Andrews Air Conditioning Hire provide emergency cooling for Glasgow’s leading facilities management company

Andrews Air Conditioning Hire was recently contacted by one of Glasgow’s leading facilities management companies who required an emergency cooling solution for one of their major clients. The project surfaced following the breakdown of their fixed cooling system, which occurred during the peak of summer and necessitated the urgent provision of replacement equipment.

The facilities manager was tasked with providing cooling equipment for a large commercial building housing up to 100 staff  on each floor. An Andrews technician was sent to site to conduct a survey to propose and install a high-volume cooling solution that would successfully reduce temperatures inside the building.

Our experts recommended the deployment of thirteen PAC 22 air conditioning units which were delivered to the premises and installed within hours of receiving the initial enquiry. This process was conducted out-of-hours – following a call late in the evening – and meant that everything was set up and commissioned while the offices were empty.

Our temporary air conditioners worked perfectly in combatting high temperatures and instantly improving working conditions for employees, allowing them to continue working in suitable working conditions.

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Andrews Chiller Hire provides prestigious Sheffield theatre with emergency cooling arrangement

When a large theatre in Sheffield was in search of an effective cooling solution to replace their chiller after it suffered an unexpected failure, our specialists were quickly on the scene to provide an effective chiller replacement.

The client in question were in their busiest month of business, with a number of sold-out shows scheduled for the following weeks. As a result, Andrews Chiller Hire was contacted and asked to provide a short-term cooling arrangement to help them avoid any cancellations or disruption.

Following a free and comprehensive site survey, our experts proposed and installed a 50kW chiller which they connected to the theatre’s chilled water distribution system and used to restore desirable conditions within the application.

Without our temporary chiller equipment, the customer would have been forced to cancel all of the upcoming shows due to the health and safety of both the guests and performers – potentially harming their reputation and costing thousands of pounds. Fortunately, however, the shows did go on!

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Andrews Air Conditioning Hire are here to help you through the 40 day heatwave!

Weather forecasters have warned that blisteringly hot weather is here to stay for the rest of summer – possibly remaining until autumn – bringing us the hottest summer in decades!

A Met Office spokesperson declared that parts of London and the South East could experience highs exceeding 30°C by Thursday, with the roasting weather sticking around for a while yet.

With nothing in the forecasts suggesting we should expect any imminent change from the current conditions, many Britons are attributing the sudden hot weather to the old St. Swithin’s Day folklore which suggests that the weather on July 15 will set the tone for the next 40 days. Should that be the case, we suggest you stock up on sun protection and cold drinks immediately!

If the recent forecast is anything to go by then the legend hints that the rest of July will be dominated by stiflingly hot weather, with August shaping up to deliver more of the same.

Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden said: “During the back end of July we expect a return to dominant high pressure and another significant rise in temperatures. We expect this to continue into much of August, particularly, in the second half of the month, when there is high confidence summer will end with a monster heatwave.”

During this seemingly unabating period of scorching temperatures, Andrews Air Conditioning have been providing hundreds of businesses with cooling solutions to match their requirements and keep them operating at full capacity.

When it comes to air conditioning hire in the UK, we have a proven track record of providing a wide selection of climate control solutions to tackle the summer – with every feasible cooling scheme covered. Call us today on 0800 211 611 to discuss how you can prepare for the sustained heatwave before it gets any hotter, and our trained operatives will guide you towards the most appropriate course of action.

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Andrews provide large commercial building with emergency air conditioning hire package

When a leading facilities management firm based in central London required immediate cooling for a large office building, they contacted Andrews Air Conditioning Hire regarding a solution.

The FM company in charge of the project approached our specialists and requested an emergency cooling arrangement that could successfully supply all nine floors with comfort cooling while their original cooling system was repaired off-site.

Our specialists were urgently drafted in to conduct a free site survey of the application to gain a better understanding of the cooling capacities required. The solution was to install 112 Polar Wind portable air conditioners along with 28 Polar Breeze air conditioning hire units which were placed in each of the building’s rooms.

