Electric Heaters

Andrews heat for hire, offer a comprehensive range of portable electrical heaters available for hire or sale, our range starts with compact mobile units for offices and shops and extends through to high capacity industrial units. The models are split into four groups; fan assisted heaters, oil filled radiators, quartz heaters and convectors. Available in 230 volt, 110 volt and 415 volt supplies, these portable electric heaters are often the easiest, fastest and most convenient way of turning up the heat.


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  • The largest range of electrical heaters for hire in the UK
  • Competitive prices
  • Fast and friendly service
  • Genuine 24/7 365 day a year service
  • Depots nationwide
  • High capacity units up to 42kw
  • Simple to operate
  • 230 volt, 110 volt and 415 volt alternatives
  • Easy to move, load and store
  • Manufactured in Europe

Our range starts with small electric heaters designed for shops, offices, hospitals, schools or care homes. For smaller rooms, we offer 2kW convector heaters and 3kW oil filled radiators, in recent years the oil filled radiators have become particularly popular due to their low surface temperature, making them a safe solution in places where children or the elderly can come into contact with the heater. The DE 25 and CT20 can be used to heat slightly larger areas as they have built-in circulation fans to assist with the heating. These units are available in 230 volt versions and can be used on a standard domestic or industrial and construction applications. The DE25 is also available in a 110 volt version.

The DE and CT ranges extend to 3-phase units for the larger industrial and construction environments including warehouse heating, building sites, heat load testing, frost protection, production and manufacturing facilities. The DE65 which is a 13kW unit and the DE95 which is a 20kW unit, have become two of the most popular electrical heaters available for hire in the UK. At the top end of our range, we offer the DE190 unit which has a capacity of 42kW and is used in many heavy-duty applications in both industrial and marine environments.

Our electric heater offering is completed with a range of radiant quartz heaters, which are available in 110 volt and 240 volt. These heaters have the unique ability of providing heat to a localised area within a much bigger structure. Typical applications include the heating of packing areas within large warehouses or working areas within large workshops. The units also have many uses in building and construction sites.

A free site survey by an Andrews heating specialist will help you work out exactly what model and set-up is right for your location and application.

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