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University building seeks Andrews Boiler Hire

According to regulatory guidelines, educational authorities have a duty to ensure that student campus areas and learning facilities meet a minimum temperature requirement of 18⁰C. This is said to be the optimal temperature to support studying, as set out in the Education School Premises Regulations standards. Failure to meet these requirements can impact both students and lecturers, with energy and concentration levels potentially affected if conditions aren’t closely controlled.

So, when a university in Bedfordshire encountered a crippling boiler failure resulting in a complete loss of heating and hot water in one of their buildings, a replacement was immediately required. The area in question is constantly in use throughout the day, meaning a temporary boiler hire unit was needed urgently to ensure classrooms and IT suites could remain operational.

Having used our services previously, the facilities manager responsible for sourcing climate control equipment contacted Andrews Boiler Hire and asked us to provide a solution in as quick a timeframe as possible. Following a site survey, our specialist decided that the installation of a 300kW boiler would provide the required duty for the application in question.

This was accompanied by all necessary accessories including hoses, fittings and a fuel tank. Our unit was installed outside the building, with hoses fed directly into the university’s plant room to connect to their system. Thanks to our swift response, the client was able to keep the building open and avoid having to cancel lectures and classes despite suffering an untimely breakdown. Our boiler remained on hire for a total of four weeks and was only decommissioned after the client had completed the repair of their original unit.

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Anaerobic digestion site requires Andrews Boiler Hire

The failure or breakdown of a boiler system can have a significant effect on the day-to-day operation of an anaerobic digestion plant, which is why planned maintenance must be carried out regularly. The anaerobic digestion process relies on the availability of supplementary heat in order to reach optimum conditions, meaning the absence of higher temperatures has a detrimental impact on how microbes are harnessed to manage waste, produce fuels, or both.

When a biodigester on a farm in Devon undertook maintenance of its existing boiler systems on site, a temporary boiler hire solution was required to ensure normal levels of fermentation were maintained throughout. Our client uses microorganisms to break down biodegradable material on an industrial scale, converting farm waste and slurries into renewable energy.

An Andrews engineer visited the client’s site to perform a survey to gain a better perspective of the application, including the best place for us to position a replacement boiler. The customer’s maintenance programme was scheduled to last for between four and six weeks and begin as soon as possible, rendering a quick response necessary. By assessing the site’s requirements in person, our regional expert was able to ascertain the required heating capacities – prompting the installation of a 500kW boiler unit the very next day.

A 3000-litre fuel tank was also delivered and connected to the boiler, with a tank of this size deliberately chosen to ensure our unit could operate continuously for extensive periods. Our boiler was connected to the client’s existing pipework, allowing their original unit to be decommissioned for further inspection. The solution we supplied enabled a seamless changeover and helped minimise disruption on a major energy production site, which was a greatly satisfying outcome from the customer’s perspective.

View full case study

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Everything you need to know about accessories when hiring pumps

Sykes Pumps offers an extensive and comprehensive range of pumps for hire from its locations all around the UK.  In addition to the pumps available for hire, it is important that they are supported by a comprehensive and extensive fleet of ancillaries to provide a genuine pumping solution capability across a wide range of applications.

Accessories should not be taken for granted as the quality and capability of the range are critical for effective solutions to support pumping applications. Some of the key accessories that Sykes Pumps offer are highlighted below, providing safe, environmentally conscious solutions for customers in any scenario.

Hoses and Fittings

To ensure that a pumping system is operating effectively and efficiently, it is recommended that good quality hoses and fittings are utilised.  Pipe and hose diameters should be sized appropriately for the flow conditions to reduce friction losses and provide the optimum operating conditions.  The extent and type of fittings, such as bends, are also important considerations because of their potential for managing friction losses in a system.

Rubber wire armoured hose is normally used for suction pipework on general applications but can also be used for discharge runs. Layflat and poly hose should never be used on the suction side of the pump.

Most general pumping applications will utilise lever lock quick release type connections. The fittings are limited to a 6 bar working pressure, so flanged pipework should be used on any specialist pumps operating at higher generated heads exceeding this measurement (circa 60 metres).

Sykes Pumps’ experienced team of expert engineers can provide support in ensuring the optimum pipe size and configuration for any application.  We hold an extensive and comprehensive stock of quality hoses and pipes with a full range of related fittings for hire in both quick release and flanged connections.

Silt Away Units and Settlement Tanks

With an ever-increasing requirement for environmental protection, the Sykes Pumps fleet includes solutions that take any ecological impact into consideration. There is a growing need to ensure that any pump fluid from a site is screened for silt and solids to avoid contamination, which is where our range of settlement tanks comes in.

It is important to consider the flow into the settlement tank to ensure that incoming flows do not exceed the capacity and capability to discharge.

