High Performance

The Sykes range of high performance pumps is aimed at specialist markets such as mines & quarries, the marine industry, power generation, petrochemicals, refineries and construction. They are suitable for any situation where high vertical and/or long discharge runs are required.



Fuel Tank Capacity

Dimensions (L x W x H)



Performance Max head:- 98 m
Max flow:- 21 l/s
Fuel Tank Capacity 90 litres. Max 24 hours with cleaning and flushing facilities
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1800 x 1070 x 1460


Performance Max head:- 98 m
Max flow:- 44 l/s
Fuel Tank Capacity 122 litres. Max 24 hours with cleaning and flushing facilities
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1940 x 1450 x 1530 MM

HP100 Super Silenced

Performance Max Head:- 98m, Max Flow:- 44 l/sec
Fuel Tank Capacity 155 litres

HP150 Super Silenced

Performance Max Head:- 90m, Max Flow:- 100 l/sec
Fuel Tank Capacity 170 litres. Max 24 hours

MH 150 / 100 Medium Head

Performance Max head:- 105 m
Max flow:- 90 l/s
Max solid:- 20 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 4090 x 1370 x 1685 mm

MH 150 / 100 Super Wispaset

Performance Max head:- 105 m
Max flow:- 90 l/s
Max solid:- 20 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity Separate Fuel Tank required
Dimensions (L x W x H) 4090 x 1370 x 1685 mm


Performance Max head:- 55m
Max flow:- 190 l/s
Max solid:- 95 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity Separate external fuel tank
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3640 x 1750 x 1740 mm

UVO 150/100E

Performance Max head:- 93 m
Max flow:- 120 l/s
Max solid:- 38 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity Tank size on application, separate bunded tanks available
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3505 x 1608 x 1977 mm

Super Wispaset UVO 150/100

Performance Max head:- 93 m
Max flow:- 120 l/s
Max solid:- 38 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity Separate bunded tank
Dimensions (L x W x H) 4750 x 2120 x 2480
  • Discharge heads up to 190m
  • Flow rates up to 375 l/s
  • Solids handling up to 95mm
  • Free site survey
  • Integral fuel tanks on many units
  • Open set and super silenced versions
  • Robust construction for difficult environments
  • Full range of accessories available
  • Fuel efficient
  • Free specialist advice

Sykes Pumps’ general purpose pumps are recognised as the benchmark standard for hire pumps and are designed to meet a wide range of applications and performance duties, these pumps are still the original and best for the day to day requirements of our customers.

However, some applications require specialist pumps to overcome difficult or arduous pumping projects and the Sykes Pumps Hire range has pumps to meet any of these conditions. With designs and features based on our customer’s requirements, the Sykes high performance range of pumps is the natural first choice for the most challenging situations.

Typical applications for our high performance range include the need to pump abrasive slurries, heavy sewage sludge or clean water, or to provide specialist solutions such as high pressure jetting, pipe flushing, pigging or firefighting.

When applications include high static discharge heads or long delivery lines, medium or high head pumps can provide the solution with pumps capable of delivering up to 190m of head. Flow rates of 375 l/s can be achieved with this range and if solids handing is necessary, we can offer pumps that will deal with solids up to 95mm diameter.

Sykes Pumps’ high performance pumps are typically mounted on skid frames for ease of transport and lifting although some of the smaller pumps, which are still capable of heads up to 98m, are available on a four-wheeled chassis.

Some units are available with fully silenced canopies which not only dramatically reduces noise levels but also offer the advantage of being a fully enclosed unit for environmental purposes.

A full range of accessories is available with our high performance pumps including fuel tanks, high pressure hoses, automatic level controllers and, for applications in a combustible atmosphere, chalwyn valves and spark arrestors.

Our high performance pump range is split into several categories:

HP Pumps

The HP range, HP80 and HP100, offers a skid-mounted or mobile high pressure pump on a site towable trailer with a built in fuel tank, the unit is also fitted with the Sykes Pumps unique vacuum self-priming system. These units are of a robust construction and are suitable for applications where the need for pumping at high heads is required, such as jetting mud and silt from jetties and marinas, temporary fire duties, dust suppression for building demolition, clean water high head quarry dewatering and refinery or chemical plant installations where higher pressures are required than our standard pumps. We also offer a range of accessories for the HP pumps, including fire hoses, nozzles and adapters, valves and extended running fuel tanks to offer a complete system solution.

