Rally Poland provides penultimate ERC test for Ingram

Following his heroics in Turkey last weekend, Chris Ingram’s focus once again returns to the European Rally Championships and another exciting test at Rally Poland.

A fantastic WRC2 debut yielded a podium finish and gave Chris a taste of what he ultimately aspires to – and the signs are good!

Now at the business end of the season, Rally Poland marks the fifth of six ERC Junior Under 28 rallies and leaves just two more opportunities to close the gap on current leader Fabian Kreim.

As ever, Chris remains bullish and took some time out of preparing for his latest challenge to take stock of his feelings. The 24-year-old summarised: “I cannot wait. It’s such a busy time at the moment but it’s been amazing. And I feel sharper than ever with all the seat time!”

The need to quickly adapt to new surroundings between events clearly doesn’t phase the Andrews Heat for Hire man and his love for the sport is plain for all to see.

He explained: “It’s been great! Each rally is very different but, once again, there are a lot of fans here which is nice to see. Poland is probably the fastest average speed rally I’ve ever done and as always, we’re looking forward to it.

The epitome of calmness, Chris found time to convey his thoughts to us halfway through doing the recce.

“As we speak, Ross (Whittock) is just driving the 50km to the next stage and giving me some rest! Once we’re there, I’ll describe the road to Ross and he’ll write it all down – the Pacenotes. Then he’ll read them back to me during the rally.”

This meticulous planning has paid off more often than not and gives an insight into the level of dedication required from both driver and co-driver. Here’s hoping there’s another cause for celebration come Sunday!

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Ingram enjoys dream WRC2 debut at Rally Turkey

Last weekend marked a genuine landmark in the career of Chris Ingram – and he certainly didn’t disappoint! The 24-year-old got his first taste of World Rally Championship action in Turkey, fulfilling a lifetime ambition in the process.

The gruelling contest spanned four days with Chris and two other WRC2 drivers prominently positioned on the leaderboard at the close of action on Saturday.

And Sunday’s finale saw the Heat for Hire-sponsored man secure third place in the WRC2 category and a top ten finish overall, marking an astonishing introduction to World Championship rallying.

Reflecting afterwards, Chris said: “A podium on our WRC2 debut at Rally Turkey and probably even better – an overall top 10 amongst the best rally drivers in the world! Our strategy worked perfectly despite two punctures. Massive thanks to everyone who supported us! Dream come true!”

Unsurprisingly, Chris’s fans have been revelling in his success but for the man himself, there is no time for rest!

His attention has already turned to Rally Poland, which commences on Friday 21 September. Chris has the opportunity to make up ground on current ERC Junior U28 leader Fabian Kreim with just two rallies remaining.

A big performance here will set up a fantastic end to the European Rally Championship campaign culminating in a final showdown at the Rally Liepaja in Latvia next month. Best of luck, Chris!

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Ingram makes FIA World Rally Championship debut in Turkey

September is shaking up to be a huge month for ERC title holder Chris Ingram, starting with a landmark rally in Turkey this weekend. The 24-year-old is making his World Rally Championship debut in Marmaris, with this development perhaps indicative of the amazing progress made during a career still very much in its infancy.

Acknowledging the magnitude of the task ahead, Chris said: “I’m fully focused on our WRC2 debut. It’s a huge challenge ahead, competing on these brutal stages for only our 2nd gravel rally in the Toksport Skoda R5 – but what an opportunity!”

This gruelling rally combines smooth open roads with rocky mountainous tracks and starts at the popular holiday resort of Marmaris. Friday’s action includes two identical loops of three tests with a similar format on the Saturday.

The business end of the rally sees Sunday’s finale featuring four tests culminating in the Marmaris Power Stage – ending at the entrance to the Asparan service park.

Chris has been busy preparing for the event over the last few weeks and has even made some modifications to his car. The Andrews Heat for Hire branding is now prominently emblazoned on both the front bonnet and back bumper of his Skoda R5, which should make it even more visible to the millions watching at home!

Rally Turkey provides Chris with the optimum platform to demonstrate his incredible proficiency behind the wheel and compete with some of the best drivers on the planet.

It’s an exciting challenge for everyone connected with Chris, and we’re really proud of our association with the country’s number one ranked rally driver.

As always, we’d like to wish Chris the very best of luck ahead of this weekend and are delighted that we won’t have to wait too long to see him in action again with Rally Poland just around the corner!

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London hospital seeks emergency cooling for high dependency ward

During the record-breaking summer of 2018, Andrews Air Conditioning Hire was contacted by a large hospital in East London after an urgent need for some short-term cooling equipment surfaced. There were serious concerns for the safety of a number of patients in the high dependency ward and so urgent action was required to reduce temperatures as quickly as possible.

Having received an out-of-hours call, an Andrews technician visited the location to conduct a site survey and propose the installation of a high-volume cooling solution to successfully reduce temperatures inside the building. It was felt that instilling a temperature of approximately 16°C would be conducive to ensuring patients’ wellbeing and protecting them whilst on the ward. Supplementary equipment was required to function alongside our client’s existing system, which was struggling to overcome the seasonal heat.

Following the same-day assessment, our experts recommended the deployment of four ET25 air conditioning units which were deployed within the high dependency unit and ducted out of available windows.

Once commissioned, our temporary air conditioners worked perfectly in combatting high temperatures and instantly improving conditions within a sensitive area for both patients and medical specialists – enabling the ward to operate as normal.

View full case study

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Andrews Air Conditioning announce winners of annual paper fan competition!

Earlier this summer, we relaunched our ever-popular paper fan marketing campaign which prompted us to receive hundreds of competition entries from across the country. The success of previous years combined with one of the country’s hottest periods on record ensured we received an excellent response once again and made selecting the eventual winners extremely difficult!

