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Kitchen furniture manufacturer requires temporary heating solution

When a renowned kitchen furniture manufacturer required temporary heating to keep staff warm, Andrews Heat for Hire was contacted and asked to provide a solution.

The client had used our services previously and was confident in our ability to install a temporary heater hire arrangement befitting of their application. In years gone by, the customer has requested that we use gas heating units, but a different solution was sought on this occasion. Our client had recently completed renovation work within their premises which included improving the insulation of the walls and roof.

Given the scale of the premises and the need for a heat source to be operational almost constantly, it was decided that three high capacity FH2000 units would be most effective. Each unit was deployed externally with lengths of ducting used to distribute huge volumes of warm air inside via open window panels.

Maximising fuel efficiency was a primary consideration and prompted us to use recirculatory ducting to help maintain desired temperatures as cost-effectively as possible. This process allowed warm air to be generated at a faster rate because it was not reliant on having to constantly heat cold outdoor air. Our engineers attached the lengths of ducting to ceiling manifolds which prevented them from obstructing people working on site.

Each unit was connected to a separate 1,000-litre fuel tank, with the client also providing 3-phase power outlets which enabled the entire heating solution to function as expected.

The project is an excellent example of us yielding repeat business from a longstanding customer and adapting a new solution following a change in circumstances. Our heating equipment is scheduled to remain on hire for a total of 20 weeks and will keep our client’s employees warm until seasonal temperatures improve.

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Sykes Pumps provide solution for record-breaking infrastructural project

As trusted industry leaders with a wealth of experience across a full range of sectors, Sykes Pumps has been called upon to play a vital role in preparing the infrastructure for the world’s largest polyhalite mine.

Woodsmith Mine in the North York Moors will extract the hydrated potassium, calcium and magnesium sulphate evaporite mineral for export to fertiliser markets around the world when it goes into full production. The mineral will be processed and shipped from Wilton International on Teeside, 37 miles from the mine, and the lead contractor has been tasked with constructing a tunnel between the two locations.

The mine and tunnel projects are being delivered simultaneously, with the tunnel being excavated from Wilton International to Woodsmith while work is ongoing on construction of the mine.

De-watering of the site for the processing facility was a critical part of the enabling works for the project. The tunnel is being built using trenchless excavation methods but the contractor also needed to de-water a 15m pit, excavated to enable construction of the launch pad for the tunnelling equipment. The company contacted Sykes Pumps to provide a solution for both managing ground water across the site for the terminus at Wilton International and de-watering the launch pad location for the tunnelling machine.

Sykes Pumps deployed several pumps to de-water different areas of the site, pumping the water from two drainage chambers to on-site lagoons. These included Sykes GP80, GP100 and GP150 general purpose diesel pumps, along with a number of Sykes Minivac eco pumpsets. The compact Minivac and GP80 eco units come on two-wheeled site trailers for ease of manoeuvrability, making them ideal for projects where pumps are required on different areas of the site at different times. Incorporating the Sykes ‘Univac’ vacuum priming system, which enables rapid automatic priming and re-priming from dry, they are an ideal solution for the intermittent flows present at the Wilton International site.

For de-watering of the 15m pit for construction of the tunnelling machine launch pad, Sykes Pumps provided H100 and H150 hydraulic submersible pumps. These robust and fuel efficient pumps are ideal for deep suction lifts and have good solids handling capabilities. The H150 is capable of handling solids of up to 65mm and provides a maximum flow rate of 95 litres per second.

Sykes Pumps also provided a Silt Away unit, which was used to separate suspended solids from the extracted water as part of the de-silting process before the water from the site was released back into natural water courses.

A spokesman for the contracted construction company said: “In a coastal location, ground water is often an issue for construction and infrastructure projects so effective and efficient de-watering equipment played a critical role in keeping our teams safe and ensured the programme was delivered to schedule. Sykes Pumps advised us on the most appropriate and cost effective equipment for our needs throughout the programme and provided regular servicing and maintenance visits, resulting in a reliable and resilient de-watering solution.”

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Andrews Heat for Hire responds to aircraft maintenance service

Andrews Heat for Hire was contacted by a leading aircraft maintenance company seeking an emergency heating arrangement that could be delivered to their hangar and installed as quickly as possible.

