FM company hires kit for load testing following office refurb

With a significant proportion of office workers still expected to remain at home for the foreseeable future, many facilities managers have taken the opportunity to implement changes while building occupancy is low.

A large commercial office site based at London Wall subsequently took the opportunity to renovate their whole premises, with a comprehensive redesign even extending to new HVAC systems being installed.

In such situations, it is very common for heating and cooling load tests to be carried out in order to verify electrical and climate control capacities within each room. This process allows contractors to identify any inefficiencies within newly installed systems and make the necessary adaptions before the office is back to full capacity.

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Sykes implements extensive pump hire set-up at East Anglia power station

Power stations – and particularly nuclear power stations – are reliant on the availability of bespoke pumping solutions both during outages and when operating normally. From sump applications and general maintenance to temporary fire systems and cooling tank cleaning, there are various reasons why both permanent and short-term pump arrangements might be required within the power generation industry.

Having worked alongside clients within this specialist market sector for many years, our engineers are familiar with the challenges that come hand in hand when proposing a pump hire configuration for one of the most potentially hazardous environments around.

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How does humidification work?

It is widely advised that relative humidity (RH) in the workplace, or indeed most environments, should be maintained between 40-60%. The need to keep indoor air at an optimal moisture level is now globally accepted, with extensive health implications of overtly dry air.

We have put together a short video (below) that details the importance of controlling humidity and the issues that arise from failing to do so. Ranging from sore throats and eye irritations to dermatitis and respiratory conditions, the effects of inadequate humidity monitoring can leave people under your direct care exposed to avoidable ailments.

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Fume extraction enables plane restoration project to take off!

As a rule of thumb, commercial planes are painted every seven to ten years with private or smaller aircraft painted slightly more frequently. Although there are only really minor differences between painting planes and other inanimate objects, the scale of the operation requires that certain precautions are taken to ensure the safety of those overseeing the task.

Once older coatings are stripped off, a primer is applied to all exterior surfaces before they are painted. Typically, this can take between three days to a couple of weeks per plane and depends on its size.

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Data centre cooling package preserves network infrastructure at Mont Blanc Tunnel

Data centers are an integral part of every organisation’s business operations, housing critical information and disseminating it as required. Operating 24/7, their security and reliability must be constantly monitored in order to protect a company’s online activities.

In processing large amounts of data at exceptionally high speeds, these computing devices accumulate a significant amount of heat that must be removed from the vicinity. Hardware components rely primarily on fans for cooling, but the premises in which the equipment is installed must be kept at low temperature and at a specific humidity level.

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Emergency cooling package allows international food production company to recommence manufacturing

For our many clients in the food and beverage sector, any issue that slows or even completely halts production must be dealt with immediately. This requisite was the very reason that an international food and drink conglomerate asked Andrews Sykes to propose an emergency chiller hire following a problem with a line on their newly installed water-cooling system.

Their existing supplier took more than 48 hours to respond when the fault was originally reported, costing our customer approximately one million pounds in missing output. Given the scale of the impact and the astronomical sums lost, our client was desperate to restore the manufacturing process which prompted them to cut ties with their provider – one of our competitors.

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Andrews installs high capacity air conditioning solution inside multi-storey office building

A prominent FM company in the Midlands recently required emergency cooling for one of their largest clients after an internal chiller system failed.

Our customer desperately sought an effective cooling solution for a substantial office building spanning several floors, prompting the intervention of Andrews’ local technician. Unsurprisingly, the facilities manager was keen to address the problem as quickly as possible given the likelihood of temperatures increasing as we head towards summer.

Following a thorough site survey, we proposed a total of eight PAC 22 portable air conditioners which our engineer calculated would deliver the necessary cooling capacities. The kit was positioned externally with lengths of ducting used to distribute and circulate cool air inside open plan office space on four separate floors.

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FM company seeks urgent air conditioning hire on behalf of telecoms giant

In the facilities management industry, reputation is everything. Any organisation that entrusts an FM service provider with the upkeep, maintenance and security of their buildings expects any arising issues to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

For many years, Andrews Sykes has worked alongside the country’s largest facilities managers and delivered a wide array of tailored HVAC solutions to a multitude of applications. Our reputation within this sector is impeccable and underpinned by a demonstrable understanding of the way it operates and the importance of swift, decisive action.

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Andrews delivers heating solution to unconventional production control room

Our experience of working alongside TV companies is extensive and has seen us provide specialist equipment to assist the filming of some of the world’s most popular films and shows. During that time, there is very little we haven’t seen. From creating artificial waterfalls for a specific scene to delivering a quiet high capacity air conditioning system designed to cool an entire TV studio, our track record for implementing solutions speaks for itself.

The aptitude of Andrews Sykes’ engineers is well-known in the industry, which is why a private media company responsible for the production of one of the UK’s best-loved series felt confident about trusting us with a requirement they had.

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Happy customer comes back for more with another heating requirement

There is no greater indication of client satisfaction than repeat business, which is something we can definitively pinpoint as being a fundamental reason behind Andrews Sykes’ success and longevity.

The importance of recurring custom is obvious and has been exemplified once again by a recent instance in which a temporary heater hire paved the way for two more projects that we were subsequently asked to take the lead on.

Following the success of a screed drying job at a site along the South Coast, we were approached by the same company and asked to provide another solution for an application at a different location – this time near Didcot.

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