Our famous ‘selfie’ competition, as usual, led to some great efforts being sent in to our social media channels accompanied by the now synonymous #CoolAndCalm hashtag.

In total, more than 50,000 of our fans were distributed across the capital and beyond which sparked a great deal of interaction on Twitter.

It was a tough decision due to the large number of people who got involved, but we managed to select a winner from each of three categories:

-          The wittiest photograph or video
-          The entry captured in the most obscure or interesting location
-          The most ‘retweeted’ selfie

Detailed on the fans were simple instructions on how to participate in our competition, including the criteria required to enter. The three people selected have each won £800 worth of holiday vouchers which can be used for a break to a destination of their choice.

We would like to congratulate all three competition winners – who have now been contacted – and extend our thanks to everyone who got involved!

For all future promotions, keep an eye on our social channels or visit our website www.andrews-sykes.com. We look forward to running other seasonal campaigns going forward, so make sure you don’t miss out! You can keep in the loop by following @AndrewsSykes on Twitter.

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East Anglian sewage treatment works kept operational by Andrews Chillers

During the summer heatwave, a large regional water company sought temporary cooling equipment to assist them with reducing the temperatures of their combined heat and power engines.

The engines in question are used to generate the electricity and power that runs our client’s sewer treatment system – underlining the importance of them staying online at all times. During the lengthy hot spell, the engines were beginning to overheat which put the equipment at risk of failure and meant an immediate solution was required.

Following a free and comprehensive site survey, our experts proposed and installed a 375kW chiller accompanied by three 150kW air handling units, which were positioned directly opposite the engines and used to tackle the high temperatures by producing large volumes of cold air.

The short-term chiller hire was sufficient in maintaining the functionality of our client’s power engines and thus averting an extremely undesirable scenario. The customer was very relieved once the unit was commissioned and kept the temporary chiller on hire for the summer’s entirety.

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Emergency pump hire solution accelerates sewer repair

Sykes Pumps were recently drafted in to provide a short-term pumping equipment to help overcome a burst combined sewer in Beckton, east London. It was therefore imperative that a swift pump hire solution was commissioned as soon as possible to over-pump the waste water back into the sewer system.

Soon after receiving the call, one of our engineers visited the site to conduct a free survey before recommending the best pump arrangement for their application. It was decided that an XFP301M 12” submersible pump – run on a 160kVA generator – would be the best solution to cope with sustained sewage flows.

Our experts delivered and installed the rental units within a matter of hours, quickly restoring the functionality of the entire system. Our pump was connected to the customer’s sewer system and ensured the sewer remained functional while work was carried out.

Our quick response and expertise ensured our client’s expectations were exceeded and ensured repairs could take place without causing disruption to nearby businesses.

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Recent study reveals the numbers behind temperature disagreements in YOUR office

It’s an age-old problem that has been tirelessly contested for decades – but that doesn’t mean finding an agreeable office temperature has become any easier as technology has advanced. Quite the opposite, in fact.

A recent study that we carried out found that two in five employees have had an argument with a colleague over the conditions of their working space.

Common complaints include the office in question being too warm, with almost half of those asked admitting it has caused issues in the past.

At Andrews Air Conditioning, we understand the importance of keeping harmony at all costs and there’s a delicate balance between achieving this and leaving a lot of people disgruntled.

This year, it’s been even more difficult than usual given that we’re experiencing one of the hottest summers on record – and forecasts show there’ll still be plenty more opportunities to catch some sun.

It’s been something of a banner year for sunshine in the UK, and who could blame anyone for wanting a few ‘Sun Days’ to get out and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts?

To see our findings in more detail, click here.

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Ingram overcomes tricky first day to seals bronze at Barum Czech Rally

The August bank holiday weekend was one of great significance for Chris Ingram, who confirmed his upcoming World Rally Championship debut following a successful drive in the Czech Republic.

Seemingly out of contention by Saturday evening, Chris found another gear and threw caution to the wind during the final stages of the Barum Czech Rally Zlin to salvage third place in impressive fashion.

That success means the Heat for Hire-backed man has recorded podium finishes in each of his three completed ERC Junior U28 rallies – leaving him second overall as things stand.

Reflecting on his performance, Chris said: “After a challenging start we fought back to podium with a perfect last loop to keep our ERC championship hopes alive.”

Recording the fastest time on SS15, Chris’ late push took 5.6 seconds off overall leader Fabian Kreim to seal bronze in a dramatic ending.

All eyes will now be on Rally Turkey which takes place in Marmaris between the 13th and 16th of September. The following weekend, Chris will be back on the European circuit at Rally Poland – the fifth contest of this year’s ERC Junior U28 championship.

It’s very likely that next month could be season-defining for Chris and we wish him great success on all fronts at this crucial juncture!

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Temporary chiller hire keeps factory operational during heatwave

Andrews Chiller Hire was recently drafted in to assist a global defence contractor after receiving an urgent enquiry for temporary cooling to restore conditions within their factory.

During the peak of summer, our client was struggling to control temperatures in their machining workshops, causing production to grind to a halt for safety reasons. Usually operating 24 hours a day, the mechanical jigs were actually warping due to the heat and so addressing the problem quickly was of critical importance.

Following an assessment by one of our qualified engineers, our solution was to provide a chiller hire package comprising of a 400kW fluid chiller and three 150kW air handling units. It was felt this course of action would adequately reduce temperatures within the application and ensure that large volumes of cold air were distributed evenly throughout.

This temporary chiller system was crucial in helping to overcome the heat loads generated which, combined with high seasonal temperatures, had contrived to bring the contractor to a complete standstill. Thanks to the response of our engineers, and the high capacity cooling arrangement we installed, the factory’s machining workshops were back online within hours of us first being approached.

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