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Sykes Pumps provides water to FIA World Rally Championship

Sykes Pumps was recently contacted by the organisers of motor racing’s premier events and asked to provide support for a major meeting in Cheshire as part of the Wales Rally GB. Returning to Oulton Park for the first time since 1993the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) were putting on a special event showcasing classic British rally cars.

The client required our assistance with regards to creating a water splash for part of the circuit, necessitating the use of a pump with a very specific feature set. While a rally track consists of many bumps, ramps and uneven terrain, the focus of this particular stage was the water splash. These pits tend to be 10cm-20cm in depth, around 18 meters in length and are constructed to challenge the build of the car as well as the driver’s skill in coping with slippery surfaces.

As the pump would remain operational throughout the duration of the event, a unit designed for silence, durability, and continuous use was required. The customer stressed the importance of using a quiet pump to ensure that racegoers got an authentic experience, which included being able to hear the car engines and spectators. Other stipulations included deploying a pump with good fuel economy as it would be running continuously once the event started. Due to these requirements, our local engineer had to make some key considerations when analysing the area before proposing the best solution.

Designed specifically for low noise operation, the recently launched Super Wispaset 80 eco is housed in an acoustic canopy to restrict noise pollution and provide an unobtrusive pump hire package. Sited close to the track, our pump transferred water from a nearby stream and maintained flows to ensure the flood effect was of the desired depth.

The pump’s compact size ensured there was no intrusion and facilitated simple installation the minute it arrived at the location. As the system was installed three days in advance, sufficient time was had to ensure everything was running smoothly and make any necessary adaptions required once running tests had been completed.

By advocating the use of our Super Wispaset 80 eco, we were able to implement a practical solution for an unusual application and tick every box requested by the customer. We were careful not to provide a large and potentially obtrusive pump, opting for a more subtle compact unit that could sit inconspicuously within its surroundings. Flow capabilities of up to 36 litres per second were ideal in this instance, delivering a perfect amount of water for a distinctive race track feature.

The pump also consumes less than two litres of fuel per hour even when operating at full capacity, satisfying the demand for a product that would perform economically. With running costs curbed, silent functionality assured and footprint minimised, the client was delighted with our recommended solution which allowed a popular attraction to enthral thousands of visitors seamlessly at one of British motorsport’s most eagerly watched competitions.

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Are your facilities prepared for a seasonal temperature drop?

With summer now over and autumn upon us, many will have already noticed the seasonal transition prompting temperatures to fall quite sharply. It will soon be time to reach for the thicker garments and hot drinks as people take precautions in their quest to overcome the cold weather coming our way.

The human body is known for its ability to produce heat but with frosty mornings and chilly winds just around the corner, there’s no doubt that additional sources of warmth will soon be required.

In almost every business, staying one step ahead of the cold should be a top priority when the potential for a disgruntled workforce is so high.

At Andrews Heat for Hire, we excel when it comes to meeting customers’ demands, going above and beyond what’s expected with a proven track record spanning more than five decades. During the winter in particular, it’s of critical importance that the workplace for which you are responsible is kept suitably warm, whether that be an office, warehouse, healthcare facility or event.

Maintaining comfortable conditions for your employees is an understated yet essential faction of safeguarding employee wellbeing, with consequences aplenty for companies that full short of expectations. Excessive exposure to cold temperatures can cause disharmony, affect productivity, increase susceptibility to illness and, in extreme circumstances, lead to walkouts.

As the country’s leading supplier of temporary heater hire solutions, we provide a range of portable units that have been specifically designed for deployment in just about every kind of premises. Whether you’re looking for a small number of electric heaters for a typical office environment or a high capacity arrangement for large factory, we can be relied upon to deliver a solution.

Our equipment is also regularly used to accelerate a range of construction projects, whether that be to dry floor screed or plaster, work in conjunction with dehumidification units or as a frost protection measure.

We can take ownership of all aspects of your heating project including delivery, installation and associated fuel requirements, giving you peace of mind throughout the duration of a hire.

If you’d like to book a site survey with one of our engineers or discuss a potential need in greater detail, call us today on 0800 211 611.

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Andrews Sykes continue French expansion

It is with great delight that we announce the opening of a new depot in Toulouse as part of the company’s continued growth in France. The news is symptomatic of our progress in the country and comes just a few months after the opening of our Marseille depot.

