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The HPAC90 is our largest and highest capacity mobile Air Conditioning unit, with a nominal cooling and heating capacity (via Heat Pump function) of 90kw equivalent to several conventional units. It is ’plug and play’ in that on arrival it requires only connection to suitable power supply and temporary ducting and is operational within minutes requiring no intervention or attention.

It is ideally suited to cooling large volume spaces such as film sets, marquees, outside broadcast locations as well as more ’industrial/commercial’ settings such as storage facilities and manufacturing/assembly areas. It is also ideal for heating or cooling event space in temporary structures.

The variable fan setting allows initial operation at very high volume, facilitating build-up of thermal momentum which lets the operator ’throttle back’ to a ’quiet running’ mode. This is ideal for example when filming or performance requires low background noise, but still maintaining a comfortable temperature level in high volume context.

  • Market leading technology
  • 50m distribution length for versatility of location
  • Very high capacity unit - 90kw from a 3-phase power supply
  • Variable speed fan for high capacity air flows
  • Most recent product to be added to the Andrews range
  • Data rooms
  • Storerooms
  • Server rooms
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Large sized workshops
  • Open plan areas
  • Marquees
  • TV / Film studios
  • Hospitality units
  • Film sets
Nominal heating duty
90 kW 307080 btu
Plug type
125 amp 5 pin
Nominal cooling duty
90 kW
Average power consumption
48.4 kW
Air flow (max)
15000 m3/h
Duct length (max)
50 metres
Typical cooled area
2000 m3
Gravity drain
Power supply
415v 3 ph 84 amps
Dimensions (L x W x H)
2280 x 2030 x 2450 mm
Noise level (max)
75.2 dBA @ 3 metres
Duct size (supply air)
2 x 600 mm
Weight (kg)
1640 Kg
Duct sizen (return air)
2 x 600 mm
Automatic thermostat
  • 10M EXT LEAD BS4343 5 PIN 125 AMP 415V 25MM DIA
  • 20M EXT LEAD BS4343 5 PIN 125 AMP 415V 25MM DIA

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