Emergency chiller replacement ensures breakfast is still served!

Andrews Sykes has always had close ties with the food and beverage industry, having routinely provided temporary equipment to some of the biggest names in the field. Manufacturing processes, in particular, often go hand in hand with very specific requirements involving cooling, refrigeration or even freezing.

Our expertise was recently called into action by an established refrigeration specialist, who was responsible for maintaining equipment on behalf of one of the country’s best-loved cereal companies.

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Sedgefield depot investment helps streamline our pump hire services for local customers

We are delighted to announce that some significant improvements have been made to our Sedgefield depot, and as such, we are confident that our many clients in the North East will feel the benefits of an enhanced level of service going forward.

Like any successful organisation, we fully recognise the value of the people who work for us and ultimately help shape almost every aspect of our business.

A new depot manager is now in place to help coordinate daily operations and will be supported by a very capable and driven team of hire controllers, drivers and engineers.

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Operating system company hires cooling for corporate event

It’s always good to be ahead of the game if you’re planning an event but sometimes there are occasions where the simplest of things are mistakenly overlooked. Catering? Check. Seating? Check. Climate control? Ah!

Fortunately, we’re very used to last-minute requirements and have an excellent track record when it comes to implementing temporary air conditioning and heating solutions at short notice.

Earlier in September, a renowned software service provider got in touch with us after realising that they had forgotten to make temperature control arrangements for an event they were hosting the following day.

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Multi-unit air conditioning solution keeps hundreds of wedding guests cool

Weddings and other special one-off events demand perfection, with no opportunity for a re-run should something go wrong. Any bride or groom will tell you that there is an overabundance of things that warrant attention in the build-up to their big day, with themes, guest numbers, catering and music choice already giving organisers plenty to think about.

One of the most common mistakes people make when planning their wedding is to completely overlook the impact that temperature and humidity have on the ambience of your venue. And while summer weddings are understandably popular, there are of course a number of pitfalls associated with hosting events during the warm season.

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Cosmetics manufacturer seeks electric submersible pump replacement

As the UK’s leading specialist supplier of bespoke pump solutions, we are used to devising complex arrangements that have been uniquely tailored to suit the niche requirements of customers. On some occasions, however, a straightforward replacement will more than suffice in instances where essential upgrades or maintenance work is being carried out.

Earlier in the summer, one of our local experts was contacted by the estates team of a cosmetic products factory in Wales. The customer had an electric pump on site which had begun to show signs of age, and as such was not operating as it previously had been. Our client explained that a replacement pump was due to be installed in between 6 and 10 weeks’ time, with a temporary stand-in unit required until then.

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Over-pumping system facilitates development of major Lancashire hospital

The £13m expansion of Blackpool Victoria Hospital is seen as a critical step in addressing their emergency department’s soaring patient numbers, with plans signed off and the project already underway.

A contractor has been appointed to build the new facility, which will be constructed adjacent to the former emergency and urgent care units. The three-storey block is expected to create a much better environment for staff and enhance patient experience to deliver an even higher quality of care with improved outcomes.

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Construction site provided with air changes and heating via single unit

Very few industries have remained unaffected by coronavirus, and the construction sector is one of many that has been forced to make changes to ensure the well-being of those working within it. Comfort facilities were quickly identified as an area meriting particular attention, with these environments generally unconducive to allowing sufficient space between people while they relax, dine or take a break.

Because of this obligation, a national building contractor approached us and asked us to provide two of their sites with some heaters. Projects were being undertaken at separate locations in Swindon and Redditch, with the expectation that these would run into 2022. As such, our client was keen to get ahead of the game and source some temporary heating units well before seasonal temperatures began to drop.

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Six in ten Brits demand air conditioning while working from home, survey finds

According to a recent study, more than 60% of Brits want their bosses to provide air conditioning while working from home.

On average, productivity is said to decrease by a third during hot temperatures, with 44% of the 2,000 adults asked admitting they struggle to stay on top of their workload when the mercury soars.

Two in five respondents actively seek a different room or area to work in a bid to overcome warmer conditions, while a quarter confessed to sitting near an open fridge or freezer!

A similar proportion of those surveyed have previously refused to work when the heat has been too extreme, with a temperature of 28⁰C commonly cited as being too hot for general exertion.

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NHS trust turns to Andrews Ventilation ahead of mortuary upgrades

Inadequate ventilation is broadly considered to be the largest health, safety and well-being burden for mortuaries or funeral homes. If the number of air changes is insufficient, building occupants are likely to be exposed to dangerous and infectious pathogens released by cadavers retained inside.

There is, therefore, never a good time for a mortuary to upgrade their air handling systems but when such a need arises, providing a replacement ventilation arrangement is essential.

Last week, our experts were contacted by a prominent district hospital in Hampshire after the aforementioned situation came to fruition. The customer was looking to replace several air handling units inside their morgue, which was to remain in use throughout the time work was to be carried out.

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Eleventh-hour chiller hire ensures the show goes on at London’s Lyceum Theatre

Last month saw a very poignant relaunch of the eternally popular The Lion King musical, following a difficult year for theatregoers and the arts industry in general.

The acclaimed Disney production is now back up and running, to the delight of 2,000-strong crowds fortunate enough to secure tickets for what have been billed as a celebratory performances in the wake of 16 months of Covid restrictions.

And while we can only imagine the stress and anxiety levels of those performing on the day, we can be candid in admitting that our engineers experienced a slightly different kind of pressure to ensure all was well before the front curtain was raised!

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