We have taken ownership of the new property, which will be fully operational and open for business by January 2020.

The Toulouse depot is our fifth in France and gives us a fantastic opportunity to develop business relationships with companies across the south-west.

Seen as the world’s capital of aeronautics, Toulouse is currently the focus of a number of significant industrial projects and is the country’s fourth most populated city. It is also the home of ‘Aerospace Valley’ – a cluster of aerospace engineering and research companies including Airbus and Dassault Aviation.

Toulouse has a very strong agricultural industry, with the popular Roquefort cheese one of many dairy products that are produced nearby.

At present, Toulouse is also the best performing city in France in terms of GDP, with an economic growth of 2.9%.

Now is therefore the perfect time to expand our presence in France and improve our coverage in the south-west region, including major nearby cities Montpellier and Bordeaux. The latter is home to the Lacq gas field – a natural environment that spans 160 square kilometres and produces 1 billion cubic feet of gas every single day.

We are currently in the process of recruiting sales and technical staff to support the day-to-day running of our new depot.

As with all Andrews Sykes premises, our Toulouse base will stock a full range of HVAC equipment for hire including boilers, heaters, dehumidification units, chillers, ventilation fans and air conditioners.

Thomas Vigor, Director of Business Development Europe for Andrews Sykes, said: “This depot gives us a brilliant opportunity to offer a better level of service across this part of the country. This strategic decision reinforces our leading position on the French market and allows us to reduce response times for our Occitan customers.”

More information about the official launch date will be available in due course.

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Flood warnings issued nationwide as severe weather strikes

With yellow weather warnings in place for much of England and Wales following torrential rainfall, instances of flooding are expected to affect parts of the UK. The heavy weather has been attributed to a burst of low pressure travelling across the country coupled with warm and humid air linked to Hurricane Humberto, which devastated the Bermuda coastline in mid-September.

Forecasters predict that up to 70mm of rain could fall in just a few hours in some areas, with flood-related disruption expected as a result.

Unfortunately, we can’t prevent the effects of the autumn season but as experts in the provision of dehumidification hire solutions, we can help you tackle excessive relative humidity, dampness and flooding.

Heavy rainfall and severe weather are sadly unpreventable, but the effects of flood damage can have a serious impact on a business if a building’s structure is compromised or vital goods are damaged.

Companies in the construction industry, for example, can suffer increased costs, the need for replacement materials and timeline delays if a building application becomes damp. Andrews Dehumidification can help clients avoid these potential issues by recommending a drying solution that could also be accompanied by units from our heating range.

Dehumidification units counteract dampness by drawing in moisture from the air and decreasing relative humidity in this way. Some companies solely advocate the use of heating units to dry wet surfaces, flooring and interiors, but this can be counter-productive if dedicated drying equipment is not simultaneously used.

At Andrews, a specialist engineer will visit the site and analyse the damage, assess the levels of humidity and ambient temperature and perform a detailed risk assessment before recommending the most beneficial service for the situation.

Generally speaking, our engineers will encourage the installation of both a dehumidifier and a heating unit in order to effectively combat flood damage. While our dehumidifiers remove the moisture from the air, our fans and heaters accelerate this process by ensuring there is sufficient ventilation to circulate fresh volumes of warm and dry air. In emergency situations, our specialised Andrews Flood Damage packages offer an effective recovery solution that incorporates multiple units into one simplified hire arrangement.

It’s not just flood recovery that necessitates the use of dehumidification equipment however, with everyday moisture control issues common across many sectors. In the manufacturing industry, ferrous materials and other metal components must be retained in the correct conditions which means preventing the combination of moisture and oxygen causing corrosion.

Elsewhere, the NHS and healthcare facilities in general face a constant battle with humidity which can affect storage conditions, the manufacturing of tablets and the retention of other pharmaceutical products.

Local authorities and government bodies are obligated to provide safe and dry accommodation for those living in their constituency, with public housing often the subject of scrutiny. A simple drying arrangement can make a significant difference to residential properties by addressing humidity issues and removing potential health hazards simultaneously.

For further information on dehumidification units, or for a better understanding of how they operate, click here for more information. Alternatively, you can speak to us to find out how Andrews can assist you by calling us on 0800 211 611.

