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In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift towards the education sector taking precautions to cool their facilities in warmer weather. A number of independent studies have concluded that there is a distinct correlation between students feeling too hot and their output dwindling. This can however be easily counteracted by deploying a suitable ventilation hire solution in instances where high temperatures have become too much of a problem.

As the UK’s leading provider of bespoke ventilation cooling equipment, we have an unparalleled level of experience in combatting heat-related issues. By developing close relationships with many establishments and local authorities over a number of years, we have acquired an excellent understanding of what it is your application needs. Our extensive range of industrial, ventilation and cooling fans are stocked across our depot network, and can be delivered to your site within four hours.

Between May and the end of term-time, virtually every school nationwide is subjected to hectic examination timetables. Pupils from most school year groups will be expected to take end-of-year assessments, GCSE papers or even A-levels - making it a particularly difficult time for those involved in the logistical planning. For the authorities in charge, then, it is imperative that practical cooling arrangements are put in place before the busiest period of the school curriculum.

If not tackled properly, excessive heat can become a genuine problem for young people and cause additional stress that could easily be avoided.

When we propose a cooling fan hire package, we’ll advise on its optimum placement in order to maximise impact. Andrews’ units are capable of near-silent operation and fit seamlessly into any examination centre. With flexible short and long-term hire options available to suit clients, an Andrews ventilation cooling system represents the most cost-effective way of overcoming stuffy, warm indoor environments.

Keeping gyms and exercise rooms cool can be of great benefit to those engaging in physical activity - particularly if the area is highly populated. A series of man coolers can therefore make a significant bearing on the comfort of those inside, circulating a constant airflow without causing any inconvenience to those either playing sport or working out.

During the warmer summer months, large and well-populated gyms can be affected by high humidity levels, creating an atmosphere that is unconducive to good fitness practice. A well-designed hired cooling fan layout can reduce the impact of prohibitive humidity, without disturbing those working within the confines of the gym itself.

This type of solution need not be expensive, with temporary rent agreements starting at just a few pounds per day. At Andrews Ventilation, you can be confident in our ability to devise a cooling classification that requires only a standard power supply.

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Summer heat necessitates fan hire for gym
Exercising in a gymnasium can be hard work at the best of times, particularly in facilities that are not blessed with efficient cooling systems. Compound this with a lack of air conditioning and a sharp upturn in seasonal temperatures, and there’s every chance that those engaging in physical activity feel even less comfortable both during [...]
School exam hall seeks comfort cooling arrangement
Examination periods are arguably the most stressful time for students and school pupils, so the last thing they need is an additional problem when sat at their desks. End-of-year assessments – including GCSEs and A-levels – typically commence in May and this often coincides with a seasonal upturn in the weather. So when a high-achieving [...]
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