Once operational, the short-term cooling solution succeeded in maintaining a comfortable working environment and ensuring a reliable source of air conditioning was restored. The client was extremely pleased with the efficiency of our technicians, who ensured the air conditioning rental package was deployed and installed within hours of the enquiry.

This job was also an excellent example of our ability to deliver and install a vast quantity of units at any given time, thanks to our all-encompassing hire fleet and constant availability of engineers.

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Emergency Andrews Air Conditioning Hire keep country’s largest bookbinders in business

When one of the country’s largest bookbinders sought effective cooling equipment to bring temperatures down in their London factory, they contacted Andrews Air Conditioning Hire in the hope that an immediate solution could be found.

Our client was having trouble keeping temperatures down following a sustained period of seasonal heat, which, combined with the presence of a heavy-duty machinery, had made conditions unbearable within the premises. Their primary concern was the impact it would have on staff if not addressed quickly, so we were asked to propose a temporary cooling arrangement that could significantly reduce temperatures.

After discussions, it was decided that two HPAC45 high capacity portable air conditioners would provide the necessary level of cooling to drastically improve the working environment. The rental units were placed outside the factory with cool air being ducted inside, bringing temperatures down to a far more desirable level.

The customer was very impressed with the efficiency of our technicians, who had the units up and running on the same day contact was received. It is expected that the HPAC45 will remain on hire until the end of summer, having made a huge difference to the factory’s conditions since being installed.

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Andrews Air Conditioning provide cooling equipment for renowned coffee roasting company

A multi award-winning coffee roasting company in London recently contacted Andrews Air Conditioning Hire in search of urgent cooling equipment to reduce temperatures in their warehouse.

The client’s coffee roaster was giving off excessive heat within their facility which was causing staff to feel unusually warm whilst working. To rectify the issue, practical short-term air conditioning arrangement was sought to keep employees happy.

After conducting a site survey of the application, our specialists recommended the deployment of several ET25 portable air conditioners. The units were placed directly inside the building, with the cold duct outlets used to provide the affected areas with huge volumes of direct, cold air. This arrangement was crucial in helping to overcome the heat loads generated and ensure the worst-affected spots were drastically improved.

The customer was extremely impressed with the hired air conditioning equipment recommended by our experts, which proved successful in creating a comfortable working environment for all staff which in turn eliminated downtime and restored production.

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Sykes Pumps renew commercial partnership with Ebbsfleet United FC

We are very pleased to announce an extension of our commercial agreement with Ebbsfleet United, after several years of working closely together.

The Fleet were extremely unfortunate to miss out on promotion to League Two last season, after a fantastic debut campaign in the National League yielded an impressive play-off finish.

We’re very happy to continue a lengthy association with the club and have enjoyed being part of a remarkable success story featuring both parties.

Paul Wood, managing director, said: “We look forward to working and developing our relationship going forward,” he said. “Following the success of the last two years we are looking forward to the new season and are pleased to extend our support for Daryl and the team.”

Ebbsfleet’s general manager, Dave Archer, concluded: “My relationship with Paul Wood and the fantastic team at Sykes Pumps goes back many, many years. It was one of the first partnerships I concluded when I arrived at the Fleet and so it is fitting that it is now one of the final agreements to get over the line before my departure.”

“I would like to express my special thanks to Paul Wood for his magnificent support over the years.”

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Andrews provide Hampshire hospital with emergency cooling

When a high-profile hospital located in Hampshire contacted Andrews Air Conditioning Hire in search of some emergency cooling equipment, our expert team stepped in to ensure the requirement was met.

Our client was experiencing difficulties with their transformers which were overheating and threatening to fail, putting the hospital in serious danger of losing all power. Shortly after initial contact, one of our local specialists visited the site to assess the area’s specifics before proposing a suitable air conditioning hire package to instil the desired low temperatures.

After a thorough assessment, it was decided that six PAC22 air conditioners would provide the necessary amount of cooling to immediately reduce temperatures. Our specialists also provided our client with six ASF50 portable fans to assist with distributing the cold air produced by our PAC units.