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Andrews Boilers responds to emergency crisis at Swindon hospital

Andrews Boiler Hire was recently contacted in response to a critical situation faced by a hospital in Swindon. A boiler failure left dozens of patients without any form of heating and with no backup system available on site, a temporary replacement was required. The facilities management company responsible for overseeing the premises subsequently contacted Andrews and asked us to remedy the issue.

The incident took place during the early hours and required a punctual response. One of our local engineers visited the scene in order to carry out a site survey and assess the affected area, all within an hour of the initial call being received. This process was further aided by a conversation with our client while the engineer was actually en route to the hospital, providing our specialist with a clearer idea of what to expect once they reached the location.

As the customer’s existing pipework remained unaffected, it was decided that connecting one of our packaged boilers to the circuit would be the best course of action. We selected a single 250kW boiler unit to supersede the customer’s faulty unit, with this model providing an adequate heating duty to cover the whole area affected by the breakdown.

Were we not able to respond and provide a solution to the problem being faced, greater issues would have arisen including patients being left without ample attention and an increased likelihood of people needing to be relocated to other departments. This would have led to staff reserves being depleted – a situation that had to be avoided at all costs.

The solution we supplied was based on a temporary hire of six weeks which allowed the FM company responsible for the faulty boiler to disable their system and decommission it for repairs. Our client was very pleased with the speed of our response which ensured a replacement unit was installed and operational by lunchtime that same day.

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Sykes Pumps’ flourishing relationship with Ebbsfleet United prompts commercial agreement extension

When Sykes Pumps and Ebbsfleet United FC entered into a commercial agreement back in 2013, few could have envisaged the scale of transformation that would touch the Fleet and indeed the local area in which both parties operate.

Almost precisely five years ago, the club embarked on a second successive season in what was then known as the Conference South having narrowly missed out on promotion a few months previously.

At around that time, plans to build a £3.5billion Disney-style theme park on Swanscombe Peninsula moved a step closer after being granted government status in the summer of 2014. The 535-acre site is situated less than two miles from the Kuflink Stadium – where Ebbsfleet play their home games – and will become one of the largest theme entertainment resorts in Europe once completed.

The changing north Kent landscape is also exemplified by the Ebbsfleet Garden City project, which will see the construction of 15,000 new homes and create more than 30,000 jobs. Sykes Pumps has worked closely with developers to remove groundwater from quarries and surrounding locations where building work has been scheduled. The current site of regeneration is just a stone’s throw away from Bluewater Shopping Centre, which Sykes was heavily involved with during the late 1990s.

It’s fair to say that Ebbsfleet’s progress as a football club has been synonymous with developments in the local area, including improvements to their stadium on Stonebridge Road. Once again, Sykes Pumps had a crucial role to play and installed two pump stations on site – one for tackling surface water and rain, and the other for transporting sewage and wastewater into the underground sewer system.

Our close association with the football club also saw us provide a pitch irrigation pumping solution to ensure the quality of the playing surface met the desired high standards.

Sykes Pumps branding is displayed on both dugouts as well as advertising hoardings around the ground, and the company will sponsor a number of home matches as the 2019/20 campaign unfolds.

The Sykes name is understandably regarded as the primary link between company and football club, but that’s not where our partnership ends. We also implemented a market-leading heat recovery VRV (variant refrigerant volume) air conditioning solution which features the industry’s most energy efficient heat pump technology. Five independent systems were installed to operate in any independent mode, with a capability of providing cooling to one area while simultaneously delivering heating elsewhere.

In less than a decade, the steps Ebbsfleet have made both infrastructurally and on the field have been remarkable – and we look forward to this continuing.

For many years, our customers and staff have enjoyed witnessing the action from close quarters and developing an affinity with the team itself. Indeed, a significant proportion of employees working at our Charlton depot live in Dartford and the surrounding areas, so there’s very much a community feel ingrained in our relationship with the club.

Following the announcement of our commercial partnership extension with Ebbsfleet during the summer, managing director Dave Archer was quick to acknowledge the close ties between the Fleet and Sykes.

He said: “I have had the pleasure of working with Sykes Pumps and their fantastic team for many, many years and I am delighted that they have once again decided to continue their support.

“I look forward to working closely with them over the coming season and welcoming them back to the stadium on future matchdays.”

Our last trip to the Kuflink was the recent National League clash against division heavyweights Yeovil and allowed staff and guests the opportunity to get up close and personal with players and the management team.

