Boiler Hire

Building & Construction

At Andrews, we understand the importance of ensuring construction sites and building works remain operational all year round. Unfavourable weather conditions and equipment failure can often contrive to affect productivity levels, but when this occurs we will provide you with affordable reliable equipment and solutions. With unrivalled expertise providing temporary equipment to clients in your industry, you can rely on us to satisfy all requirements regardless of scale.

Our Experience

We have over 40 years’ experience supplying temporary boilers to building and construction customers throughout the UK. Our unique, dependable service means we can help you overcome any issues – even at short notice. With a complete range of electric, oil fired and natural gas fired boilers, as well as a comprehensive selection of ancillaries and relevant accessories, we have sufficient stock all year round to accommodate urgent demands or planned maintenance.

Our units are specifically designed for underfloor heating, concrete batching and general space heating within the construction sector. Fuel-efficient and affordable, they are frequently tested and cleaned prior to dispatch and easily deployed once present on your site. By continually investing in boiler technology and our staff, we guarantee to always offer clients the optimum levels of service you have come to expect.

With an expansive depot network spanning the entire country, we are capable of providing immediate assistance to all businesses nationwide. Our sales technicians and expert consultants are available 24 hours a day, making us one of the few specialist hire companies to provide genuine round-the-clock support. Whether you require an instant boiler replacement or a recommendation towards an appropriate action plan, our professional staff are on hand to help.

Underfloor Heating

Nowadays, underfloor heating is becoming increasingly common place in newly-constructed buildings and properties. Hidden away and out of view, this alternative negates the need for radiators while evenly distributing heat – therefore warming a room just as efficiently. Another benefit of having pipework underneath your floor is the fact that heat naturally gravitates upwards, ensuring that a whole room feels the effects of its presence and not just the top half.

We strive to promote business continuity at all times, so during the construction process we supply temporary boilers connected to existing underfloor pipework to dry out screed and concrete at a desired temperature and time with the added effect of the heat radiating into the area to assist in drying out for finishing trades. Our expert technicians and advisors are always on standby to visit locations anywhere in the UK, meaning alternative equipment can be delivered to your premises shortly after initial contact. We also offer customers no obligation site surveys which help our engineers provide you with the hot water boiler package most suitable for your application and budget.

Prior to installing and commissioning a boiler, we undertake a rigorous planning process whereby the immediate and future demands of your environment are considered. Every solution we recommend and subsequently deploy is powerful enough to cope with feasible change in circumstances, with necessary adaptations easily implemented should the need arise.

Concrete Batching

In the construction industry especially, concrete batching is a vital process which requires precise conditions and temperatures in order to be effectively carried out. Reliable hot water supply, and therefore a high capacity boiler, is needed to combine cement, water, sand and other components of concrete mixture. Without this provision, the mixture will not set properly or be fit for its intended purpose – underlining the importance of correct, functional equipment for essential building procedures.

In recent years, Andrews Boilers have worked on a broad range of construction projects, meaning we have the skill and proficiency to oversee even the most delicate assignments. This experience has helped us understand the potentially crippling implications of deficient units, with everyday practices such as mixing concrete wholly dependent on a constant heat source. That’s why we respond to your call within a four hour time window, allowing your business and process to proceed even when uncontrollable factors threaten to cause disruption.

For more information on our products and services, or to discuss any upcoming requirements with our professional contact team, call us on 0800 211 611. We pride ourselves on supplying clients with the most cost-efficient remedy to boiler failure or maintenance, and offer you unrelenting assistance throughout the duration of hire. With temporary units available irrespective of demand, our rapid response ensures productivity does not falter in the face of adversity.

Case studies

Our range

Electric Boilers

Our compact and lightweight electric boilers have been designed for use in a multitude of applications, including underfloor heating

Packaged Boilers

Ranging from 100kW to 1,500kW, these robust, containerised boilers are designed for even the harshest of environments

Mobile Boilers

These trailer-mounted boilers offer excellent flexibility in instances where easy transportation and quick installation are desired

Medium Pressure Hot Water Boilers

We offer a complete solution for MPHW requirements where clients need to operate a heating system at a higher temperature than normally necessary

Boiler Air Handlers

To complement our boiler range, we offer a selection of air handling units and fan coils offering duties of up to 50,000m³/h from a single unit

Heat Exchangers

Our braze plate, shell and tube heat exchangers allow heat from a liquid to pass to a second liquid without the two coming into direct contact