Air Pumps

When the use of pumps driven by diesel engines, electric motors or hydraulic power is impractical, Sykes air operated pumps are the answer. Needing only a compressed air supply, these units are capable of moving a wide range of liquids in many different environments including hazardous areas.



  • Intrinsically safe
  • Wide variety of materials
  • Solids handling
  • Surface-mounted or submersible
  • Robust design for difficult environments
  • Double diaphragm or centrifugal versions
  • Suitable for aggressive substances
  • 25mm to 75mm sizes
  • Self-priming to 6m
  • Will run dry intermittently without damage

Sykes Pumps offer a range of air pumps for hire or sale, these units, also known as pneumatic pumps, are hardwearing and exceptionally reliable. Driven by compressed air, they are simple to use and are available in surface-mounted or submersible versions. Especially suitable for the transfer of aggressive liquids and the hygienic handling of food substances, the pumps can be supplied in a wide choice of materials including aluminium (where weight is a consideration), cast iron (for corrosion resistance) or stainless steel (especially suitable for food applications). Internal components can be supplied with a choice of elastomer option materials dependant on the substance being transferred.

The units are available as double diaphragm or centrifugal versions in 25mm (1”), 50mm (2”) and 75mm (3”) sizes. They deliver leak free pumping, will self-prime to over 6 meters and no damage will be caused by intermittent dry running or if the discharge is shut off. The pumps are particularly suitable for hazardous areas due to the air driven process and spark free running.

Widely used in the food industry, mining, on petrochemical plants and also refineries these robust but versatile pumps are the perfect choice when a compressed air supply is available.

AP 50 Submersible Units These 50mm pumps, manufactured from cast iron, are hardwearing, easy to use and are particularly suitable for pumping dirty water. The units are robust which makes them ideal for use as a trench pump, especially where gas may be present, and they are also widely used for tunnelling and deep shafts where power supplies for other pump types are a problem. As well as being capable of pumping solids up to 6mm, this pump also has an integral oil reservoir providing automatic lubrication which is perfect for extended periods of use.

Air Driven Diaphragm Pumps Available in 25mm (1”), 50mm (2”) and 75mm (3”) and in cast iron or aluminium versions, these highly portable and efficient pumps range of internal materials make them suitable for aggressive or corrosive substances. The units are self-priming, can handle small solids and can run dry for intermittent periods. Particularly popular for handling process fluids, they are widely used in manufacturing and food production environments as well as being suitable for the movement of oils, sludge and viscous liquids with minimal shear or agitation of the product. Additionally, these pumps are widely used in the construction and civil engineering industries where mains filling and testing is just one of the applications these versatile units are used for.

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