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Power Stations

At Sykes Pumps, we understand the unique difficulties faced by large-scale industrial sites and are highly experienced in dealing with the stringent health, safety and environmental requirements of such locations. Whether the requirement is a complex pumping scheme, simple fluid movement or perhaps the use of pumps to provide or support a fire main, we have the knowledge and skills to be able to advise you or simply provide the pumps and accessories for your specific application.

Our Service

At Sykes Pumps, we understand that the reason why you need to hire pumps for use within a power station can vary dramatically but, whatever the reason, the same challenges of working in such an environment remain. From understanding the stringent Health and Safety requirements to the strict security that is necessary, we are able to work within these parameters to offer the right solution to your problem, irrespective of the application. Whether the need is due to planned works or an emergency situation e.g. a failure of a permanent installation, we have the people and the equipment to assist you.

We pride ourselves on devising and implementing workable yet cost-efficient pump hire packages for the unique requirements of power stations. With decades of experience providing pump systems to such environments, our engineers have developed an incredible proficiency in responding to emergency projects. With a full range of diesel, electric submersible and hydraulic submersible pumps available for hire 365 days a year, whatever the time of day or night, we have the capacity to supply suitable units and expertise for every conceivable need.

Before deploying a system on your premises, we undertake a rigorous planning process in which the unique requirements of your application are considered and scrutinised. This enables us to deliver flexible solutions, so if the circumstances change, we can accommodate them quickly. We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and pride ourselves on minimising our carbon footprint wherever possible.

Shutdowns & Maintenance

Facilities such as Power Stations often require sophisticated pumping solutions during periods of shutdown or general upkeep. We have many years of experience in de-silting and dredging projects, when quarries or lagoons succumb to the build-up of deposits and have the capability to provide not just the pumps needed to rectify this problem but also the expertise to ensure that your specific requirement is dealt with efficiently.

Sump pumping is another specialist procedure frequently carried out in refineries and similar environments, in which water is removed from basins below commercial and domestic buildings. When these fill, urgent action is necessary in order to prevent long-lasting dampness, particularly where the water table is above the foundations of industrial premises and could damage the fabric of the building.

The use of electric submersible pumps is often the most effective solution for sump pumping as they are able to be used in enclosed environments without the risk of exhaust fumes. With a range of drainage pumps from 1.2kW to 56kW we can be sure to have the unit that will meet your needs. Through the use of floats and control panels, pumps can be left to run safely and unattended, with flow rates and water levels automatically controlled to suit.

Whatever unit is appropriate, our full range of diesel, hydraulic and electric submersible pumps means that we are able to provide the most appropriate pump for your circumstances. This will be based on the availability of power, accessibility, flow rates and other considerations such as noise and emissions. By considering the full range of pumps available we can ensure your task carried out quickly and efficiently and you have the most cost-effective solution to your problem.

Fire Mains

Environments such as these require reliable pumps for fire mains which must be fully functional within seconds, in case of emergency. Our durable units have been designed and constructed with both fresh water and sea water in mind and are available in a variety of different formats to suit your specific situation. Fire pumps within our range can be operated by a variety of prime movers, ensuring you always have a viable solution whatever the site conditions.

Mechanical seals used in our pumps allow high pressures of up to 10Bar – an imperative characteristic of fire pumps. We also have high flow versions available for larger capacities of water. All equipment is simple to install and commission and pumps can be activated and working at full speed in a matter of minutes, ensuring an immediate response to unexpected problems.

Our vastly experienced engineers are capable of determining the best pumping system for your environment, irrespective of its use or purpose. We will appraise, advise, deliver and implement all equipment needed to assist your process and pledge to process all enquiries within a four-hour time frame. To arrange a free site survey conducted by a seasoned professional, or to discuss the advantages of committing to a pump hire, call us now on 0800 211 611.

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Our range

General Purpose Pumps

Our automatic self-priming GP pumps can handle clean water, sludge and slurry, offering flexible solutions in a multitude of scenarios

Super Silenced Range

The Sykes range of silenced pumps provides clients with a number of durable units suitable for deployment in noise-sensitive applications

High Performance

Capable of flow rates of up to 375 l/s, these high performance pumps are ideal for specialist applications including jetting, pipe flushing and firefighting

Bentonite Pumps

Our Bentonite range features heavy duty pumps that have been manufactured with slurries and testing environments in mind

Submersible Drainage Pumps

Offering variable capacities and easy handling, our submersible drainage range is frequently used on quarries, mines and shipyards

Submersible Wastewater

Featuring more than twenty unique pumps, our submersible wastewater range offers cost-efficient pumping with flow rates up to 440 l/s

Submersible Sludge Pumps

Sykes’ submersible sludge pumps are intended for applications where the fluid present contains solids or has a higher viscosity than water

Hydraulic Submersible

Strong and lightweight, our hydraulic submersible pumps are perfect for hazardous environments where suction lifts exceed nine metres

Air Pumps

Known as pneumatic pumps, these hardwearing air units are recognised for their exceptional reliability and capacity to operate dry

Hoses and Accessories

We stock a full range of ancillary equipment including hoses, valves, control panels, steel pipes, polythene tubing, flow metres and road ramps

Environmental Equipment

This modern range allows clients to uphold their environmental responsibilities and move water, wastewater and sludge in sensitive areas