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Sykes launch new cost-effective and low-noise pump

As market-leaders in the provision of bespoke pump hire solutions, it is with great excitement that we introduce a new industry concept in the form of our latest unit – the UV301M.

Billed as an economical surface-mounted and prime-assisted pump, this compact 12” pump combines impressive capabilities with low running costs and only requires an electrical power source in order to operate.

Our latest innovation also features Sykes’ priming gear, allowing the pump to prime and re-prime automatically when required, as well as a stand-alone non-return valve for efficient operation.

As an alternative to a diesel pump, the UV301M can either be connected to a customer’s electricity supply or run off a generator in the absence of a power source on site. This also ensures the unit’s quiet operation, reinforcing its suitability to applications where containing noise pollution is critical.

This pump has been specifically designed for high-volume liquid transportation, delivering flows of up to 450 litres per second and heads up to 36 metres.

Our UV301M model comes with a variable speed panel and is ideal for use in a range of pumping environments including sewage over-pumping, bulk water transfer, reservoirs and lagoons, flood situations and many others.

Other features and benefits include:

- Low running costs
- Small footprint for use in confined spaces
- Quiet operation for noise sensitive applications
- Impeller allows impressive solids handling
- Premium Efficiency IE3 motor for reduced energy consumption
- Back flush feature to help clear potential blockages
- Stand-alone non-return valve
- Easily portable so can be positioned quickly-
- Motor protection to reduce the risk of damage

Where access is limited and a standard submersible pump cannot fit inside a manhole or opening, deploying our UV301M unit is the perfect alternative as you only need to accommodate a 12” wire armoured hose through to the point of suction.

Chris Graham, sales director at Sykes Pumps, explains: “The brilliant thing about this product is that it incorporates all the qualities of a standard 12” pump while being extremely cost-efficient, quiet in operation and with a substantially reduced footprint.

“We pride ourselves on devising solutions that befit the unique requirements of each customer, and the UV301M helps us do just that.

“By using a control panel with floats and a variable speed drive, we can configure the pump to suit the surroundings and application in which it is required – all while keeping running costs low and noise pollution to a minimum.”

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Andrews Air Conditioning make pilot graduation ceremony a flying success

The management team at a well-known Winchester hotel sought the expertise of Andrews Air Conditioning ahead of a pilot graduation event that was scheduled there. The ceremony was due to take place in a large marquee situated within the grounds of the hotel, but fluctuating weather conditions made it very difficult for organisers to gauge what temperature to expect on the day.

As such, precautions needed to be taken to ensure the marquee was comfortable regardless of the outdoor ambient temperature.

Our experts visited the hotel to carry out a site survey which led us towards the best solution for the application. As a result, we decided to install a single HPAC90 hired air conditioner. This high capacity unit can provide both cooling and heating depending on the weather, therefore covering the client in any eventuality.

The customer’s main concern was finding an adequate power source and concealing the unit from attendees and visitors. Our specialists suggested using a 150kVA generator instead of power available on site as there were concerns that this might interfere with the sound engineers working during the event.

Our team carried out a second site visit and follow-up meeting with the companies arranging the event to ensure our unit was operating as expected. One of our sales managers also attended the dress rehearsal to make sure the customer was happy with the temperature control.

As was the case with the practice event, the actual ceremony also passed off without incident and prompted the customer to conclude that everything had run smoothly. Warm temperatures on the day of the main event meant that air conditioning functionality was required, with our main air conditioning rental providing extremely successful in overcoming what was effectively an unknown requirement.

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Sykes Pumps introduces economical super silenced unit

After many months of market research and product development following discussions with customers, it is with great delight that we introduce our latest pump innovation – the Super Wispaset 80 eco.

This pump offers clients a reliable and compact super silenced pumping solution with exceptional fuel efficiency and a small footprint.

Specifically designed for specialist applications including construction, utilities, civil engineering, marine and quarries, the Super Wispaset 80 eco provides impressive performance capacities and features an acoustic canopy guaranteeing quiet, unobtrusive operation.

Our latest unit consumes just 1.4 litres of diesel per hour and has a fully bunded built-in fuel tank enabling continuous use for up to 24 hours. This 3” model will deliver heads of up to 24 metres, flows of up to 36 litres per second and can handle solids of up to 40mm.

Other features and benefits include:

- Low noise operation – 64 dBA @ 7m
- Fuel efficient engine for hours of unattended operation
- Compact and lightweight
- Hard-wearing cast iron parts
- Easily changeable shaft seals
- Compact and manoeuvrable
- Automatic priming and re-priming

Quiet functionality and high performance are two of the most sought-after characteristics our customers look for when selecting a pump for a working site, making the Super Wispaset 80 eco an industry leader.

These features allow discreet deployment in well-populated areas whilst still accommodating the flows and solids handling capacities our customers desire.

Our new pump also encompasses Sykes’ revered Univac priming system which facilitates rapid priming and re-priming automatically from dry.

