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  • Long or short term hire packages available
  • Efficient in operation giving low running costs
  • Heating or Cooling capabilities
  • Single units providing up to 90kW
  • High capacity cooling
  • Up to 50 metres of ducting
  • Fast and friendly service
  • Genuine 24/7 365 day a year back up service
  • Local depots nationwide
  • The UK’s leading air conditioning hire company

For large areas such as factories or corporate events, our high performance air conditioners (HPAC) can provide the perfect solution. They are also used to cool areas that produce high levels of heat such as data centres, manufacturing facilities and food processing plants. The HPAC 90 unit provides 90kw of cooling but remains mobile, having wheels, fork lift slots and lifting eyes incorporated within its design.

The variable fan setting allows initial operation at very high volume but then allows the operator ’throttle back’ to a ’quiet running’ mode. This is ideal for example when filming or performance requires low background noise, but still maintaining a comfortable temperature level with high volumes of air. These units are normally installed externally with the cooled air ducted into the building via flexible ducting. The HPAC 90 has 2 x 600mm supply ducts and two 600mm return ducts, up to 50 metres of ducting can be fitted on each spigot.

The heat pump design also allows the HPAC90 to provide up to 90kW of warm air if required during variable weather conditions. Heat pumps are a very energy efficient method of providing heating, especially during Spring and Autumn months.

For larger applications Andrews Chiller hire division can provide cooling only and heat pump chillers in sizes of up to 750kW in single units, these can be couple together to provide multi megawatt packages. When used in connection with our range of air handlers and fan coils we can cool even the largest of areas.

A free site survey by an Andrews air conditioning specialist will help you work out exactly what model and set-up is right for your location and application. Call us on 0800 211 611 for help and advice or more details