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Sykes Silt Away provides specialised water treatment solutions to effectively remove suspended solids and achieve compliant water quality.

Our Water Treatment range

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Our Water Treatment range

Sykes Silt Away

Pioneering Water Clarification Technology

Sykes Silt Away provides specialised water treatment solutions to effectively remove suspended solids and achieve compliant water quality. Our experienced engineering teams have developed proprietary technologies that outperform standard water treatment methods. We offer complete turnkey systems featuring our innovative product lineup:

Lamella Clarifier Systems

Our flagship Lamella Clarifiers utilise inclined plates to provide enhanced settling capacity compared to standard settlement tanks. This allows our systems to:

  • Accelerate the settling process, resulting in better solid-liquid separation and improved water quality
  • Reduce chemical usage due to enhanced settling efficiency
  • Handle varying flow rates and treatment capacities due to their modular design

Chemical Dosing Systems

Achieve reliable pH balancing and effective coagulation with our chemical dosing systems. These units enable precise delivery of process chemicals, providing:

  • Automated, consistent chemical dosing matched to influent water conditions
  • Flexible controls of multiple feed and dosage points
  • Durable pumps with anti-cavitation protection

Polymer Dosing Systems

Instantly increase your sedimentation with effective solids removal by adding our Polymer Dosing Systems to accurately deliver formulated polymer solutions. These units offer:

  • Automated polymer activation, makeup, and dosing
  • Precision injection timing and rate control
  • Minimum polymer consumption through advanced controls
  • Reduced wasted product compared to manual batch mixing
  • Simple re-supply and maintenance procedures

By accurately injecting optimally activated polymer into your treatment process, you can rapidly capture the most difficult total suspended solids. We configure polymer formulations and delivery strategies to match your specific water quality needs.

Water Monitoring Systems

Our platform provides 24/7 monitoring of our water treatment systems using secure cloud-based computing. Our telemetry enables:

  • Access to real-time sensor data, alarms, analytics, and historical trends
  • Predictive analytics to catch issues before they become problems
  • Offsite backup and increased cybersecurity

With telemetry, you gain invaluable insight into overall process efficiency and continuity. Your team can immediately respond to out-of-spec conditions anywhere while we provide ongoing data interpretation and optimisation recommendations.

Get Crystal Clear Water Filtration

Bring your clarification system into the modern era with Sykes Silt Away. Call 0800 211 611 today to schedule your complementary process evaluation and discuss which solutions can supercharge your water treatment.

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Water Treatment FAQ

What sets your Lamella Clarifier System apart?

Our Lamella Clarifier design provides approximately 60% more surface settling area compared to ordinary settlement tanks. This enables handling of higher volumes and clearer overflow water quality in a smaller footprint.

How are your Chemical Dosing Systems unique?

Our Chemical Dosing Systems offer maximum flexibility – with capability to dose multiple chemicals at various locations in your treatment train using multiple feed points. We optimise the arrangement to your specific site, water composition, and redundancy requirements.

What water quality variables can Telemetry monitor?

Our telemetry connects to instrumentation like turbidity probes, pH probes, flow meters, and other sensors to provide holistic water quality monitoring. We can also supply additional meters if needed to collect comprehensive data.

What ongoing support do you provide?

We provide complete servicing of all our systems including scheduled preventative maintenance and rapid response troubleshooting when issues arise. Our software also monitors everything in real-time and flags any anomalies.

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