Carpet Dryers

When carpets or hard flooring need to be dried out following a flood or water damage, our carpet dryer fans are often the most effective and quickest way of resolving the problem. Regardless of the size of the application, from a large hotel banqueting suite to a medium size domestic room, our powerful turbo carpet driers can overcome your drying problems fast, call us now for free advice.

  • Ideal for drying carpets or hard flooring
  • Perfect for flood restoration
  • Very easy to use and operate
  • Works from a standard domestic power socket
  • Competitive hire rates, fast and friendly service
  • Genuine 24/7 365, service from our UK depot network
  • High capacity - up to 4,500 cubic metres per hour
  • Lightweight , easy to move, load and store
  • Can be used in combination with dehumidifiers

Andrews Ventilation Hire, offer carpet dryers and fans to accelerate the drying process following a flood or water damage. These units are available to hire or buy and can be used in many environments from domestic properties through to large hotels and halls. The units are very simple to use and can operate from a standard domestic 230 volt power socket for house drying or 110 volt supply for industrial uses. The turbo carpet dryer fan is designed to dry carpets and hard floor surfaces quickly by blowing high volumes air across the floor surface a low level. These carpet dryers can be used to aid all types of drying and dehumidification processes, they are often used for flood restoration in combination with our range of portable dehumidifiers.

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