The client suffered a complete breakdown of their own heating system, which was in the process of being completely overhauled. Dozens of employees work in the hangar on a day-to-day basis and help oversee various operations relating to the aviation industry, which is why the necessity of a quick response was impressed upon us at first contact.

With temperatures barely exceeding 5⁰C during the day and often even lower overnight, the customer was desperate to implement a replacement heating solution immediately to ensure those on site were safe and content within their working environment. The hangar was situated just a short distance from our Norwich depot which allowed our local engineers to visit promptly and devise a solution that was tailored to the client’s requirements.

Once an initial assessment had been carried out by our engineers, we proposed the installation of two indirect fired Aurora FH185 heaters based on the size and structure of the hangar. As well as their significant heating capacities, these units were specifically chosen because of their incredible fuel efficiency – a critical feature given that our client intended for the units to be constantly operational.

Both heating units were deployed outside the target application, with each length of 600mm ducting split into two lengths of 450mm ducting to ensure large volumes of warm air could be more evenly circulated inside. Two 2,000 litre fuel tanks were also included within our heater hire package in order to guarantee that large spells of uninterrupted functionality would be possible without a recurring need to refuel.

The instant reaction from our regional engineers was extremely well-received by the customer given the urgent nature of the job, with the entire solution set up less than four hours after it was brought to our attention. The chosen course of action protected a client’s workforce and enabled them to carry out their usual responsibilities without suffering any disruption whatsoever.

View full case study

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Sykes Pumps protect Doncaster industrial facilities from flooding

Heavy rainfall and subsequent floods have dominated the UK news in recent days, with various parts of the country struck by weather-related disruption. There have been numerous reports of residents requiring alternative accommodation, train services being discontinued, and roads closed, with South Yorkshire being the worst-affected area.

More than 40,000 sandbags have been handed out in Doncaster alone as the emergency services struggle to cope with the scale of the issue. According to the local council, 2,000 people have sought the assistance of a dedicated emergency helpline as the neighbourhood comes to terms with the devastation.

Unsurprisingly, it has been a particularly busy time for Sykes Pumps with businesses desperate to safeguard their premises and restrict the impact of flooding wherever possible.

Our engineers have been working with a multinational infrastructural group by installing pump hire solutions to prevent further flooding in nearby locations that have been identified as high risk.

Two of our 12” Super Wispaset 300 silenced pumps are currently being used to empty an old farming dyke which is full of water as a result of torrential rainfall. The dyke in question is more than two miles in length but also fed by other dykes and water pipelines around the villages of Hatfield and Fishlake – creating a potentially catastrophic backfill of water.

A small pedestrian walkway made of concrete pipeline was situated nearby but this collapsed under the pressure of an excessive build-up of water. Sykes Pumps was contacted and asked to intervene following the collapse due to concerns that the water would overflow, run down the hill and flood a large number of industrial facilities situated a short distance away.

One of our local experts responded to the request immediately and advocated that we implement an over-pumping solution that would divert water past the point in which the pipe had crumbled and safely discharging it further up the channel.

The two 12” pumps originally supplied were quickly joined by two 8” Super Wispaset 200 silenced units to ensure the required flow rates were comfortably achieved. We deliberately supplied pumps that were quiet in operation as they were expected to run continuously on a site situated close to a residential area where noise must be kept to a minimum.

Our pump hire solution has been effective in averting further floods on a major industrial site, with the speed of our response playing a crucial role in ensuring a greater disaster did not occur.

View the full case study

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Seasonal storage requirements prompt increase in marquee heater hires

At this time of year, falling seasonal temperatures coincide with the hectic Christmas build-up to leave many businesses seeking additional storage space for their goods and products. Last year alone, almost £80 billion was spent by UK consumers during the festive period – an increase of 1.4% from 2017.

And with retail expenditure showing no sign of decreasing this Christmas, the reasons behind the need for more storage areas are abundantly clear.

As such, we’ve noticed a sizeable increase in the number of enquiries relating to heater hire for temporary storage applications, with a well-known entertainment technology company recently getting in touch with us in search of a solution.

Our Warwickshire-based client approached us and specifically requested an indirect diesel fired heater for their temporary building which was being used solely for storage purposes. Regional temperatures were frequently dropping close to 0⁰C overnight and this could have had serious ramifications for the equipment being kept inside.

