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High ceilings in large facilities such as warehouses can put a strain on HVAC systems – presenting companies with a challenge to maintain a truly comfortable environment.

Ventilation within a warehouse is vital to creating desirable indoor conditions, whether it is to bring fresh cool air into a room or remove harmful fumes or vapours. In certain cases, there is a legal requirement for companies to provide a minimum level of ventilation, such as the current Building Regulations which stipulate a minimum level of ventilation for new builds.

Our reliable service allows us to guarantee the delivery of equipment to your warehouse and distribution centres within four hours of preliminary contact. Our hire specialists endeavour to help you counteract unfavourable conditions and hit project deadlines without incurring any additional costs or damage to company reputation.

At Andrews Ventilation, we are fully equipped with an extensive range of industrial rental ventilation and cooling fans, which are held at our 30 depots nationwide and suitable for multi-storey warehouses or solitary rooms. Our well-known reputation for accommodating practically any kind of scenario is supported by frequent repeat business from clients who trust us. We promise to have your ventilation hire solution on site and functioning almost instantly.

By providing our clients with the appropriate ventilation hire solution, they are able to ensure the required volume of fresh outdoor air is brought into the warehouse and a similar volume is exhausted.

Our large industrial fans and ducted ventilation units are extremely effective and energy-efficient at circulating air within a warehouse, eliminating stagnant areas inside.

We have experience working with warehouse and distribution centres in recent years, helping to create well ventilated applications when required. Our specialists understand the importance of reducing this risk of carbon dioxide accumulation, which is known to be the major cause of illness resulting from poor ventilation.

We are confident that our selection of ventilation fans has the power circulate and bring fresh air into your warehouse even if the all shutters and doors are closed.

It is widely recognised that poor air quality at the workplace can have a harmful impact on the health of employees. As such, effective ventilation is vital in creating a cool and healthy environment.

In many cases windows or other openings will provide sufficient cooling ventilation. However, applications such as warehouses may not have windows in place. In these instances, mechanical ventilation systems may have to be used to dilute and remove impurities and odours and to dissipate excess heat.

We specialise in the instant provision of temporary ventilation fans, increasing the airflow over workers at floor level, providing them with a significant net cooling effect. Our competitors cannot match our wide fleet of commercial ventilation hire units, nor our pledge to improve and greatly accelerate air flow even in challenging applications.

Our units are available for hire and stocked all over the country to ensure rapid delivery, regardless of your location. We even offer free site surveys, where our expert engineers can advise on the best solution to your problem. We always aim to offer cost-effective remedies and provide continued support throughout a rental period – just in case something goes wrong. For one of our temporary units or a comprehensive ventilation hire package, call us on 0800 211 611.

Temporary Ventilation Solution For Large UK Distribution Centres

One of the countries largest internet warehouse and distribution centres had a requirement for temporary ventilation and cooling. After discussing the application at length with the local Andrews sales engineer a solution was quickly delivered and installed using 16 Andrews ASF950 industrial fans throughout the warehouse.
The client was extremely pleased with the solution to provide a temporary hire for air movement around their site. Andrews ventilation can provide all sizes of fans and ventilation units from small office environments to the largest of warehouses.


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