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Andrews Air Conditioning upgrade sales range ahead of summer

With summer almost upon us and last year’s soaring seasonal temperatures still very fresh in the memory, Andrews Air Conditioning have ensured our range of sales units has been reinforced ahead of what is expected to be another extremely hot period.

We have added two new products – the Polar Wind Style and the Polar Breeze Style – which have been designed for offices, classrooms, shops, living spaces and IT & server rooms. These portable A-rated units will provide a range of applications with a cost-effective cooling solution capable of operating efficiently to keep running costs low.

A key feature of both models is their low power consumption and compatibility with a standard 230V domestic supply, with plug-and-play set-up allowing instant installation in any scenario.

These aesthetically pleasing air conditioners have been stylishly designed to blend unobtrusively into a multitude of environments, while their small dimensions enable seamless deployment even in tight areas.

Another notable trait of these units is their quiet functionality and ability to provide a constant flow of cool air without disturbing people working nearby.

Each unit comes with a remote control for ease of use and coupled with a thermostat which allows indoor temperatures to be maintained automatically. Air flow can be regulated via multiple fan speeds, maximising comfort and flexibility.

These units are available for immediate purchase online and can be accessed by clicking here. Alternatively, you can buy directly from your nearest Andrews Sykes depot. You can also call us on 0800 211 611 to discuss your potential requirements in more detail.

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Andrews Sykes provide climate control for world’s rarest dinosaur exhibit

Glasgow is hosting the world’s only original skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex at a public exhibition in Kelvin Hall – and Andrews Sykes have been called in to help!

The 39ft-long T.rex weighs the same as four Mini Cooper cars and has arrived in Scotland on the last stop of its eagerly awaited European tour.

Like a lot of priceless artefacts, the T.rex’s skeleton must be held in a monitored climate-controlled application for preservation purposes, with Glasgow’s Kelvin Hall the chosen location.

A project of such magnitude is understandably the subject of much scrutiny, which is why it was so important that organisers approached a professional company regarding the supply of suitable climate control equipment.

Fortunately, as reputable suppliers based nearby, Andrews Sykes were entrusted with devising a solution that could operate unobtrusively and safeguard the skeleton’s condition while the exhibition was open to the public.

Following a consultative meeting with the client, a design criteria of maintaining a temperature of 18°C +/- 2°C and holding a relative humidity of 50% RH +/- 5% – with a continuous air flow within the temporary structure -  was agreed. After an extensive site survey, an Andrews HPAC 90 high capacity heat pump air conditioning unit combined with a DH150 refrigerant dehumidifier was selected to meet the demanding criteria.

Situated externally, the HPAC 90 was fitted with lengths of ducting which were used to distribute large volumes of cool air throughout the gallery. This arrangement was ideal for keeping internal temperatures low and operated simultaneously with the drying unit to keep relative humidity at a desirable level.

To give the customer additional peace of mind, we also installed a number of dataloggers within the building which offered up-to-date temperature and RH readings at a second’s notice. This provision enabled preordained high and low points to be established with alarm alerts scheduled in the event that conditions changed unexpectedly.

Shortly after installation, one of our regional experts revisited site to ensure all equipment was running properly ahead of the grand opening. Unsurprisingly, all kit was operating as planned, with the exhibition due to continue until the end of June.

From Andrews Sykes’ perspective, at least, the project has been a roaring success!

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Poor road etiquette and losing money among the average Briton’s biggest gripes, study finds

Inconsiderate drivers, rogue cyclists and misplacing money appear to be the most prominent aspects of British life that get people feeling hot under the collar according to a recently conducted survey.

Other anger-inducing situations include long queues, loud roadworks and train delays, which are all unavoidable factions of life for most of us.

Approximately one third of respondents hate it when motorists fail to use their indicators when making a turn, and 22 per cent have felt their temper flare when hearing someone talking about them behind their back.

It has been calculated that the average British citizen will become angry or frustrated fives times a week, translating into approximately an hour a half of rage across any given seven-day period. continue reading »

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Andrews Heat provides emergency heating solution for Kent contractor

A building contractor company based on the Kent coast, recently battled cold damp weather while working on a new building project in the area. This caused difficulties during the dying process and was preventing paint form drying and flooring being laid.

The client in question specialises in the nursing and associated care sectors. This particular project focuses on building a care home in Hampshire, which was famously a fishing village many centuries ago. The development is on such a scale that it could potentially impact on the people living nearby, rendering it critical that each phase was correctly overseen.

