Industrial Fans

The ASF950 is a robust, heavy duty, high capacity fan which remains highly portable, due to its two wheeled trolley design. This unit is successfully used in a wide range of applications, during the summer months the ASF950 is often utilised to help provide cool fresh air in areas such as factories, warehouses or marquees. These units can also be used for ventilation and air circulation in areas which have restricted natural air flow.

Our Ventilation Hire range


Air flow (max)

Power supply

Dimensions (L x W x H)

  • Ideal for cooling and providing fresh air to large areas
  • High capacity output – up to 37,000 cu metres per hour
  • Can be used on domestic 230 volt power supply
  • 110 volt versions available for industrial uses
  • Competitive hire rates and sales prices
  • Two wheeled trolley for manoeuvrability
  • Variable speed controls, easy to operate
  • Fast and friendly service from our UK depot network
  • Strong robust design

The Andrews ASF 950 industrial high capacity fan is used for cooling, providing fresh air, removing stale air or for air circulation in a wide variety of environments. They are commonly used in factories, gymnasiums, workshops, warehouses, building sites, exhibition centres, film sets and for events such as concerts. They have also been used on sports pitches to encourage grass growth where air flow is restricted or to help dry out wet pitches. In some applications they have been used for special effects or to create a “windy” environment within an enclosed area for wind surfing and miniature sail boat sailing. The ASF950 is available in 230 volt, for use from a domestic power supply, or 110 volt, for use on construction sites or industrial applications. The ASF 950 can provide up to 37,000 cu metres of air per hour. Andrews industrial fans are ideal for circulating large volumes of air, they have built in variable speed controllers which allows them to be adjusted to suit each individual application.

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