Sykes Pumps offer a range of settlement tanks for general applications that ensure that silt and fines are captured, guaranteeing a cleaner discharge. These are fitted with quick release fittings to simplify the set-up process on site. Lifting points also aid this process by facilitating precise placement.

We also offer clients our popular Silt Away unit, combining a larger volume capacity with enhanced separation capabilities. With a lamella platebox providing a greater settlement area, the Silt Away offers a higher volume of separation and ease of removal of solids captured.

Fuel Tanks

Stand-alone temporary fuel tanks provide diesel driven pumps and generators with a capability of running for longer periods, cutting refuelling requirements. This minimises the risk of spills during the refuelling process while reducing the need to access the equipment.

It is important to ensure that fuel lines from the engine to the fuel tank are protected from damage or tampering, while connections should also be routinely checked for leakages. Sykes Pumps can oversee this process and help implement the safest and most effective solution for your site. Additionally, the oil and water levels of diesel pumps should be checked daily.

We offer customers a wide selection of fuel tanks that have been specifically designed for use in environmentally sensitive applications. All tanks within our hire fleet are double bunded, guaranteeing our client complete protection even if internal leaks occur. A single unit is capable of offering customers capacities up to 3,000 litres, with every model in our range fully tested to ADR requirements for IBC standards.

Interceptor Drip Trays

Environmental authorities often insist on using these while working near waterways or when there is a risk of polluting groundwater – and the legislation is only becoming stricter.

Interceptor drip trays are the only proven systems available that allow rainwater to pass through while safely securing retained oil, fuel and other chemicals. Their highly effective design negates the need for filters or chemicals, giving you environmental protection throughout the entirety of a project.

Working on the principle that oil floats on water, the tray naturally separates the two by allowing the water to pass safely through the outlet hole. Even if pumps have a built-in interceptor drip tray, an additional full-length tray gives another layer of protection for extra peace of mind. The amount of oil and fuel retained in the tray is monitored by a gauge and, once full, can be removed by a licensed disposal company.

Sykes Pumps offer interceptor drip trays from each of our depots, with our local experts on hand to guide you towards the best course of action for eliminating the potential risks of contamination.

Road Ramps

Road ramps are deployed in scenarios where a run of hose needs to cross a roadway or pedestrian access. This simple solution enables vehicles to drive over the hose run without disrupting a pumping application or affecting other aspects of an operation.

It is important that road ramps are set up correctly on a level surface. When used in traffic areas, full signage and protection should be provided where appropriate. Your local Sykes Pumps depot will be able to discuss the most effective set-up for your application.

Capable of handling up to 22 tonnes, our heavy-duty road ramps are fully galvanised and weatherproof and can also be used to avert potential trip hazards in pedestrianised areas.

Control Panels

Our comprehensive range of control panels provides customers with the ultimate flexibility when managing their pumping applications. These proven accessories enable site operators to leave pumps running unattended for extensive periods, maintaining safety standards while reducing costs on electricity or fuel.

Sykes Pumps’ selection of control panels includes PLC panels, variable kW DOL panels, soft starters and variable speed drives – guaranteeing a solution for every project. In addition, level sensors provide an extra level of control for more advanced pumping solutions.

Our experts are constantly on hand to discuss the right solution for your application, with dozens of options available. Using soft start and variable speed drive panels to reduce start up current, for example, will reduce the size of a generator or load required on an existing supply. Utilising level control equipment and telemetry will allow the operator to remotely monitor a range of variables that could potentially affect pumping performance.

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Heaviest rainfall since 1996 necessitates Khansaheb Sykes’ help in UAE

Heavy downpours across the United Arab Emirates have brought much of the country to a standstill, breaking a 24-year record for rainfall in the region. The impact has been so severe that the Ministry of Infrastructure Development has allocated 20 task forces to monitor the situation, with people fearing for their businesses and livelihoods.

A spokesman for the federal authority explained: “The teams have been assigned to deal with three main tasks, which include the drainage of waterlogged roads, removing mud and heavy debris, as well as repairing roads that may have been damaged by the rain.”

Unsurprisingly, the last few days have been extremely busy for our Khansaheb Sykes engineers who have been working tirelessly to ensure the effects of flooding are minimised.

A trailer carrying 10 of our GP150M dewatering pumps was delivered to Ras Al Khaimah Municipality – one of the seven emirates that make up the UAE. These pumps are being used to remove flood water at numerous locations within the state and are providing vital relief to people based there.

Additionally, more than 50 dewatering pumps have been supplied to companies located within the worst affected areas and these are predominantly being used to remove surface water.

Ironically, the weather has been so severe that our own depot in Abu Dhabi has been affected. Fortunately, we have the means and resources to tackle the flooding and have been using our equipment on site to remove tens of thousands of litres of water.

