Humidifier Hire

IT, Data Centres & Server Rooms

Maintaining the ideal level of relative humidity within a server room or telecoms application is a critical component of the overall climate control. The continued operation of these facilities is essential to the long-term success of countless businesses, with potential breakdowns likely to be extremely damaging. Companies are becoming increasingly reliant on data storage and information technology systems, meaning outages are more costly than ever before.


Our experience of your sector allows us to design and install practical humidifier hire solutions for customers wishing to protect their key assets. By acknowledging the sensitivity of electronic hardware, we are well-placed to propose humidification packages that are suitable for your highly sensitive environment.

With depots strategically located across the UK, our technicians are constantly available to offer both planned and emergency assistance. Andrews’ modern humidifier hire fleet has been designed with IT suites and data processing applications in mind, with solutions frequently designed to the unique specifications of our many customers.

To ensure the best humidifier arrangement for your application, we recommend that one of our local engineers conducts a free survey prior to carrying out an installation. This allows us to ascertain the best course of action for your process while taking into consideration the possibility of your requirements changing further down the line.


It is becoming increasingly common for humidifiers to be used alongside existing air conditioning systems to help preserve a whole range of vital electronic components. By controlling relative humidity, we can help prevent electrostatic discharge from damaging your servers and telecommunication racks while simultaneously safeguarding business continuity.

A humidification system can be used as a high capacity and low-cost evaporating cooling measure, often complementing conventional air conditioning equipment already in place. It is recommended that relative humidity be maintained at approximately 60% in order to eliminate the build-up of static electricity – which typically occurs in drier environments.

With a nationwide presence and an expansive selection of humidifiers ready for hire, Andrews can satisfy demand on any scale and tailor a solution that fits your budget. Our all-encompassing climate contingency service offers you 24-hour protection and includes detailed technical advice both before and during a hire.


Computer suites and other applications that house information technology equipment are well-known for their propensity to falter if conditions are not constantly monitored. The presence of cooling equipment is essential to overcoming hot air generated by the volume of electrical hardware, but this alone will not be enough to keep relative humidity at a safe level.

You will need a dedicated source of air humidification to ensure RH does not fall below 60%, with a cost-effective solution bringing several benefits. A simple humidifier hire configuration will protect against dangerous electrostatic discharge and reduce the likelihood of server errors and data loss. Additionally, air humidification will create a noticeably more comfortable environment for those working inside your IT suite and reduce your operating costs due to the energy efficiency of your climate control system.

At Andrews, we have have built a reputation for supplying clients with sophisticated humidification solutions modified to their precise specifications. Our proven track record is evidenced by the repeat businesses we regularly yield from customers who trust us to deliver whatever it is that they require. For more information on how you can benefit from our unparalleled industry knowledge expertise, call us today on 0800 211 611.

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