The contractor quickly contacted Andrews Heat for Hire to assist with their issues and to make sure no delays or other inconveniences could occur. Our specialist surveyed the building within 24 hours and decided to provide a single Aurora FH111 dual voltage indirect fired oil unit, which they felt would be more than adequate due to its huge operating capacities.

The unit is a robustly constructed economical heater with a nominal heating duty of 110kW, making it ideal for a project of this magnitude. As one of our most resourceful heaters, it is specially designed for use on building sites and similar applications.

The heater was sited between the two care home premises, with a slip ducting allowing us to feed large volumes of warm air into both buildings.

Our equipment proved successful in supplying heat for two separate areas and accelerating the drying process, which was critical to the project’s completion. The client was extremely satisfied with the outcome and has hinted that they’ll turn to us again with further scheduled projects imminently.

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Kent spa suffers major boiler breakdown

A popular Kentish spa recently suffered a major boiler failure after four of their main units broke down on site during a busy day. This caused considerable issues at the resort and meant the availability of hot water was lost, affecting their swimming pools, jacuzzi facility and showers.

The management team at the well-known spa attempted to get permanent boiler replacements on the same day, which proved unsuccessful. They then contacted Andrews Boilers Hire for assistance as they needed to re-open the establishments for customers who had paid – meaning a stand-in solution was imperative.

Our experts arrived at the building within a few hours of enquiry, conducting a free site survey before deciding which unit would best suit the application. They settled on single 500kW boiler complete with a 300ltr tank and a 20kVA generator.

The boiler was situated in the courtyard area, with temporary hoses placed into their plant room and connected onto the existing pipework. This proved successful in heating up the calorifiers and allowed the hot water to be distributed throughout the spa.

Unfortunately, their boilers were initially down for a week before our team was contacted, which caused the company severe financial repercussions and meant they had to refund over 100 customers due to the area not being publicly accessible. Our replacement has prevented the issue from magnifying and allowed the entire facility to be functional as it was prior to the breakdown.

A hire Andrews boiler is currently in place and has proved very successful in addressing what was a very costly problem. In fact, our short-term unit worked so well that the customer opted to switch off their remaining two boiler units and run solely on the equipment we provided them.

The units are expected to stay at the establishment longer than was originally planned, with the customer since being informed that it will potentially take around six weeks for the permanent replacements to be available for installation.

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Storage facilities at full capacity following Brexit uncertainty

Food, pharmaceutical and consumer products companies up and down the country are struggling to find suitable storage facilities as a direct result of the ambiguity surrounding Brexit.

It was reported earlier in the year that more than 75% of UK warehouses were completely full, with associated costs soaring by as much as a quarter. Since then, the situation has worsened to the extent that purpose-built storage spaces are now completely unavailable, necessitating that alternatives are found – and quickly.

The narrative of storage scarcity coincides with an increasing demand for so-called Brexit ‘survival kits’ that would supposedly keep the average person fed and watered for 30 days.
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Body storage seeks Andrews Chillers assistance

Andrews Chillers was recently contacted by a London hospital in desperate need of a chiller in order to convert an empty chamber into a temporary mortuary.

The client in question was looking to accommodate a number of bodies elsewhere on site after running out of space in their normal facility. It was therefore important to find a quick and suitable solution to ensure the bodies could be retained safely and hygienically until they could be collected.

The hospital contacted us straightaway requesting assistance with the issue, prompting our experts to visit site the very same day. They then carried out a free site survey to decide which hired cooling equipment would best suit the application.

Due to the size of the temporary storage area, we proposed the installation of an FC90 Fast Chill unit which was more than adequate for ensuring the required conditions were met. The refrigeration unit is quick to install, delivering fast and efficient cooling capacity down to as low as -5oC  rendering it perfect for this environment.

Our engineers placed the temporary chiller inside the building, which allowed it to bring the temperatures down to the required level. The unit was in use for around two weeks and was only decommissioned when additional storage space was no longer needed.

An Andrews technician visited the site during the hire period to ensure there were no issues with our equipment. The client was extremely happy with the solution our team provided which acted as a perfect stop-gap while the hospital’s mortuary was briefly oversubscribed.

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Andrews Sykes provides heating for construction company

Andrews Heat for Hire was recently approached by a West Midlands construction company requiring a solution to assist with the production of pre-fabricated building blocks.

