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LC50 Lamella Clarifier

Product Features

Inclined plates delivering efficient separation of solid particles based on proven lamella technology

Modularity guaranteeing adaptable to varying flow rates and treatment capabilities

Compact footprint rendering the unit perfect for sites where available space is limited

Easy maintenance due to accessible inclined plates and simplified sludge removal

Significant cost savings to customers thanks to the unit’s operational efficiencies

Flexible deployment facilitated by no power source being required


The LC50 lamella clarifier is one of our largest settling tanks and used specifically for the purpose of removing suspended solids from liquids in water treatment applications. Designed to enhance the settling process via inclined lamella plates, the LC50 creates a large surface area within a modest footprint, effectively separating particles from liquid flowing through the unit. Widely used across multiple industries, this product has been manufactured with utilities, industrial facilities, and wastewater treatment plants in mind.


Settlement area 50m²
Water capacity 8,300 litres
Weight empty 2,900 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3,365 x 2,018 x 2,806 mm
Operating range 1-50m³

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