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By their very nature, exhibitions, events and parties are temporary and therefore often held in venues with little or no permanent cooling or heating equipment. Marquees and other removable structures are common solutions, as are barns, community centres, and village halls. Any of these locations are likely to suffer from inadequate temperature control, particularly when filled with excited visitors and revellers. Andrews air conditioning hire has been providing expert advice and industry-leading equipment to the events sector for decades. No matter what your location, type of event or number of attendees we’re sure to have developed a solution for it before. We are confident that our unrivalled experience, extensive product range and proven ability to deliver the right equipment on time at the best price, mean you’d be wise to send us an invitation to provide a free, no obligation quotation.

High quality exhibitions need high quality exhibits and a high quality environment. You take care of the exhibits and let Andrews Sykes take care of the environment. Running a successful exhibition or trade show is hugely demanding. Exhibitors need to be organised, displays need to be positioned and visitors need to be welcomed. The last thing on your mind is whether the temperature is going to be too hot or too cold. However, visitor experiences can easily be ruined by uncomfortable conditions. And if they don’t enjoy the event this time, it’s unlikely they’ll return. Fortunately there’s an easy way to ensure your exhibitors and visitors rave rather than rage about your exhibition. You can rely on us to provide powerful, discreet and cost-effective temporary air conditioning hire. From local events and shows to large scale multi-hall exhibitions, from single portable air conditioners to sophisticated water chillers and air handlers, we have the right equipment at the right price - right now. So call us for expert advice before rising temperatures make an exhibition of you.

You might only get one chance to host that spectacular party or unforgettable event. Exhaustive venue selection, meticulous menu planning and creative guest list formulation can all be undone if your guests have to suffer in unbearable temperatures. That’s why we are often top of the invitation list for party planners and event managers. Our air conditioning hire experts are happy to advise on the number, location and type of air conditioners, fans and air handlers from our vast rental range. Our equipment is quiet, energy efficient and environmentally responsible. It’s ideally suited to ensure your event or party is remembered for all the right reasons - at a cost that you’ll find surprisingly affordable. Don’t forget that the fickle British weather can also dictate that temporary heating is needed at some times of day, even though air conditioning is required at other times. Andrews Heat for Hire is the leading provider portable heating solutions ensuring we’re your perfect event planning partner. That’s yet another reason for choosing Andrews Sykes.

Bespoke air conditioning hire keeps famous food festival cool
At Andrews Air Conditioning Hire, we know that when entertaining guests, everything has to be exactly right if the event is to be a memorable one. So when our client was set to host the biggest food festival in the Midlands, our experts were on hand to provide them with a constant circulation of fresh and cool air. Event organisers were under a significant amount of pressure to provide their guests with an enjoyable experience which [...]
Andrews provide national conference with cooling hire package
When a major pharmaceutical company required extra cooling for a highly publicised conference, Andrews Air Conditioning Hire was on hand to help. The event took place at the Heart of England Conference Centre, in their extended marquee, providing the company with complete covered access for more than 300 guests. Due to September’s record-breaking temperatures and intermittent humidity swings exhibited by most marquees, our client contacted us to provide a practical solution that would successfully cool the [...]
Andrews Air Conditioning aid successful broadcast of James Bond Spectre premiere
With the new James Bond movie now hitting cinema screens across the UK, box office predictions have tipped the film to gross close to $1billion by the end of 2015. It is of no surprise, then, that the premiere for Spectre at the Royal Albert Hall was attended by a seemingly endless list of celebrities that even extended to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. All were present to witness the debut broadcast in London, leaving [...]
University in Wales seeks air conditioning
One of Britain’s leading education institutions recently required temporary cooling for a series of graduation ceremonies during the summer period. Rising seasonal temperatures combined with large numbers of people in a confined space had caused the university’s main hall to overheat, and as such a short-term solution was needed. The client had a fixed cooling arrangement on-site but our portable units were also required to supplement this effectively. The enquiry was swiftly handled by a member [...]
Major snooker competition seeks temporary climate control
A world-famous snooker theatre contacted us regarding the need for appropriate cooling during a two week tournament. The client – who was using Andrews Sykes’ services for the ninth consecutive year – had a heat problem caused by lighting and the sheer volumes of people inside. Temporary equipment was therefore required in order to effectively counteract these unfavourable conditions. We supplied the facility with three PAC22 air conditioners – two for the main auditorium where matches [...]
Literature festival requires temporary air conditioning
A literature festival recently took place near the beautiful Welsh borders. The festival is 27 years old and brings together intellectuals form all around the world, from exciting writers to filmmakers, comedians, politicians and musicians all of them inspire and entertain. The festival organisers have been clients with Andrews Sykes for years. Some of the cabins contained a large amount of electrical equipment to support some of the marquees, subsequently it caused a warmer ambient. This [...]
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