Before the match, manager Garry Hill affirmed the importance of our partnership with the club and personally thanked Sykes for the continual backing.

In bygone eras, National League football might have been regarded as a low-key competition participated by semi-professionals, but the presence of Notts County, Hartlepool, Chesterfield, Wrexham and Yeovil only further highlights the tremendous strides Ebbsfleet have made to be mixing it with some of the lower leagues’ biggest names.

The level of ambition shown by Ebbsfleet’s hierarchy is commensurate with Sykes Pumps’ own desire to set and reach new objectives with each passing year, enabling the partnership to flourish naturally.

Paul Wood, managing director of Sykes Pumps, said: “We’re really pleased to commit to another commercial agreement with Ebbsfleet and continue developing an excellent relationship that has proved mutually beneficial for a number of years.”

In recent years, the rejuvenation of Swanscombe, Northfleet and neighbouring towns has gone hand in hand with evolution at the local football club. Tangible progress on the playing side has been mirrored by significant upgrades to the stadium and attendances being at their highest for more than half a century; and there’s more to come.

A £6billion construction of the mooted Lower Thames Crossing reinforces the potential of north Kent – potential that is more than matched by Ebbsfleet United.

And with widespread construction activity and additional housing developments scheduled along the Lower Thames belt, the next few years present Sykes Pumps with similar openings to thrive alongside the football club with which we are so closely connected.

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Sykes launch new cost-effective and low-noise pump

As market-leaders in the provision of bespoke pump hire solutions, it is with great excitement that we introduce a new industry concept in the form of our latest unit – the UV301M.

Billed as an economical surface-mounted and prime-assisted pump, this compact 12” pump combines impressive capabilities with low running costs and only requires an electrical power source in order to operate.

Our latest innovation also features Sykes’ priming gear, allowing the pump to prime and re-prime automatically when required, as well as a stand-alone non-return valve for efficient operation.

As an alternative to a diesel pump, the UV301M can either be connected to a customer’s electricity supply or run off a generator in the absence of a power source on site. This also ensures the unit’s quiet operation, reinforcing its suitability to applications where containing noise pollution is critical.

This pump has been specifically designed for high-volume liquid transportation, delivering flows of up to 450 litres per second and heads up to 36 metres.

Our UV301M model comes with a variable speed panel and is ideal for use in a range of pumping environments including sewage over-pumping, bulk water transfer, reservoirs and lagoons, flood situations and many others.

Other features and benefits include:

- Low running costs
- Small footprint for use in confined spaces
- Quiet operation for noise sensitive applications
- Impeller allows impressive solids handling
- Premium Efficiency IE3 motor for reduced energy consumption
- Back flush feature to help clear potential blockages
- Stand-alone non-return valve
- Easily portable so can be positioned quickly-
- Motor protection to reduce the risk of damage

Where access is limited and a standard submersible pump cannot fit inside a manhole or opening, deploying our UV301M unit is the perfect alternative as you only need to accommodate a 12” wire armoured hose through to the point of suction.

Chris Graham, sales director at Sykes Pumps, explains: “The brilliant thing about this product is that it incorporates all the qualities of a standard 12” pump while being extremely cost-efficient, quiet in operation and with a substantially reduced footprint.

“We pride ourselves on devising solutions that befit the unique requirements of each customer, and the UV301M helps us do just that.

“By using a control panel with floats and a variable speed drive, we can configure the pump to suit the surroundings and application in which it is required – all while keeping running costs low and noise pollution to a minimum.”

View full case study

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Andrews Air Conditioning make pilot graduation ceremony a flying success

The management team at a well-known Winchester hotel sought the expertise of Andrews Air Conditioning ahead of a pilot graduation event that was scheduled there. The ceremony was due to take place in a large marquee situated within the grounds of the hotel, but fluctuating weather conditions made it very difficult for organisers to gauge what temperature to expect on the day.

As such, precautions needed to be taken to ensure the marquee was comfortable regardless of the outdoor ambient temperature.

Our experts visited the hotel to carry out a site survey which led us towards the best solution for the application. As a result, we decided to install a single HPAC90 hired air conditioner. This high capacity unit can provide both cooling and heating depending on the weather, therefore covering the client in any eventuality.

