and the drying of screed has been widely cited as the most common reason for progress grinding to a halt. However, there are means and ways of accelerating this process without negatively impacting on a project further down the line.

This can be achieved by hiring an Andrews boiler, where our range of units have been specifically designed and tailored to assist screed drying applications. Underfloor heating is a proven and highly efficient method of drying screed compositions beneath the surface, ensuring it sets correctly to facilitate the even conducting of heat once flooring is laid on top.

It is also important to consider the amount of insulation below the underfloor heating in order to prevent warmth escaping downwards. In order to gain the maximum drying benefit from your heating arrangement, contact an Andrews specialist today. We will calculate the capacity of energy required to proficiently operate your underfloor heating system and then propose a boiler that befits the application to enable the screed to be successfully dried.

At Andrews, our expert technicians have the skill and expertise required to adequately replace your boiler when problems arise at short notice. This know-how enables us to guarantee clients can overcome an immediate crisis whilst also taking into consideration any long-term needs. Our engineers are capable of recommending a unit that meets whichever conditions you have in mind – whether that be low running costs, faster heating times or certain efficiency requirements.

No other supplier offers a wider selection of electric, oil-fired and natural gas boilers, meaning we have you covered for virtually any scenario. We also recognise the importance of keeping operational costs affordable, which ties in with our pledge to propose a cost-effective boiler hire package that correlates to the budget restrictions your company is bound by.

In addition to standard rental agreements, we can even formulate a genuine contingency service that supports customers in future times of need. This provision includes free site surveys, a bespoke disaster recovery action, local adaptions to existing pipework and even the reservation of units to facilitate immediate deployment. As one of the UK’s leading boiler hire companies, we recognise the potential implications of system-induced downtime which is why we vow to react swiftly to prevent any long-lasting problems.

In many instances, new buildings are fitted with underfloor heating as an alternative to traditional wall mounted radiators. The natural order of an average construction project generally means that this system is completed during the latter phases, and as such, a temporary boiler unit is needed to ensure the resultant building has sufficient capacities of both internal heating and hot water.

However, there are also times where underfloor heating can assist other aspects of a building development – whether that be screed drying, floor laying or another similar process. Underfloor screed is typically desired to insulate below the surface and retain any heat produced for a longer period of time. So when contractors place a layer of screed, it is essential that a suitable source of heating is also available to ensure this process is completed properly.

Many installations on a construction site will require a dependable heating source before any permanent boiler is commissioned, which is why a temporary unit is often needed before planned worked can progress any further.

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