Hydraulic Submersible

When suction lift exceeds 9m or when an electric power supply is unavailable, the Sykes hydraulic submersible range is the perfect solution to your pumping requirements. Designed for a multitude of applications these strong yet lightweight units can deal with sewage and water with equal efficiency.



  • Perfect for deep excavations or chambers
  • Suitable for operation in hazardous areas
  • No overload risk when pump is blocked
  • Compact chassis with certified lifting eye and forklift slots
  • High pressure motor design
  • Long-lasting stainless steel wear plates
  • Suitable for continuous dry running
  • Lightweight aluminium pump ends for easy lifting
  • Compatible with biodegradable oil
  • Sewage and drainer pump end options
  • 24-hour service, 365 days per year.

The Sykes range of high performance submersible hydraulic pumps comprises 100mm and 150mm models with electric start, diesel driven, hydraulic power packs which are fully protected by an automatic shutdown system.

These units are ideal for circumstances where the suction lift is too great for a conventional diesel driven pump, or if the location of the fluid to be pumped will not allow a surface mounted pump to be placed nearby, or if local power availability prevents the use of an appropriate electric submersible pump.

The hydraulic pump ends are made from aluminium which combines strength with a unit that is light enough to be easily manhandled on site. However, they also incorporate a certified lifting eye and forklift slots for ease of positioning and movement. The units unique design mean that they are capable of high flows and low heads, or low flows and high heads so whatever situation you are faced with these units can provide you with a viable solution.

The pump ends are connected, by hydraulic lines, to a power pack which is driven by a fully silenced diesel engine meaning that these units can be used in areas where ambient noise is a consideration.

The quick release couplings ensure that the hydraulic hoses are simple to operate and leak proof, but the hydraulic system can run on synthetic, biodegradable or vegetable oil if they are being used where environmental considerations are greater.

The hydraulic system incorporates a large return filter ensuring that any contaminants are captured whilst the fuel tank has flushing panels and a drain facility as well as providing 24-hour running capability. Safety features include full engine protection and hydraulic shut off through oil loss.

High specification motors and replaceable stainless steel wear plates are featured
throughout the range.

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