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At Andrews Heat for Hire, we understand the importance of safe, effective temperature control - particularly where the elderly or young children are concerned. That’s why we pride ourselves on our fast emergency response and desire to keep all kinds of health facilities fully operational. No other supplier can match our proficiency in this sector, and many years of working closely with a variety of hospitals, GP practices, clinics and health trusts.

Our comprehensive choice of portable, temporary heating units guarantee that we have the ability to overcome any issues you may encounter. We have thousands of heaters available for hire across our depot network, we pledge to deliver equipment to your site within four hours of receiving your order. Whether you require urgent assistance or you’re simply planning ahead, we can help.

Our Specialist hire division offer a range packaged boiler hire units that can be installed and operational within a few hours of arriving on site, these are often used to replace failed heating systems or just to cover boiler breakdowns, for more information click here.

Unlike our competitors, we offer a genuine 24/7 service, with assistance on hand round the clock should something go wrong with our equipment. We offer the UK’s biggest range of heating apparatus capable of warming small surgeries or an entire hospital. If you manage the premises of a healthcare resource and would like a no obligation site survey, call us on 0800 211 611.

The importance of heating within a care home cannot be overstated, with a warm environment absolutely paramount when occupied by the elderly or infirm. Appropriately heated rooms reduce the chance of patients contracting illnesses such as pneumonia and guarantee safe, comfortable surroundings for those living within them.

Our assortment of units and models ensure a cost-effective solution can be found irrespective of your situation. Heating systems ensure residents are protected - particularly during the winter months - and fulfil the requirements outlined by home inspectors. Legal regulations placed upon care home managers stipulate strict heating and hot water obligations which must be adhered to at all times. If you are responsible for a care home premises’ heating system, we can help you.

Naturally care homes can be notoriously problematical when it comes to delivering affordable heat. Suitably warm bedrooms and shared areas must be sustained when inhabited and we appreciate the high costs sometimes incurred when providing this necessity. At Andrews, we pride ourselves on supplying safe, dependable heat for hire and will even install your unit should you require.

Andrews Heat for Hire excel when it comes to providing portable heating units to hospitals and clinics. We understand that the majority of healthcare managers seek temporary systems that represent good value for money. We specialise in the provision of temporary heaters for hire throughout the health sector and have dozens of years’ experience in doing so. We acknowledge that from time to time you may experience a system breakdown, and we are here to resolve your issues.

Hospitals, by their very functionality, require a variety of purpose-built spaces and rooms to accommodate all possible scenarios in a healthcare facility. All buildings open to the public have a duty of care to ensure visitors are not faced with avoidable hazards. We understand that different scenarios call for different actions, and will advise you on what’s best for your precise situation. One of our expert advisors can even conduct a free site survey, to ascertain the best remedy to your issue.

With thousands of units held in our depots for immediate delivery, we guarantee to deliver your replacement heating almost instantaneously. If you’d like to discuss our heat for hire packages, call us on 0800 211 611 or complete an enquiry form and one of our specialists will follow up your query.

Andrews Heat for Hire provides emergency heating solution for Kent contractor
A building contractor company based on the Kent coast, recently battled cold damp weather while working on a new building project in the area. This caused difficulties during the dying process and was preventing paint form drying and flooring being laid. The client in question specialises in the nursing and associated care sectors. This particular [...]
Leeds hospital seek emergency heater hire for estates department
When a boiler loses effectiveness, a rapid response to the issue will ensure your building remains operational. So when a hospitals estates department had a boiler failure, they put in an urgent call to one of our specialists. Due to the age of the boiler, our client was expecting to wait up to 4 weeks [...]
Care home washrooms made safe with the help of Andrews heater hire
Having worked with care homes for many years – providing short-term heating for bedrooms and communal areas – we have developed long-standing relationships with clients in this field. So when a care home in Scotland contacted us in search of a heater hire solution, we reacted quickly to satisfy their requirements. Our client required temporary [...]
Andrews Heat for Hire provide hospital with replacement heating
In the healthcare sector especially, the presence of effective climate control is a fundamental provision for the wellbeing of sick and vulnerable patients. A failure to maintain a continuous heating supply during the winter months can drastically affect the condition of ill people, which is why we react quickly to assist clients in the industry. [...]
NHS hospital seeks additional heating during cold snap
Having worked within the healthcare sector for decades, we have developed numerous long-standing relationships with clients in this field. So when one of them – a hospital in Somerset – contacted us in search of some temporary heating units, we reacted quickly to satisfy their requirements. Although an existing climate control system was already in [...]
NHS stem cell laboratory requires temporary heating
In the healthcare sector especially, efficient climate control is absolutely imperative for sensitive environments. Clinical facilities and similar applications need temperatures to be scrupulously regulated for the benefit of patients or even microbiological processes. During the winter, we were contacted by a client who sought a short-term heating hire solution due to their existing system [...]
Heating supply for a hospital X-ray room
Different scenarios take place in the rooms within a hospital. Public buildings must ensure all visitors receive comfortable care, this being the hospitals duty. Andrews Heat For Hire comprehend the different actions that take place, this is why we will always offer expert advice and a precise solution. A District General Hospital had a problem [...]
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