Due to the size of the marquee and the desired temperature rise, we selected a single Aurora FH2000S heating unit which was to be deployed outside the marquee. Lengths of ducting were then used to direct large volumes of warm air inside and ensure it was evenly circulated around the application.

The hired heating unit was fitted with an automatic thermostat to ensure the marquee was constantly kept at the required temperature, enabling our equipment to shut off and conserve energy once conditions were as they should be.

Despite the relatively short notice, our engineers were able to get to site, assess the best course of action and install a suitable heating unit within a matter of hours. Our quick service was greatly appreciated by the customer who was both delighted and relieved that the unit we selected provided effective frost protection whilst safeguarding the marquee and its contents.

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Happy retirement after 38 years’ service

This December, we say goodbye to one of the longest serving members of our team who retires after 38 years of fantastic service. Krishnan, who recently turned 60, oversaw pump sales from our Sharjah base in the United Arab Emirates.

A special event and a dedicated lunch celebrating his long service at Khansaheb Sykes took place earlier this year, with everyone at the company wishing him a long and happy retirement. Krishnan joined the business during the early 80s and has demonstrated remarkable loyalty spanning almost four decades.

Jamie Smele, General Manager of Khansaheb Sykes, said: “Krishnan has been a fantastic and valued member of the team for many years and we’ll all be sad to see him go. We’d like to thank him for everything he has done at Khansaheb Sykes and wish him every happiness in the future.”

Everyone at the company congratulates Krishnan on a long and successful career and we hope he enjoys a well-earnt retirement!

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Andrews Boilers provides solution for nursing home

Andrews Boilers was recently contacted by a West London nursing home, seeking the installation of a temporary boiler in order to supply domestic hot water to its premises. Serving as a means for its patients to continue with their daily activities, aspects such as bathing, cleaning and tending to other hygienic purposes were all of the highest importance – avoiding any potential issues that could impact the health of the residents.

Seeking a solution on a temporary basis, the client was stripping their pre-installed boiler and while they had already requested a replacement system, the unit on hire would serve the premises until its arrival. Providing Andrews Sykes with the details of the new unit, a specialist surveyor was sent to the nursing home in order to analyse and assess the premises as to ensure no conflict could take place for the installation of the temporary and replacement units.

Undergoing an extensive and thorough assessment, the specialist sought it best to recommend a 100kW packaged boiler supplied with 24 lengths of WRAS hosing, a single 3000 litre fuel tank and 50m of cable for a reliable source of power. The solution was to connect the unit to the existing domestic hot water circuit, ensuring the nursing home could remain operational, as well as having the benefit of minimal downtime thanks to its seamless connection and simple installation process.

Given the requirements of an assisted living environment, the decision to install the 100kW boiler holds a great deal of benefit in being discreet operationally – rated at 34dBA at a 10 metre distance and a relatively small footprint. The boiler was easily positioned in a discreet location to minimise any visual disturbances and avoid issues with vehicle access to the site.

“Where the health and comfort of those within the residence are of crucial importance, aspects such as noise and visual disturbance may cause a range of issues for their wellbeing, which is where the decision of this unit proved most beneficial.” Southern area sales manager, Andrews Sykes.

The unit was on hire for a duration of six weeks, with the replacement boiler successfully installed. As a first-time client, the nursing home was exceptionally pleased with the results, taking recommendation from a colleague who had done business with us in the past.

View the full case study

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British Rally Championship driver Russell Brookes passes away

Andrews Sykes is saddened to hear the news that British Rally legend Russell Brookes has passed away at the age of 74.

Russell, the Double British Rally Championship driver is forever associated with the company famously for his “Andrews Heat for Hire” liveried rally cars. For Andrews Sykes, it has been without a doubt a delight to have worked alongside Russell for over 17 years, with our long lasting partnership beginning in 1974 when our Andrews Heat for Hire division became the primary sponsor for Russell – dominant across the remarkable vehicles he competed in.

Most popular amongst these incredible machines was the Ford Escort Rs1800, the first of Russell’s vehicles to receive our iconic livery – pictured during his first title win at the 1977 British Rally Championship. Where Russell was afforded with further success spanning his lively career was at the Wales Rally GB – achieving three podiums – three times in a row up until 1979. Enthusiastic within his growth, Russell was awarded with his second British Rally Championship title in 1985 – after a two year battle with teammate Jimmy McRae, father of the late Colin McRae. This exciting achievement was made possible thanks to Russell’s incredible attitude towards the sport, earning the title in an Opel Manta 400.

