Pump Hire

Quarries & Mines

If your installed pumps fail or need to be taken off line for servicing, or if you have a temporary need for water control, we have the pump that will suit your application. With an all-encompassing range of general purpose, submersible and silenced pumps, we guarantee to satisfy your requirements irrespective of size and scale.

Our Service

At Sykes Pumps, we have more than 160 years’ experience delivering and installing solutions across a full spectrum of environments. This has allowed us to understand the unique requirements of mines and quarries while recognising that these are among the toughest environments to work in. We have an excellent track record providing pumping systems to the biggest names in the industry and can help with all projects ranging from dewatering to driving productivity in open mines.

With the largest range of pumps nationwide and of depots located throughout the country, we are able to offer a genuine 24/7 service which our competitors cannot match. Our diesel units have been designed with abrasive materials in mind and are also suitable for continuous running with an automatic stop/start feature. This means that constant monitoring isn’t necessary allowing your teams to go about their normal duties. Wheel or skid-mounted and highly portable, these pumps are ideal for simple assignments but equally useful for tasks of an intricate nature.

We acknowledge that quarries and mines are among the most environmentally-sensitive settings, which is why we take careful steps to curtail the effects of our presence when on site. Sykes Pumps technicians endeavour to always provide energy efficient pump packages and comply with our company policy of minimising carbon footprints. Fully bunded units are available to guard against fuel or oil contamination with electric units an alternative if diesel engine pumps are not suitable.


The removal of water or other liquid from solid materials or draining groundwater is a frequently executed process in quarries. Whether dewatering is necessary to lower a groundwater table, drain soils or for any other process, it is imperative that the correct pumps are used on projects of this nature.

At Sykes Pumps, we specialise in clay environments as well as mines and excavation pits, and have an unbeatable range of units available for hire across the entire country. By recognising that quarrying requires a specific response and expert assistance every step of the way, we can tailor our service to the precise needs of our customers.

Our diesel pumps – manufactured specifically with your industry’s conditions in mind – have in-built thermal protection to prevent damage from dry running. Whether you have an existing solution already in place on your site or you’re suffering the effects of an unexpected breakdown, we can send engineers out any time of day or night. Our units are also capable of handling small quantities of gas and vapours present in the atmosphere, and as such are appropriate for Ex Zone 2 environments.

Dust Suppression

As previously mentioned, Sykes Pumps take their ecological obligations very seriously and employ procedures and methods to comply with this policy. Dust control systems are a significant influence in ensuring that these standards are adhered to. By protecting your employees and reducing site emissions, we can not only enhance your company’s efficiency, but also its reputation.

We offer complete pump systems with mechanical seals for high pressure generation, guaranteeing all material handling practices are carried out safely but swiftly. All diesel pumps within our fleet have been assembled with continuous operation in mind, allowing work to proceed uninterrupted for hours at a time. These models are also easy to control and can be fully functional within seconds of deployment.

As well as premium equipment and guidance throughout the duration of a hire, we can also arrange a dedicated account manager to look after your individual needs. With years of experience in your particular field, these dedicated professionals will act as your primary point of contact and handle all aspects of any project – affording clients peace of mind. For more information on our projects or how you can benefit from our help, call us today on 0800 211 611.

Case studies

Our range

General Purpose Pumps

Our automatic self-priming GP pumps can handle clean water, sludge and slurry, offering flexible solutions in a multitude of scenarios

Super Silenced Range

The Sykes range of silenced pumps provides clients with a number of durable units suitable for deployment in noise-sensitive applications

High Performance

Capable of flow rates of up to 375 l/s, these high performance pumps are ideal for specialist applications including jetting, pipe flushing and firefighting

Bentonite Pumps

Our Bentonite range features heavy duty pumps that have been manufactured with slurries and testing environments in mind

Submersible Drainage Pumps

Offering variable capacities and easy handling, our submersible drainage range is frequently used on quarries, mines and shipyards

Submersible Wastewater

Featuring more than twenty unique pumps, our submersible wastewater range offers cost-efficient pumping with flow rates up to 440 l/s

Submersible Sludge Pumps

Sykes’ submersible sludge pumps are intended for applications where the fluid present contains solids or has a higher viscosity than water

Hydraulic Submersible

Strong and lightweight, our hydraulic submersible pumps are perfect for hazardous environments where suction lifts exceed nine metres

Air Pumps

Known as pneumatic pumps, these hardwearing air units are recognised for their exceptional reliability and capacity to operate dry

Hoses and Accessories

We stock a full range of ancillary equipment including hoses, valves, control panels, steel pipes, polythene tubing, flow metres and road ramps

Environmental Equipment

This modern range allows clients to uphold their environmental responsibilities and move water, wastewater and sludge in sensitive areas