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Gyms and leisure centres

It is essential that air quality is constantly monitored within a gym, leisure facility or health club. A proper ventilation system can operate alongside air conditioning to deliver a constant supply of clean, fresh and cool air, remove unpleasant odours and provide customers with a safe environment in which to exercise. A safe assumption is that your members seek to improve their fitness and well-being, with health-conscious individuals very unlikely to disregard any poor indoor air quality blighting your premises.

Our Expertise

In recent times, there has been a sharp shift towards gymnasiums and sports centres taking steps to improving ventilation within their buildings. The use of ventilation fans is a very effective way of enhancing air circulation while also acting as a cooling mechanism to make conditions more comfortable for those working out.

Our ASF fans provide a robust, high capacity ventilation solution capable of producing huge airflows to gyms, sports halls and other public exercise areas. These units are perfect for both cooling and providing fresh air to large areas and require only a domestic 3-phase power supply in order to function.

As the UK’s largest specialist hire company, we offer our customers a range of market-leading ventilation products for hire which now includes a dedicated air cleaner – the AC1600. Designed to provide air filtration by intercepting and retaining particles, this unit’s economical functionality renders it perfect for environments where continuous use is required.


Poor air quality levels and insufficient ventilation inside your gym are unconducive to promoting health and fitness, which is why this issue is now being taking more seriously than ever before. If your gym’s ventilation system has been badly designed, does not operate properly or otherwise fails to meet the needs of your application, then there are several likely side effects.

A hot and humid environment is almost inevitable because your ventilation arrangement will likely not be removing enough moisture from the air. This will lead to other problems including the development of mould, viruses and bacteria, with humid air also responsible for musty smells. Excessive humidity will cause energy bills to rise as your air conditioning system will have to work a lot harder to provide desired cooling capacities.

When people exercise, their heart rates accelerate which leads to quicker breathing and, subsequently, a higher rate of carbon dioxide being exhaled. If a large number of people breathe out elevated amounts of carbon dioxide within a confined space, it will affect the availability of oxygenated air which has a potentially dangerous suffocating impact on each person present. A suitably ventilated gym guarantees the correct balance of gases and ensures that inhaled air doesn’t contain an unsafe amount of CO2.

Sports Facilities

Although principally similar to gyms in many ways, indoor sports facilities are a slightly different proposition from a ventilation perspective. The fresh air requirement remains dependant on the number of occupants, while the use of automatic carbon dioxide detectors simplifies the process of verifying that air quality remains constantly safe.

However, it is important to consider the air velocity of any ventilation equipment used so that sports activities – such as badminton – are not affected in any way.

At Andrews, we are familiar with the requirements of businesses operating within your industry and have been developing and installing practical solutions for many years. In some cases, a ventilation hire package can be tailored to operate alongside existing HVAC equipment while other situations may need a more standalone approach. Whatever your issue, our engineers can visit site at your earliest convenience and devise a course of action befitting of your unique parameters including building size, layout and budget.

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