Chiller Hire

Emergency Chiller Hire

  • The UK’s leading chiller hire specialists
  • Large range of units stocked
  • Guaranteed 4-hour response time
  • Delivery and installation
  • Genuine 24/7/365 service
  • Professional technicians on hand
  • Nationwide depot network
  • Contingency planning service

Emergency Service

As the UK’s leading supplier of premium chiller hire arrangements, we have the nationwide presence and depth of resources required to accommodate virtually every conceivable scenario. Our all-encompassing range of units features market-leading technology and ensures climate control projects on any scale can be successfully completed. Unlike our competitors, we offer a genuine 24-hour service across the entire country which allows us to promise and adhere to four-hour response times – irrespective of the time of day.

With decades of direct industry experience, Andrews Chillers is perfectly positioned to supply cooling apparatus manufactured with a broad selection of environments in mind. Our unrivalled expertise providing emergency assistance at short notice enables us to not only supply chillers, but also supervise and manage them on your behalf. We constantly communicate with customers to ensure all needs are met at every stage of the process. Cost effective, environmentally friendly and energy efficient, all our units are safety checked and inspected prior to delivery. Our vast range of chillers guarantees we have equipment available for our customers even during spells of peak demand.

By conducting a no obligation survey of your premises, our engineers can create a cooling solution adapted to your unique requirements. This assessment helps us provide the most cost-effective and energy efficient systems available, saving you both money and running costs. We understand and respond to environmental issues of all types and are continually investing in our staff, products and development – ensuring our high standards are preserved.

Contingency Planning Service

For critical cooling facilities, Andrews Chillers offer clients a comprehensive contingency planning service that can be tailored to suit any application. It includes:

  • Comprehensive site survey and contingency plan
  • Tailored disaster recovery solution
  • Chillers set aside for instant deployment
  • Local adaption to pipework, allowing swift connection
  • Suitable for small applications right through to multi megawatt applications

For additional information on our climate contingency service, please click here

Breakdown cover

As the most prominent supplier of emergency chiller hire units, we have the capacity to provide replacement equipment, regardless of your whereabouts. We acknowledge that older cooling units become vulnerable to reduced efficiency and eventually, total breakdown, over prolonged periods of time. At Andrews, our trained staff move quickly to restore your operation or business back to full productivity, thus eliminating the risk of costly downtime.

We can accommodate clients from all sectors, whether you are a small single-location business or a global corporation. In recent years we have worked on projects for a variety of applications covering office complexes, manufacturing sites, retail centres and many others. Our emergency hire packages have helped customers overcome disruption caused by unexpected breakdowns by reacting to faults as soon as they are reported.

Chiller malfunction occurs for a number of reasons, whether because of defective compressors, acid formation or atmospheric erosion. Our comprehensive understanding of all types of units allows us to supply appropriate fluid chiller units while existing equipment is either repaired or replaced. As the leading chiller hire company, we guarantee to respond to your call within four hours, ensuring normal output levels are retained while a temporary solution is installed.

Fast response

When companies are heavily reliant on functional cooling equipment, a system breakdown could have devastating implications for their continued production. That’s why we pledge to respond faster than any other hire company when chiller failure is brought to our attention. Our team of experienced technicians are adept at providing rapid and sufficient solutions when fixed cooling equipment stops working.

We provide full technical support throughout the duration of the hire and guide you towards the right chiller package for your environment. Our professional staff have unparalleled involvement working on a multitude of cooling applications – from process to comfort cooling – enabling us to promise same-day solutions regardless of your whereabouts. No matter what the nature of your requirement, we can provide temporary equipment whilst general maintenance, permanent replacement or any other necessary task is carried out.

Our all-encompassing range of fluid chillers, low temperature units, air handlers and ancillary equipment ensure all required volumes of fluid cooling and cool air can be supplied to your facility or process. We appreciate the financial consequences of downtime, which is why we react to urgent issues quickly and professionally. If you would like more information on our products for hire or service provision, call now on 0800 211 611.

Case studies

Our range


Ranging from 30kW to 750kW, these chillers feature the latest technology including airtight and rotating compressors, reducing energy costs

Low Temperature Chillers

Our low temperature chiller units are capable of reducing fluid temperatures to as low as -15°C for a multitude of applications

Fast Chill Range

Andrews Fast Chill units have been specifically designed with large volume space cooling in mind and can reach as low as -15°C once installed

Air Handlers

All Andrews air handlers can run on chilled or hot water, delivering effective climate control to customers where and when required

Heat Exchangers

Ideal for cooling a multitude of liquids, our range of heat exchangers facilitate the transfer of heat and greatly increase the speed of temperature change

Heat Pump Chillers

These chillers have been designed to produce both cooling and heating in a single packaged unit, using the latest refrigerants and heat pump technology