General Purpose Pumps

The Sykes range of fully automatic self-priming, diesel driven surface-mounted pumps offers solutions to a wide range of industries. Handling everything from clean water to sludge and slurry, our pump hire fleet has been specifically designed and manufactured for arduous pumping applications – ranging from quarries and construction sites, to industrial processes, wastewater and sewage applications.


Noise level

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • The UK’s original hire industry pump
  • Available for hire or sale across the UK
  • Fuel efficient and reliable
  • 4-wheeled site frames, skid-mounted or road trailers
  • Units ranging from 2″ to 8″ (50mm to 200mm)
  • Solids handling capability of up to 75mm
  • Flow rates up to 161 l/s and heads up to 43m
  • Over 160 years of pumping knowhow
  • Choice of diesel engines or electric motors available

As the UK’s market leaders for pump hire, Sykes is proud to offer clients a diverse selection of self-priming dewatering pumps which are suitable for use across a wide range of sectors. These mobile pumps are easy to maintain and provide hours of unattended operation due to the use of tried and tested components, ensuring maximum performance and reliability.

Manufactured in the UK and having over 160 years’ experience in the pump industry, our contractors pumps comply with the most stringent quality and environmental standards, and their robust construction ensures they are long-lasting even in the most arduous of applications.

Used wherever there is a need for positive self-priming pumps, our GP range incorporates the unique Sykes vacuum system, enabling the pump to prime and re-prime automatically from dry, and operate with the suction intake intermittently exposed to atmosphere.

Sykes’ general purpose pumps have proven to be extremely reliable following many years of development and use. Precision manufactured, these surface-mounted pumps incorporate hardwearing cast-iron parts and corrosion resistant materials throughout.

From the 2” Minivac eco right through to the 8” GP200 pump, the same high-quality standards are applied. Most units have an integral fuel tank which allows up to 24 hours of pumping before refuelling meaning that there is minimal disruption to the job at hand and labour is not required to fuel the pumps on a regular basis. Fuel consumption can be as little as half a litre per hour on the smaller units.

Whether the priority is flow or head there will be a pump in this range that can do the job for you. Flow rates of up to 161 l/s are achieved and the maximum head is 43m, so combined with the ability to handle solids up to 75mm these pumps are extremely versatile.

For even higher flow rates or high head applications Sykes offer a complete range of high performance pumps. The range includes specialist units for high flow, high head, sludge handling, jetting or abrasive handling applications. For more information, click here.

If the job at hand has the potential to fall foul of noise restrictions, or might simply disturb people due to the location, then our silenced range of general purpose pumps offer an ideal solution. Available with Hatz silenced diesel engines, they deliver the same high quality product as other units in our general purpose range but at lower noise levels.

With a noise measurement as low as 68 dBA (at 7m), these tried and trusted pumps prove again and again that there is no comparison to a Sykes unit for quality and reliability. These units retain all the advantages of our unique positive self-priming system and the outstanding performance that Sykes Pumps are renowned for. However, if noise levels are extra critical, we also offer our customers an even quieter range of pumps that are perfect for applications where silence is vital. For more information on our range of super silent pumps click here.

If you need help in deciding which of our pumps is right for your application then contact us and one of our highly trained team will be able to advise you, whether over the phone or by taking advantage of our free site survey service. Call us today on 0800 211 611 to speak to one of our fully trained operatives.

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Our expansive depot network ensures our clients benefit from genuine nationwide coverage, meaning even the most remote locations can be accommodated with minimal fuss.
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As the UK’s leading specialist hire company, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with 24-hour nationwide coverage including a dedicated out-of-hours service that operates 365 days a year.
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