High Performance Air Conditioners

When high capacity cooling is required, Andrews Air conditioning hire can offer a range of high performance air conditioners and chillers. These units are ideally suited to cooling large volume spaces such as film sets, marquees, outside broadcast locations as well as industrial and commercial environments such as manufacturing and processing areas, They are also perfect for instances where temperature-sensitive goods are being stored.


Nominal cooling duty

Typical cooled area

Noise level (max)

  • Long or short-term hire packages available
  • Efficient in operation giving low running costs
  • Heating or cooling capabilities
  • Single units ranging from 30kW to 90kW
  • High capacity cooling
  • Up to 50 metres of ducting
  • Fast and friendly service
  • Genuine 24/7 365 day a year back-up service
  • Local depots nationwide
  • The UK’s leading air conditioning hire company

For large areas such as factories or corporate events, our high-performance air conditioners (HPAC) can provide the perfect solution. They are also used to cool areas that produce high levels of heat such as data centres, manufacturing facilities and food processing plants. Our range of high capacity air conditioners provide up to 90kW of cooling from a single unit.

Our HPAC range offers user solutions for any environment. All HPAC models are designed for deployment outside the target application, but the HPAC30’s sleek design and narrow frame allows the unit to pass through doorways and into tighter areas. The HPAC90 offers massive capacities and features forklift slots and lifting eyes to aid manoeuvrability on challenging projects.

Variable fan settings allow initial operation at very high volumes with the option for operators to throttle back to a quiet running mode. This is perfect in filming scenarios, for example, where low background noise is desirable even when there is a need to maintain a certain temperature. Andrews’ HPAC units are normally installed externally, with cool air then ducted inside the building or room requiring cooling. Recirculating of the room air is provided by an additional ducting or the units can be used on 100% fresh air.

The HPAC45 and HPAC90 units both feature advanced heat pump technology, providing up to 45kW and 90kW of warm air respectively when running at full capacity. Heat pumps are a very energy efficient method of providing heating, especially during the spring and autumn months.

For larger applications, the Andrews Chiller Hire division can provide cooling only and heat pump chillers in sizes of up to 750kW in single units. These can be coupled together to provide multi megawatt packages. When used in connection with our range of air handlers and fan coils, even larger areas can be cooled.

A free site survey by an Andrews air conditioning specialist will help you work out exactly what model and set-up is right for your location and application. Call us on 0800 211 611 for help and advice or more details.

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