Powered by the latest Hatz engine, the Super Wispaset 80 eco is so-named because of its incredible fuel efficiency and low emissions.

Chris Graham, sales director at Sykes Pumps, said: “This pump has been billed as the small pump of choice for water treatment projects, emergency water applications and similar environments due to its remarkable output and compact design.

“In previous years, our 4”, 6” and 8” models have proven a big hit with customers and so the introduction of an easily transportable and slighter 3” super silenced pump ensures a more convenient solution in scenarios where smaller flows are required.”

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Andrews Chillers adds new 250kW unit to expansive range

As the country’s largest supplier of specialist chiller solutions, we are constantly looking to upgrade our hire fleet to ensure customers have a broad selection of units to choose from. A longstanding commitment to improving our range and satisfying the demands of clients has prompted us to introduce a new 250kW chiller.

Specifically designed for use in specialist process applications, general air conditioning or large areas requiring cooling, the 250kW chiller has the capacity to reduce temperatures to as low as -5°C.

We continue to take our environmental obligations seriously and have adopted measures to ensure this product complies with all EU legislation. The 250kW model uses R410A refrigerant gas which keeps costs low without contributing to ozone depletion. In addition, the unit features multi-scroll compressors to ensure power consumption is minimised – underlining the chiller’s efficiency even when operating at full capacity.

An internal water pump ensures that no external power supply is required while quick release couplings guarantee swift installation in emergency situations.

Other features and benefits include:

- Economical operation for low running costs

- Capable of reducing temperatures to as low as -5°C

- Fast connecting lines for swift installation

- Lifting frame to aid manoeuvrability

- Flow switch for fault protection and reduced maintenance

- Digital controllers compatible with BMS systems and remote monitoring

Carl Webb, UK Operations Director, says: “We’re pleased to be adding another chiller to our hire fleet which combines high levels of performance with unparalleled reliability and affordable running costs.

“The 250kW chiller perfectly complements a range that already offers 200kW and 375kW units and provides even greater flexibility to clients requiring cooling capacities that fall somewhere between those two variables.”

If you’d like more information on our latest chiller unit or any other product within our hire fleet, call us today on 0800 211 611. Our experienced sale team can talk you through a potential requirement over the phone and give preliminary quotations based on the unique components of your project.

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Summer pop-up event runs smoothly thanks to Andrews Air Conditioning

The organisers of a food and entertainment pop-up summer event situated on the Thames South Bank recently contacted Andrews Air Conditioning after experiencing an issue with their cooling and heating system inside their temporary marquee.

Based in a prominent location visited by tens of thousands of passers-by, the event is predicted to attract high numbers of visitors who expect conditions to be perfect. So, when the management team at the pop-up event noticed a slump in the number of attendees, it became clear that a temperature-related issue was putting people off.

Our regional specialist visited the site following an enquiry, surveying the area to ascertain which type of air conditioning units would be most suitable for the application. Due to the size of the marquee and the number of of staff and visitors working and attending the event, our team decided to install a high capacity HPAC90 unit capable of providing both heating and cooling.

The HPAC90 is one of our largest and most powerful air conditioning units and provides up to 90kW of hot or cold air. The unit – which was specifically designed with events and exhibitions in mind – was positioned outside the marquee and fitted with lengths of ducting to distribute was was, in this instance, cool air.

Thanks to our quick response and commitment, we were able to work within a short turnaround time and address the client’s climate control issues almost immediately.

The customer was extremely satisfied with our service and has opted to retain the unit on a long-term hire, ensuring any seasonal spike in temperature can be quickly counteracted!

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Infection control compliance separates Andrews from the competition

The healthcare industry is one of the country’s most closely scrutinised sectors from a health and safety standpoint, with strict regulations in place to ensure patients are safeguarded.

For this reason, healthcare bodies are extremely selective when it comes to third parties providing services or products unless safe practice can be appropriately demonstrated.

At Andrews Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on maintaining high standards across all factions of our operations and are only too keen to prove our capabilities when requested by clients.

This was the situation we found ourselves in during the build-up to summer, when a hospital in Cambridgeshire sought a hired cooling arrangement for some of their critical wards.

The customer desperately required a temporary air conditioning solution on site but sought reassurances that our service and equipment met stringent infection prevention and control guidelines.

Although the hospital’s estates department were happy to hire equipment from us off the back of our good name, members of the NHS Trust asked us to propose a weekly cleaning regime and maintenance programme and determine a way in which this could be put in place.

Following a consultation with an Andrews Sykes representative, the Trust were extremely happy to sanction an agreement that included a dozen PAC 22 units, 10 Zephyr PACs and several Polar Breeze and Polar Wind portable air conditioners.

This project epitomised the ideology that while having market-leading equipment is important, going the extra mile for customers and offering a thorough maintenance service are factors that separate us from our competition.

The equipment was installed a short while later, much to the client’s satisfaction, and we were able to implement a cleaning procedure that could be safely undertaken without causing either employees or patients any disruption.