Our partnership with Russell, one of the longest sponsorships in British motor sports, was beneficial for the company and helped us work with some of the UK’s largest motor companies early in the company’s history. Thanks to this monumental sponsorship, Russell became a friend of the company and most recently was a special part of the Andrews 50th anniversary celebrations in 2015 – present alongside the famous Opel Manta 400. A year later, the Andrews Heat for Hire branding returned to British Rally as the company partnered with highly rated driver Chris Ingram, this partnership all started with an introduction from Russell.

Serving as a permanent reminder of the success both Russell Brookes and Andrews Sykes has enjoyed over the years, these vintage cars driven by such a championship driver allow us to look back and acknowledge the significance of such a record-breaking sponsorship agreement, and how Russell lived his life serving as an inspiration to many devoted to the heart of rally motorsport.

John Andrews, founder of Andrews brand “I had the good fortune to meet Russell Brookes in early 1974 which was the 10th year of trading for the Andrews Company. A raw sponsorship deal was agreed for our Anniversary Year with inevitably a bonus if he won that particular domestic Rally Championship. What followed was 17 years of highly successful Motorsport Sponsorship which I believe was at the time a record. His success was mirrored by the Company’s growth and increasing public awareness. The Andrews Heat for Hire rally car colours are still an iconic record within Rallysport and indirectly continue to promote what is now the Andrews Sykes Group internationally.”

“Russell’s determination to win, whatever the challenge, was an inspiration to us all. He was a great ambassador for the Andrews Heat for Hire business both behind the wheel but also everywhere he went, meetings, after dinner speaking,  exhibitions and open days. Russell involved himself in the whole Andrews business and was popular with all our staff. He was always most approachable to anyone and willing to share some of his precious and sometimes hairy experiences with them. He set life examples to us all of guts and determination, prudence, lateral thinking and loyalty. He was simply a Sponsor’s ultimate dream who became a very good personal friend together with his family. The world is a poorer place for his loss but very much the better for his life.”

Our thoughts are with Russell’s family and friends at this time and we will forever be proud to be associated with an icon in Russell Brookes.


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Sykes Pumps responds to sea life centre breakdown

When sea life conservationists contacted Sykes Pumps regarding the installation of an emergency solution that would protect sharks, penguins, seals and other marine mammals, we reacted quickly to ensure the requirement reached a desirable outcome.

Reflecting on the issue, a spokesperson for the client explained: “Our reservoir is business critical because it supplies water to all our sea water habitats, and we need to maintain supply levels to ensure the health and wellbeing of our sea creatures.” The breakdown of our customer’s existing pump prevented their aquarium’s underground reservoir from being topped up with sea water – a vital provision as far as aquatic welfare is concerned.

Once we were made aware of the issue, a local specialist visited the site and devised a special pump hire adaption which involved lowering a P1001N submersible pump into the sea and securing it to nearby anchor point. A 40-metre length of hose was then run over an adjacent sea defence wall, across a promenade and into the reservoir itself. This solution ensured a constant flow of sea water could be maintained, with our engineer training the aquarium’s staff to activate and deactivate our pump as and when necessary.

A P1001N submersible pump was purposefully selected for this application because its 13 litres per second flow guaranteed that the reservoir’s required water level could be maintained at all times without any issue. We also factored in that pumping would only be possible during high tide periods. In addition, we also provided an electric generator to power the pump unit itself and the temporary ramps which allowed pedestrians to walk safely on the promenade.

Jonathan King, electric submersible pumps manager, summarised: “This was an unusual request but we were able to deploy a pump usually used for site dewatering applications and had everything  installed and running on site before the reservoir reached critically low levels. We’re delighted  that we were able to provide a rapid and practical solution that enabled a prominent  conservationist project to remain open as usual and continue to carry out the valuable  work that they do.”

View the full case study

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How to kill the chill this winter: Office Tactics

During the months of autumn and winter, the drastic change in weather can have an adverse effect on the mind and body, leaving our mood and ability to concentrate in a deficient state. Where our bodies feel the cold in terms of a temperature drop, cold and flu, hypothermia and frostbite, our state of mind also suffers resulting in confusion, tiredness, negative moods and a lack of focus. All of these have proven to be undesirable consequences of a cold indoor setting and can affect both our personal and professional lives.