While demand for our pumps has naturally surged, we have also provided drying equipment to a number of businesses in the area. The Midfield Terminal Complex within Abu Dhabi International Airport was badly affected by dampness, prompting us to arrange the hire of 20 building dehumidifiers which will accelerate the drying process.

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Fifth French depot opens for business in Toulouse

Following months of preparation, we are delighted to announce the opening of our new Toulouse depot which allows us to better serve our many customers across the southwest of France. These modern premises are symptomatic of our recent success within the country and give the business a fantastic grounding to drive further growth in the not-too-distant future.

Andrews Sykes Climat Location has seen a noticeable rise in demand for our services throughout the Occitania region and this has traditionally been accommodated by our depots in Lyon and Marseille.

The opening of our Toulouse base therefore gives us a local presence in the area, with our engineers able to quickly reach cities and towns as far afield as Bordeaux thanks to the depot’s location and excellent nearby transport links.

Toulouse enjoys global prominence as a pioneer of aeronautical technology and is home to some of the world’s most renowned companies in this industry. The region also boasts strong GDP growth and is widely regarded as France’s best performing city from an economical standpoint.

These factors, combined with a tangible desire for our services from companies based there, have prompted us to open our fifth depot in France since 2012.

Thomas Vigor, Director of Business Development in Europe, said: “This depot will enable us to offer a first-class level of service to customers and strengthen our market position across the South of France and the country in general.”

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Sewer renovation prompts Sykes Pumps to assist South West Water

Plans to upgrade sections of sewer in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, were reliant upon the assistance of specialist hire company Sykes Pumps. The sewer’s original pipework was laid in 1996, prompting South West Water to conduct a major maintenance project to ensure the integrity of the concrete was protected going forward.

Over time, untreated sewage and effluents of a low pH can cause anaerobic conditions to prevail within the pipework – meaning there is an oxygen deficiency. This produces hydrogen sulphide gas in the sewage which causes irreversible damage to the concrete pipework in poorly ventilated enclosed sewerage systems.

As a result, pipework spanning more than a mile requires relining in a planned project expected to be completed by April 2020. The work is being done in seven phases, with each scheduled to last approximately a fortnight.

In order to maintain the identified sections of pipework, an over-pumping rental solution was necessary to ensure sewage could bypass the areas in which improvements were being carried out. Having assessed the needs of our client, we proposed the installation of two electric UV301M self-priming wastewater pumps. It was felt that a single unit would be sufficient for the duration of the scheme, but a second unit was supplied to guarantee that higher flow rates could be accommodated if necessary.

For contingency purposes, we also provided the client with two additional 8” Super Wispaset 200 diesel powered pumps which were delivered to site as a back-up pumping solution.

To date, our equipment has allowed the client to use advanced technology which involves the application of an epoxy resin to existing pipework. This method creates an impermeable lining on the concrete without the need for digging trenches, thus minimising disruption to local residents.

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Andrews provide screed drying solution at Liverpool FC’s new Kirkby training complex

In the summer of 2018, Liverpool Football Club announced plans to open a new training complex which will see their first team and youth football operations come together for the first time in the club’s history.

The multimillion-pound facility is expected to open this year, with structural frames installed and external brickwork already complete. Focus is now very much on the buildings’ interiors, which will house two gyms, a full-size sports hall, a pool, rehabilitation suites and dining areas spanning a combined 9,200m².

Andrews Boilers was contacted by one of the country’s leading floor contractors to provide a boiler hire solution that would assist with drying screed. We had previously worked with the same company by helping them with a similar application on two newly built schools in the North West. The client specifically cited our professionalism and the effectiveness of our units as being key reasons for seeking our services on this latest project.

After a site survey, two 22KW electric boilers were specified with the intention of each being attached to four separate manifolds connected to the underfloor pipe circuits. Warm water is then pumped from the boilers through the underfloor pipe network. This process ensures the screed dries evenly throughout and prevents it from cracking by raising the temperature gradually. The two boilers are expected to remain on hire for a total of twelve weeks and have so far proven effective in instilling the required conditions for a very delicate phase of the development.

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Temporary heater hire warms guests at popular Christmas Events

The Christmas period is always a busy one for Andrews Sykes and this year has been no different. A huge surge in seasonal events, light festivals and markets brings about a proportional increase in demand for HVAC assistance, whether that be heating equipment for a marquee, a chiller solution for a temporary ice rink or dehumidification units for storing produce.

Towards the end of November, we were contacted by the management team at London’s O2 Arena after a requirement for a short-term heating hire arrangement surfaced. The venue was hosting an outdoor Christmas market comprising of several marquees that were exposed to cold temperatures. We were therefore asked to provide an all-encompassing heating solution that would keep hundreds of visitors warm and ensure that conditions were kept stable to protect a variety of perishable products being sold on site.

