Exhaust Tube Air Conditioners

Andrews offers a wide range of exhaust tube air conditioners for hire or sale. We offer the latest designs which are energy efficient and comply with environmental standards. These units are very simple to use and can be up and running within minutes of arrival. They operate from a standard domestic 3 pin 13amp socket and only require the simplest of installation. The models in the exhaust tube range start with the 2.2 kW and extend to the 7.3 kW ET25. This range also includes our market-leading and popular Polar Breeze and Polar Wind units.

Nominal cooling duty

Typical cooled area

Noise level (max)


Polar Breeze 2.6kW

Nominal cooling duty 2.6 kW
Typical cooled area 63.7 m3
Noise level (max) 55 dBA @ 1 metre

ET25 7.3kW

Nominal cooling duty 7.33 kW
Typical cooled area 159 m3
Noise level (max) 69 dBA @ 1 metre

Polar Breeze Plus

Nominal cooling duty 2.86 kW
Typical cooled area 73 m3
Noise level (max) 58 dBA @ 1 metre

Polar Breeze Style

Nominal cooling duty 2.1 kW
Typical cooled area 70 m3
Noise level (max) 63 dBA @ 1 metre

Polar Wind 4.1kW

Nominal cooling duty 4.1 kW
Typical cooled area 99 m3
Noise level (max) 56 dBA @ 1 metre

Polar Wind Plus

Nominal cooling duty 4.1 kW
Typical cooled area 99 m3
Noise level (max) 50 dBA @ 1 metre

Polar Wind Style

Nominal cooling duty 3.5 kW
Typical cooled area 90 m3
Noise level (max) 65 dBA @ 1 metre

Zephyr ET 4.5kW

Nominal cooling duty 4.5 kW
Typical cooled area 99 m3
Noise level (max) 59 dBA @ 3 metres

ET15 4.5kW

Nominal cooling duty 4.5 kW
Typical cooled area 99 m3
Noise level (max) 59 dBA @ 3 metres
  • Easy to use, plug in and have instant cooling
  • Available to purchase online
  • Competitive prices, same-day delivery
  • Long or short-term hire packages available
  • Efficient in operation giving low running costs
  • Wide range of units to choose from – 2.2kW to 7.3kW
  • Some models supplied with window kit and remote controller
  • Fast and friendly service
  • Genuine 24/7 365 day a year back-up service
  • Local depots nationwide
  • The UK’s leading air conditioning hire company

Exhaust tube air conditioners provide cool air into the room in which they are positioned. Heat is dispersed via a length of flexible ducting which can be positioned outside via an open window, or in some circumstances into a false ceiling void.

The Andrews range of exhaust tube portable air conditioners is ideal for a wide range of applications including domestic dwellings, shops, offices, server rooms, hotels, exhibition stands, schools, TV studios, sports venues, hospitals and many more. These units are very easy to use and can be operating within minutes of arriving at your premises, providing instant cooling.

Our ET9 model is the smallest of our hire fleet units and ideal for small offices, offering a low-cost solution for many businesses that require low capacity cooling.

The Polar Breeze and Polar Wind units are amongst our most popular units, with thousands in our hire fleet and hundreds sold every year. Both of these models can be supplied with a window kit for ease of installation and a remote controller. The Polar Breeze has a capacity of 2.6kW and the Polar Wind has a capacity of 4.1kW. The Polar Breeze plus and Polar Wind plus are among our most recently introduced units and offer excellent efficiency and many other features.

For larger applications we offer our ET15, Zephyr ET, ET21 and ET25 models. These units are suited to applications where a higher level of cooling is required. They operate in the same way as the smaller models, with the heat dispersed via a length of flexible ducting. These units can also have ducting fitted onto the cold air side which allows the cold air to be directed to a specific area for “spot cooling.” Such units are therefore designed for applications ranging from food production, machine cooling, server racks, or recording studios, where the unit can be positioned outside of the room with the cold air ducted in.

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