The high-volume cooling system proposed was quickly installed by our experts and proved extremely successful in combatting high temperatures within the application. As a result, day-to-day operations at the hospital were completely unaffected – as was the desired outcome.

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Fantastic Hillhead exhibition signals end of Sykes Pumps 160th celebrations

It has been an incredible year for Sykes Pumps, with the company going all-out to celebrate our 160th anniversary of continuous operation. A maiden appearance at Hillhead 2018 towards the end of June brought the curtain down on a continued effort to mark a significant milestone in our history.

To commemorate this landmark, our marketing team delved into the archives to broaden our knowledge of the company’s extensive history. This led to a lot of previously unknown information being uncovered and this has been shared via various platforms over the past 12 months.

As a way of publicising our exciting discoveries, a detailed 160th celebratory video was launched and used to officially kick start various activities. The short production digs into the company’s rich heritage and spans the period between 1857 and the present day. The video can be found on our dedicated 160th web-page along with an image gallery of original photographs and press cuttings.

Throughout the 12 months, a special 160th logo has appeared on all promotional materials and pump-related content along with various features and advertisements in external publications that include Construction Plant News, WET News and Construction News.

As well as producing external anniversary-related content, we have also been posting a series of weekly tweets throughout the year sharing snippets of interesting information. This has covered facts about the company’s founders, our involvement in both World Wars, major jobs we have assisted and old product photographs highlighting the giant steps we have made since our establishment.

In line with the special anniversary, Sykes Pumps recently introduced two industry-leading pumps and have upgraded our accessories and auxiliary equipment as part of a wider commitment to maximising environmental compliance. The launch of these innovative products has helped further strengthen our reputation as the country’s leading supplier of specialist pump hire equipment.

To celebrate the contributions of those who have helped the company achieve this milestone, a 3-stage internal bowling competition was organised for all UK staff. The games began in January and continued into June, with over 250 people from the company coming together and joining in with the festivities to battle it out for the coveted championship title!

To round things off, our team took part in this year’s Hillhead exhibition where thousands of major players in the industry were in attendance. The presence of a fully functional 19th century steam engine – Nessie – which was once part of our hire fleet more than 100 years ago, ensured a constant stream of visitors were drawn to our stand during the exhibition. A wonderful piece of innovation from a bygone era, Nessie acted as a perfect embodiment of the quality and longevity our customers associate with Sykes Pumps products.

Although the celebrations have now come to a fitting conclusion, we will continue to revel in the company’s remarkable progress which we use as a yardstick for planned future growth.

A number of things have changed since the business was established 160 years ago, but our unwavering commitment to providing high levels of service and optimum pumping solutions remains exactly the same.

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Scorching London temperatures leave Andrews Air Conditioning inundated with orders

Weather experts have warned Londoners that an intense heatwave could smother the city for up to a month, which is bad news for anyone currently competing in this year’s Wimbledon tennis championships!

Temperatures in the capital exceeded 30°C at the end of June, with repeats expected imminently.

It’s fair to say that summer is now well and truly here in the UK – particularly across the south of England – prompting a significant number of air conditioning hires in London and beyond.

Unsurprisingly, we’ve been flat out over the past few days to ensure businesses across the capital have the equipment they need to continue operating at full capacity.

More than 100 Polar Wind portable air conditioners were sent to a nine-storey office complex in the city of London last week, following a desperate request for some replacement cooling after their existing chiller system broke down.

We provided a range of air conditioning solutions to thirteen healthcare facilities across Kent and Greater London, after the facilities manager responsible for the premises sought emergency intervention.

Elsewhere, our technicians supplied a famous restaurant in Old Park Lane with eight evaporative cooler units to help keep their customers cool. The same products were also requested by a retail store at Westfield in Stratford after shoppers complained about being too warm.

When it comes to air conditioning hire in London, we have a proven track record of delivering the goods and solving your temperature-related problems at the first time of asking. Whether you seek a small 2.2kW unit for a one-person office or a high capacity HPAC model for a data centre or large marquee, Andrews Air Conditioning have got you covered.

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