The customer’s main concern was finding an adequate power source and concealing the unit from attendees and visitors. Our specialists suggested using a 150kVA generator instead of power available on site as there were concerns that this might interfere with the sound engineers working during the event.

Our team carried out a second site visit and follow-up meeting with the companies arranging the event to ensure our unit was operating as expected. One of our sales managers also attended the dress rehearsal to make sure the customer was happy with the temperature control.

As was the case with the practice event, the actual ceremony also passed off without incident and prompted the customer to conclude that everything had run smoothly. Warm temperatures on the day of the main event meant that air conditioning functionality was required, with our main air conditioning rental providing extremely successful in overcoming what was effectively an unknown requirement.

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Sykes Pumps introduces economical super silenced unit

After many months of market research and product development following discussions with customers, it is with great delight that we introduce our latest pump innovation – the Super Wispaset 80 eco.

This pump offers clients a reliable and compact super silenced pumping solution with exceptional fuel efficiency and a small footprint.

Specifically designed for specialist applications including construction, utilities, civil engineering, marine and quarries, the Super Wispaset 80 eco provides impressive performance capacities and features an acoustic canopy guaranteeing quiet, unobtrusive operation.

Our latest unit consumes just 1.4 litres of diesel per hour and has a fully bunded built-in fuel tank enabling continuous use for up to 24 hours. This 3” model will deliver heads of up to 24 metres, flows of up to 36 litres per second and can handle solids of up to 40mm.

Other features and benefits include:

- Low noise operation – 64 dBA @ 7m
- Fuel efficient engine for hours of unattended operation
- Compact and lightweight
- Hard-wearing cast iron parts
- Easily changeable shaft seals
- Compact and manoeuvrable
- Automatic priming and re-priming

Quiet functionality and high performance are two of the most sought-after characteristics our customers look for when selecting a pump for a working site, making the Super Wispaset 80 eco an industry leader.

These features allow discreet deployment in well-populated areas whilst still accommodating the flows and solids handling capacities our customers desire.

Our new pump also encompasses Sykes’ revered Univac priming system which facilitates rapid priming and re-priming automatically from dry.

Powered by the latest Hatz engine, the Super Wispaset 80 eco is so-named because of its incredible fuel efficiency and low emissions.

Chris Graham, sales director at Sykes Pumps, said: “This pump has been billed as the small pump of choice for water treatment projects, emergency water applications and similar environments due to its remarkable output and compact design.

“In previous years, our 4”, 6” and 8” models have proven a big hit with customers and so the introduction of an easily transportable and slighter 3” super silenced pump ensures a more convenient solution in scenarios where smaller flows are required.”

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Andrews Chillers adds new 250kW unit to expansive range

As the country’s largest supplier of specialist chiller solutions, we are constantly looking to upgrade our hire fleet to ensure customers have a broad selection of units to choose from. A longstanding commitment to improving our range and satisfying the demands of clients has prompted us to introduce a new 250kW chiller.

Specifically designed for use in specialist process applications, general air conditioning or large areas requiring cooling, the 250kW chiller has the capacity to reduce temperatures to as low as -5°C.

We continue to take our environmental obligations seriously and have adopted measures to ensure this product complies with all EU legislation. The 250kW model uses R410A refrigerant gas which keeps costs low without contributing to ozone depletion. In addition, the unit features multi-scroll compressors to ensure power consumption is minimised – underlining the chiller’s efficiency even when operating at full capacity.

An internal water pump ensures that no external power supply is required while quick release couplings guarantee swift installation in emergency situations.

Other features and benefits include:

- Economical operation for low running costs

- Capable of reducing temperatures to as low as -5°C

- Fast connecting lines for swift installation

- Lifting frame to aid manoeuvrability

- Flow switch for fault protection and reduced maintenance

- Digital controllers compatible with BMS systems and remote monitoring

Carl Webb, UK Operations Director, says: “We’re pleased to be adding another chiller to our hire fleet which combines high levels of performance with unparalleled reliability and affordable running costs.

“The 250kW chiller perfectly complements a range that already offers 200kW and 375kW units and provides even greater flexibility to clients requiring cooling capacities that fall somewhere between those two variables.”

If you’d like more information on our latest chiller unit or any other product within our hire fleet, call us today on 0800 211 611. Our experienced sale team can talk you through a potential requirement over the phone and give preliminary quotations based on the unique components of your project.

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