MH Pumps

The MH range of medium head pumps is available in a standard open set configuration and also features a super silenced version. The units are typically used for clean and dirty water pumping for quarries, mining, jetting, temporary fire pumping, docks and marinas and also for pipe flushing applications, particularly in refineries.

Available in 100mm and 150mm versions, both units are self-priming using the unique Sykes Univac system, and the MH150 is fitted with a mechanical seal, which is useful for applications requiring the unit to be force fed to gain additional head.

The MH150/100 Super Wispaset is built on a skid frame and is fully bunded, with automatic shut off to stop the unit safely in the event of the bund filling. This unit was designed with input from our customers who advised us of their need for a medium head unit which was environmentally compliant.

UVO Pumps

The UVO high head pump range is of a hard iron construction which allows the pumps to be used in more arduous environments such as quarrying, mining and offshore work, where abrasive slurries and silt laden product needs to be pumped.

They are capable of high heads and flows with units able to pump in excess of 220 l/s at over 120m pressure which means that they are also the ideal pump for large scale dewatering projects, refinery pumping, temporary fire installations and rig testing for oil installations.

All units are built to a high specification, on a skid-mounted frame, with the latest high efficiency diesel engines. If a fully enclosed unit is required, either for lower noise levels or environmental considerations, then the UVO200/150 is the ideal solution. Despite its outstanding performance with flows up to 375 l/s and a maximum head of 135m this unit is rated at only 71 dBa at 7m.

DRC Pumps

The DRC pump is a clean water pump, with a twin split case design offering high efficiency performance where clean water pumping is required at high heads. Built on a skid frame with a 12-litre diesel power drive, this unit can deliver heads over 170m. It is designed to be either force fed from another pump or gravity fed from an overhead tank, as the unit is not automatic self-priming.

Care should be taken when using this type of unit as the pressures generated can be beyond normal hose pressures. We would, therefore, recommend a site survey by one of our engineers to ensure the correct equipment is used.

The DRC pump can be used for clean water boosting in the water industry, where reservoir or mains water pumping is required over long distances, pipe flushing in the petrochemical industry, providing high pressure water for monitored supply when used in mining and land restoration projects and temporary fire pump duties.

HS Pumps

The HS pump is a high head, solids handling pump ideally suited for the wastewater industry where the need to pump heavy rag and sludge, either over long distances or at higher than normal heads, is required. The screw type impeller ensures optimum efficiency and is capable of dealing with solids up to 95mm diameter.

The pump has been designed to offer a number of options and can be used as a self-priming unit or has flooded suction capability with a mechanical seal enabling the pump to act as a booster unit.

The unit is fully portable with added environmental inclusions such as a skid mounted, bunded, chassis, with a super silenced canopy. It features automatic stop/start technology and a central lifting point. The pump is supplied with a separate fuel tank to make delivery and siting easier and provides for longer running hours between refuelling.

All of the Sykes high performance pumps come with our usual high levels of service including 24/7 back up, out of hours delivery if needed and our unique on-site routine maintenance visits. In addition, should you require a full installation service, or for us to manage the pumping element of the project for you, our highly trained staff are available to ensure that you meet your performance and timescale targets every time.

Sykes Pumps has made a very deliberate effort in bringing new pumps to the market that have a clear focus on sound attenuation, durability and fuel economy. It has been possible to develop new pumps by understanding the very unique needs our clients have in extremely demanding industries and market sectors. Our pumps ensure clients do not have to choose between productivity, efficiency and having an environmental conscience.

Our high performance range of pumps are specialist pieces of machinery that must be used on the correct applications so we will provide a free of charge survey by one of our highly trained team prior to the hire of any of this range. This will ensure that the correct unit is used for your specific requirements and to arrange the survey couldn’t be simpler. Just call 0800 211611 and we will arrange an appointment at a time convenient to you.

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