Where the most effective approach in fighting against the cold is to use a heating system in order to warm the environment, there are a number of sensible and slightly quirky techniques that people adopt when battling the cold. Often devised from the comfort of our homes, these methods of keeping warm may not necessarily be conducive to an office environment. Nevertheless, the unique approaches that people take have prompted widespread discussion!

Extra clothing

Where the majority of office-based roles see the requirement of shirts, trousers and other items of formal dress, it can sometimes be difficult to get away with thicker, conspicuous garments. This isn’t always the case, though. People have been known to wear an extra set of clothing beneath their working attire, often in the form of tracksuit bottoms, leggings, vests and t-shirts. While a jacket and scarf do go a long way in providing that extra bit of heat, sometimes it’s just not feasible indoors!


While it may not display the most professional look, abusing the keyboard as you type up emails in your mittens, there’s no debating the instant feeling of warmth from a decent pair of gloves. This is actually more common than most would think, with a large number of office workers taking to finger-less gloves in order to do their jobs more effectively without having to sacrifice their fingertips.


Where the winter weather encourages us to drink plenty of fluids, those such as soup, hot chocolate, tea and the like often have people taking trips to the kitchen more frequently – particularly when the office is cold. Widely regarded as the go-to beverage, the cup of tea communicates with our bodies and provides a unique dose of home comfort that juice and plain old water simply cannot! Whether you’re at your desk typing away or you’re with your colleagues having a conversation in the kitchen, it’s generally a trusty cup of tea that’s reached for when the cold weather sets in. Thankfully, this is accepted at any point of the day in most offices, and without any risk of discouragement.

Portable heaters

This isn’t new or revolutionary and is frankly the most sensible and effective option when it comes to overcoming low readings on the mercury! It’s common for people to place their own portable heaters beneath or on top of desks, depending on personal preference.


Perhaps the strangest method of keeping warm in the office is the growing tendency for people to take blankets into work to cover their legs under the desk. Often accompanied by a hot water bottle, this technique is popular because of its simplicity and is becoming more and more common.

Food selection

The consumption of spicy food is slightly unorthodox and an often-overlooked means of beating the cold despite its proven ability to raise the body’s internal temperature. The receptors in our organs, skin and tongue send a signal to our brain that tricks it into thinking that the body is overheating or burning, which in turn can spark a noticeable improvement in a person’s ability to cope with cold temperatures.

While these wacky tricks are useful to a degree, it must be said that the need to take such drastic measures could be avoided by installing a temporary heating system instead.

A study previously conducted by Andrews Heat for Hire concluded that around 80% of office workers complain about the temperature, meaning distress and discomfort is a recurring theme that can only be addressed by deploying a dedicated heating arrangement. As health and safety regulations state that office temperatures must be at least 16°C in order to be considered appropriate for working, it’s easy to see how this can cause problems amongst staff during the winter season.

In recent years, Andrews has worked alongside a countless number of offices and provided tailored heating solutions to ensure staff are satisfied and output is maintained. As productivity is the key to the successful functioning of any business, Andrews Heat for Hire offers a broad selection of equipment designed for use in an office environment. A central heating fault can occur at any given time, but we excel in delivering replacement equipment at short notice and with minimal interruption. Along with a 24-hour service, our expert engineers are here to help and can reach any UK location within hours of an emergency being brought to our attention. This guarantee is supported by the provision of a free, no obligation site survey to ensure an appropriate recommendation is made to suit a customer’s unique requirement.

For small and medium sized offices, our portable range of electric heaters offer a variety of models with a great feature set and simplicity in mind. Our DE25 units, for instance, offer a light and compact solution with fully automatic operation and require only a standard 230V power supply in order to function. This guarantees a high level of efficiency but also allows instantaneous set-up, providing an immediate source of heating once plugged into an available socket. Elsewhere, our oil-filled radiators provide safe, reliable and crucially – quiet – spot heating via plug-and-play set-up, with our portable convector heaters equally as suited to offices and other environments where space is limited.

For more information on the Andrews range of heaters for hire, click here for our extensive range of products. Alternatively, you can receive direct assistance with your heating enquiry by calling us today on 0800 211 611.

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