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PDS Polymer Dosing System

Product Features

Compact footprint compatible to standard IBC

Variable speed dosing pumps

Integrated polymer holding tank

Low power requirement

Accelerates suspended solids settling rates

Programmable dosing rates ensuring accuracy and consistency


Our Polymer Dosing System (PDS) is an advanced solution designed to optimise the coagulation and flocculation process in water treatment applications. By precisely dosing liquid polymers into the water stream, the PDS enhances the binding of destabilised particles, creating larger and more rapidly settling floc formations. Highly effective polymers act as binding agents, bridging together fine colloids and other suspended solids that have traditionally proved challenging. This results in significantly improved clarification and faster settling rates, making the PDS an essential component in achieving high-quality treated water, even in challenging industrial environments with heavy solids loading.


Polymer tank capacity 300 litres
Weight when empty 415 kg
Dimensions 1,208 x 1,408 x 1,208 mm
Voltage 110V/230V

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