Air Quality Control Hire

Air Purifiers

Proven to inactivate airborne bacteria and drastically improve conditions within most indoor environments, our air purifiers are popularly deployed inside offices

Air Cleaners

With an ability to deliver the required number of air changes for any office, our air cleaners are designed to intercept harmful particles while simultaneously improving ventilation

Filter Sets

Our filter set packages cover all the necessary elements that make up the filtration systems of our Air Purifier and Air Cleaner product range

Portable Humidifiers

Humidification equipment plays an essential role in safeguarding people working in an office but also protecting computer equipment and other vital electronics

Our Locations

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Air Quality Hire

As providers of market-leading air quality control solutions, we are confident in our ability to supply equipment for any purpose or application. Our range of air purifiers, air cleaners, humidifiers and ventilation fans ensures we have the ability to remove contaminants, reduce the spread of viruses and deliver air changes – or a combination of the three.

Our commitment to investing in the latest technologies and promoting energy efficiency allows running costs to be minimised for clients, with unique solutions tailored on a case-by-case basis.

No longer perceived a nonessential, air quality equipment is now an integral part of many indoor environments and becoming more commonly required as times passes. In the present day especially, many businesses are proactively ensuring that they are doing everything possible to create a safe working environment for their employees.

For more information on how we can support your office and staff, speak to one of our experts today by calling 0800 211 611. Our air quality knowledge sets us apart from other companies and is the reason we are trusted by big-name clients from just about every conceivable industry.

Our Service

  • 24/7 service
  • Expert installation and service
  • Fuel management package
  • Free site surveys and advice
  • Quick delivery
  • A complete package adapted to your specific needs, deadlines and budget

Andrews’ dedicated engineers are constantly available to visit site at times convenient to you – irrespective of your location – offering free site surveys to help establish the best course of action to accommodate your office.

Following the completion of a site survey, we will provide a detailed quotation that covers all aspects of a proposed hire. Any installation can be adapted at a later date, guaranteeing greater flexibility should your requirements change further down the line.

A comprehensive contingency service and maintenance support is also available throughout the duration of a hire. One of our leading engineers can be scheduled to revisit your site at regular intervals to check that all equipment continues to perform as expected.

As one of the few suppliers of air quality control solutions to offer genuine out-of-hours protection, we have the capability to handle emergency requirements any time of the day or night. Our fully operated call centre ensures that your enquiry is dealt with immediately so we can provide an agreed and affordable solution for both planned and emergency projects.

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