With our flagship depot in Charlton situated less than two miles from the venue, we were able to send an expert to conduct a site survey almost immediately. Rear access to the marquees was restricted, providing us with an ideal position to safely and unobtrusively deploy our chosen heating units away from members of the public.

As a result, we recommended the installation of several ID35 indirect fired heaters because of their excellent fuel economy and suitability to applications with limited ventilation. These units have been specifically designed for use in marquees and deliver large volumes of warm air economically once installed.

Our client stipulated the importance of a cost-effective heater hire arrangement that would require virtually no staff attention when in-situ. The ID35 units we proposed can operate for up to 16 hours on a 40-litre fuel tank, while their automatic operation capability enables unattended functionality. These features were hugely beneficial to the customer and allowed them to focus their attention on guest experience, as desired.

This project is one of countless in which we have devised and implemented a temporary heating solution for a Christmas themed event. We have received very positive feedback from the client regarding the impact our units have made and the quick response time which allowed installation prior to the market opening.

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Emergency boiler hire keeps navy base operational

When one of the country’s most prominent naval bases suffered a leak on their district mains system, the facilities management company responsible for the site contacted us in search of an emergency boiler hire solution.

The client became aware of our services some time ago after our local territory sales manager visited site to promote our contingency planning capabilities. This initial consultation prompted the FM company to discuss the concept with senior figures at the naval base, who then instructed our client to engage with us due to ongoing issues with the district mains system.

At this stage, our regional expert undertook a succession of site surveys to ascertain the client’s precise requirements. A contingency plan was then put in place – several months prior to the leak being discovered.

With winter temperatures often falling below 5⁰C, it was vital that heating and hot water supplies were maintained within a highly populated military facility. Given the scale of the application, it was decided that the customer would need three 1,500kW boilers, six 500kW boilers, two 300kW boilers and four 100kW boilers to be installed at various locations on site. Each boiler was accompanied by a fuel tank, with associated fittings and hoses also supplied.

The customer initially requested that we deliver and install all kit within two weeks, but our local engineers worked around the clock to ensure the entire solution was implemented in less than half the allotted time. Our rapid response has allowed a major issue with the district mains system to be bypassed while ensuring that scheduled maintenance works at various hangars within the base could proceed without interruption.

View the full case study

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Andrews Heat for Hire continues support of successful Stay Warm, Stay Safe campaign

The winter season can be a very cold and lonely place for some of the less fortunate in our community, with the build-up to Christmas a perfect reminder of the impact a small gesture or gift can make to people in difficult situations.

Last year, we were delighted to be able to team up with the Charlton Athletic Community Trust and contribute towards their Stay Warm, Stay Safe campaign – a scheme aimed at supporting residents who may be at risk during the colder months.

The initiative is run on behalf of the Royal Borough of Greenwich and provides care to people over 60, young or vulnerable people or anyone having difficulties paying winter fuel bills.

A variety of services are available to those who require them and include energy efficiency assessments, home visits and fuel saving advice.

Our involvement allowed us to donate a large number of oil-filled electric radiators to the Trust who then oversaw their distribution to people across Greenwich and beyond.

Following high levels of demand for these small heating units last year, we have committed to providing CACT with a new consignment of oil-filled radiators which will provide people in our community with a safe, reliable and cost-effective source of warmth.

Additionally, we were keen to find out if there were any other ways in which we could assist the Trust with their work.

Following dialogue with Deb Brown, who heads up the health improvement strand of CACT, it became clear that the cost of fuel was a primary issue for many requiring extra support.

As a result, we have made a cash donation to the Trust which will be used to purchase fuel vouchers for the most vulnerable members of our community.

Ms. Brown explains: “We are delighted to be partnering with Andrews Heat for Hire on this season’s winter warmth programme, Stay Warm Stay Safe.

“Last year the donation of 49 heaters enabled us to support residents who were suffering from a range of issues including boiler break downs and long-term heating and light issues. This season Andrews are continuing to support us with a further 20 heaters and also with fuel and energy vouchers that we provide for people in emergency circumstances. We have a team of passionate and committed staff ready to take these resources into households around the borough when they are in need.

“For example, we worked with a local resident who had a boiler breakdown, so they were cold in their home. With our intervention we provided them with heaters to use in the meantime and advocated on their behalf to ensure they got a new boiler within two weeks.”

Jim Laybourne, group operations support director at Andrews Sykes, explained: “The company prides itself on giving back to the community whenever possible and there is no cause more worthy than one relating to the safety and warmth of people on our doorstep.

“We have a longstanding relationship with the Charlton Athletic Community Trust spanning many years and are very happy to support their programmes in any way we can.

“By endorsing the Stay Warm, Stay Safe message, we can make a difference to the lives of people in the community and help instil a comfortable living environment for those struggling this winter.”

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