The well-known company specialises in manufacturing architectural cladding systems featuring components that include brick, natural stone and granite faced panels. The manufacturers were having issues drying cement that had been poured into moulds, requiring our team to visit the site and ascertain which equipment would be best suited to the application.

As a result, our specialists decided to install four ID 60 DV Indirect fired oil heaters. These units have an average fuel consumption of just 6.98 l/h which was important in this instance as the units were needed for long periods of time. Once installed, the heaters deliver large volumes of heat almost instantly, which allowed the problem to be addressed within minutes of us arriving on site.

The units were strategically placed to facilitate the drying and curing of the product. Our engineers installed the heaters on delivery and revisited the site to make sure everything was working as expected once the project was underway.

Thanks to our professional and consultative approach, the client was very satisfied with the outcome and has hinted that they will come to us first when similar requirements arise in the future.

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Emergency cooling for kitchen showroom

Andrews Air Conditioning was recently contacted by a south eastern kitchen showroom requiring a cooling solution to battle high seasonal temperatures.

The greenhouse effect can in some cases cause extreme heat levels inside an enclosed space, which was the situation our client found themselves in. The showroom became uncomfortably stuffy for potential customers and staff members during the peak of summer, prompting the management team to contact our specialist to find a quick solution for the on-going issue.

We reacted immediately by sending a local specialist to carry out a site survey in order to establish the correct equipment needed on site. Due to the area being generally comprised of glass walls and windows – preventing the use of exhaust tube units – it was decided that deploying several Cyclone Dx Evaporative Coolers around the application would be the best response.

This unit is a fully portable evaporative cooler and has been designed to generate a steady stream of cool, fresh air via evaporation. These products are normally used where access to the outside is difficult or impractical, making them ideal in this situation. The equipment proved successful in creating a comfortable environment at the showroom, much to the client’s satisfaction.

Thanks to our quick response and the expertise of our regional technician, the client was sufficiently impressed to admit that they’d contact us as soon as a similar requirement surfaced. Our equipment proved extremely effective in countering the hot conditions and creating a welcoming environment, which was the ultimate aim prior to our intervention.

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More than 50% of homeowners have suffered water damage, study reveals

With flood warnings currently in place across various parts of the country, there is growing concern for the potential impact heavy rainfall and burst river banks could have on businesses and residential properties.

But it’s not just flooding that can cause water damage, with cracked pipework and plumbing complications recently revealed to have affected approximately 52% of homeowners according to a recent survey.

One in 10 have encountered a major incident where water has caused extensive damage inside the home.

A third of homeowners haven’t checked the state of the boiler and pipes in their home in last year.

And nearly two thirds would rate their basic plumbing skills and knowledge as below average.

A spokesperson for Sykes Pumps Hire said: “It seems inevitable that at some point, whether through inclement weather, a burst river bank, or just some dodgy plumbing, homeowners are going to need to deal with some major water damage.

“Even for those who don’t live in at-risk areas below the water table, being prepared for a flood or unexpected water issue can help to limit the damage which can be done to your home.”

A water-related mishap has the potential to be costly and causes, on average, £976 to recover from when a burst pipe or flood strikes.

Unsurprisingly, the kitchen is the room in which we are most likely to suffer water damage, followed by the bathroom and the living room.

When asked to identify the culprit of the worst water damage they have experienced, one in four homeowners said a leaky pipe was to blame.

Fifteen per cent have had a pipe completely burst in their home, and one in 10 have suffered from a leaky roof.

Despite the high chance of a plumbing-based blunder, 42 per cent of homeowners would have no idea how to stop the water flow should a faulty pipe start flooding their home.

One in 10 homeowners surveyed believe they are currently living in an area at risk of flooding.

But only six per cent have any kind of flood preparation, such as pumps and sandbags, ready in their home in case of disaster.

Of those who have suffered water damage to their home, only a third went through their insurance policy to get their repairs done, and 38 have no idea if their insurance covers water damage

Fifty-two per cent paid outright for the damage to be sorted, and nine per cent said there are still repairs which need addressing in their home after their most recent experience of water damage.

A spokesperson for Sykes Pumps Hire, which commissioned the study, added: “We were surprised at the sheer number of people who have suffered water damage to their home, while still lacking the skills and knowledge to prevent further damage if disaster were to visit them again.

“Knowing your plumbing basics, and having some flood preparations to hand should the weather turn, can really make all the difference.”

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