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WMS Water Monitoring System

Product Features

Access to real-time sensor data, alarms, analytics, and historical trends for comprehensive process visibility

Offsite backup and increased cybersecurity with cloud data storage for enhanced system resilience

Seamless integration with all units from our Water Treatment range

Predictive analytics leveraging machine learning to flag issues before they become problems


Our Water Monitoring Systems (WMS) represent advanced telemetry solutions that allow operators to track live system data like flow, TSS and pH along with access to trends and reports of the clarified water quality, via a user-friendly interface. The WMS enables real-time visibility into treatment performance, ensuring continuous environmental compliance by providing data to demonstrate adherence to discharge consent conditions. This powerful monitoring solution streamlines general oversight, manages resource utilisation, and simplifies water treatment as a whole. When integrated with our range of advanced water treatment equipment, this technology adds another dimension to process control and operational intelligence.

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