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How to beat the heat this summer

We may not have eclipsed the intense heat of last summer just yet but that could all change if recent weather forecasts are anything to go by.

Meteorologists have suggested that temperatures are set for a substantial increase over the coming days, which could kick-start a three-month heatwave lasting until October!

The incoming hot weather has been attributed to a ‘continental heat dome’ which will dominate the UK, with London and the South East expected to see the highest mercury readings.

If temperatures reach the heights mentioned, there will be plenty of businesses throughout the country that could benefit from having a temporary air conditioning system in place.

And this got us thinking – how did people overcome the heat prior to the availability of traditional cooling solutions?


At Andrews Air Conditioning, we’ve always had an interest in all things climate control, and this has prompted us to look at some of the methods people once used to stay comfortable during summer.

As you can imagine, some of these techniques were more effective than others! We’ve produced an interactive infographic which provides a light-hearted insight into some of the less conventional choices people made during scorching weather.

And for those of you looking for a more straightforward approach to beating the heat – good news! We stock a massive range of portable air conditioning units for hire and can arrange delivery and installation at times convenient to our customers.

If you’ve got a cooling requirement that needs addressing or you’d like more information about the services we offer, call us today on 0800 211 611.

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How do chillers work and which unit is best for me?

Finding a temporary cooling solution can be a daunting challenge, particularly if your requirement is of an urgent nature. With this in mind, the team at Andrews Chillers have created a short video that explains the functionality of chillers and how to guarantee the perfect outcome for your cooling application.

Using sample scenarios, the animation demonstrates the specific process that a unit goes through to provide the cooling for your requirement.

The aim of the video is to give our customers a better understanding of the chiller units we offer and explain how they apply to different environments. The video shows how you can overcome your cooling challenges while discussing the various types of cooling. These include comfort cooling, high capacity cooling and process cooling.

With comfort cooling in particular, it is important to understand that this type of cooling is used to regulate the temperature and create a comfortable environment for people within a specific area. This type of chiller is normally used in hospitals and hotels in addition to offices and conference rooms. These sectors require an accurate temperature control as a system failure can directly influence the satisfaction of building occupants.

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Scorching French temperatures set to arrive on British shores

The European heatwave overwhelming much of the continent has shown no sign of letting up, with France hitting its highest recorded temperature of 45.1⁰C in the southern town of Carpentras.

This scorching thermometer reading surpassed the previous highest of 44.1⁰C in 2003 and could yet be broken again, with high atmospheric pressure expected to continue drawing hot air from northern Africa.

With conditions as they are, it will come as no surprise to hear that our engineers have been working around the clock to help people beat the European heat!

Fittingly, our recently-opened Marseille depot is situated approximately one hour away from sizzling Carpentras – where the demand for our intervention has been particularly high!

And while the intense hot weather has caused transport chaos via melted roads and warped rail tracks, we have been providing businesses across the country with hired air conditioning solutions to ensure people are kept cool as they go about their daily business.

Over the past few days, we have delivered and installed hundreds of units and this looks set to continue for the foreseeable future.

France, Germany, Spain and Italy have all been grappling with unprecedented high temperatures, which are now also expected to descend upon the UK.

Early indications suggest that London and much of the South East are due temperatures in excess of 30⁰C, with Andrews Air Conditioning once again prepared to be inundated with requests for assistance!

The summer of 2018 was the joint hottest on record in the UK but while other companies floundered under pressure, we were able to satisfy the demands of clients and even expanded our hire fleet to accommodate the large volume of requirements.

If you’ve got an office, event, IT suite or any other application that could benefit from a reliable source of cooling, contact us today on 0800 211 611.

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With one day left at the Facilities Show, make sure you don’t miss us!

After two busy days at the Facilities Show, we’re extremely pleased with the number of new business opportunities that have arisen as a direct result of us exhibiting once again. Our sales team have also been networking with key decision makers at a range of FM companies, with these preliminary discussions already leading to several potential orders.

We have also had a fantastic response to our annual paper fan competition, so it’s great to see that the unusually high rainfall for this time of year hasn’t dampened people’s desire to get involved!

But we’re not done yet! It’s not too late to take advantage of our exclusive Facilities Show promotion, entitling visitors to our stand a 10% discount off the price of our new Polar Wind Style and Polar Breeze Style air conditioning units.

These units were only launched last month and have attracted considerable interest because of their suitability for offices, classrooms, IT suites and server rooms.

Paul La Roche, HVAC Sales Director, said: “There’s no doubt that the Facilities Show has been very good to us again this year, and we’ve had a lot of positive interaction already.

“FM companies obviously account for the bulk of enquiries received so far but there has also been noticeable interest from the construction industry, which is great to see.”

If you’ve got any cooling requirements that you’d like to discuss in more detail or you’re simply looking to gain a better understanding of the services we offer, then make sure you visit Andrews Air Conditioning on stand FM5420.

Our team look forward to meeting you and are keen to ensure the final day of the Facilities Show is just as successful as the previous two!

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