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Ensuring your office-based people stay productive at work is crucial to the success of your business. Everyone experiences difficulties when trying to concentrate in a hot, stuffy working environment. There is a close correlation between excessive temperature and a decline in our productivity and general well-being. Accidents, mistakes, low morale and increased absenteeism all occur more frequently in extremes of temperature, with most people feeling comfortable in a temperature of 18-21°C and a relative humidity of 40%-60%. That’s why more and more owners and managers of offices and meeting places are turning to Andrews Sykes and discovering the impressive financial benefits of ensuring a comfortable, air conditioned environment.

Let us help you be fully prepared by providing a free site survey to establish exactly what your cooling requirements are.

Modern offices are increasingly filled with electrical and electronic equipment generating large quantities of heat. Many commercial buildings, particularly in our towns and cities, no longer have opening windows for reasons of security or noise insulation. Although permanently installed air conditioning is increasingly common in modern offices, it is rare in older properties. Even if AC is fitted, changes to the building’s use, occupation levels or layout often render the fitted system inadequate for the current cooling requirements. These problems are bad enough even without a spell of hot weather, so when the sun does come out, discomfort can quickly turn into an unbearably hot situation.

Before this happens in your office, why not arrange a free, no-obligation site survey and quotation from Andrews? We’ll advise you on the most suitable equipment from our extensive range, whether it’s fully integrated, standalone air conditioners, split systems which enable the heat exchanger to be located outdoors, or evaporative coolers which avoid the need for any tubes or hoses. We will also agree the best locations for the equipment to maximise the degree of cooling performance with minimal cost.

Even if your main working area usually remains acceptably cool, many offices have server rooms which generate additional heat. Computer equipment will fail in excessive temperatures so ask our business continuity planning experts about how our hire air conditioners can deliver supplementary cooling during hot weather, or provide emergency replacement in the event of your fixed AC breaking down.

Productive meetings clearly rely on attendees remaining engaged and fully focussed on the matters being discussed. People’s ability to concentrate and remain productive is adversely affected if they feel uncomfortably hot. Meeting rooms often have large areas of glazing which create rapid solar heat gain. In multi-storey or city centre buildings these windows are often fixed closed, preventing the use of natural ventilation. Meeting rooms are also often used intensively with high occupancy rates. Lots of people in a confined space can quickly cause temperatures and humidity to soar.

Temporary air conditioning is the ideal way to keep those important meetings cool, calm and productive. Andrews Sykes portable air conditioners are designed to deliver high performance whilst operating quietly and energy-efficiently. All our machines are discreetly designed and simple to use. To ensure complete reliability all units are fully tested before delivery and our engineers will install them, making sure you know exactly how to use them. We’ll advise on the correct choice for you - from our small integrated Polar Breeze and Polar Wind units, to our market leading 6.5kW PAC22 model and a comprehensive range of evaporative coolers.

So no matter how heated the meeting may get, you can be sure to stay cool with Andrews Sykes temporary air conditioning.

Andrews Air Conditioning Hire provide four-storey building with emergency cooling
A leading facilities management company in Scotland was recently tasked with providing emergency cooling for one of their biggest clients, following the untimely breakdown of their internal chiller system. The client in question desperately required an effective cooling solution for a large four-storey building occupied by more than 400 employees in Clydebank, near Glasgow. As [...]
Andrews provide large commercial building with emergency air conditioning hire package
When a leading facilities management firm based in central London required immediate cooling for a large office building, they contacted Andrews Air Conditioning Hire regarding a solution. The FM company in charge of the project approached our specialists and requested an emergency cooling arrangement that could successfully supply all nine floors with comfort cooling while [...]
Andrews Air Conditioning Hire provides emergency cooling solution for Gatwick airport
Andrews Air Conditioning Hire was recently contacted to provide a temporary cooling solution for one of Gatwick Airport’s airside workshops and office blocks during a major refurbishment project. The requirement surfaced during the replacement of the client’s existing cooling system, meaning our equipment was needed urgently. Our customer was unsure about what would be the [...]
Andrews provide emergency cooling for British Prime Minister
Andrews Air Conditioning Hire were recently contacted to provide a temporary cooling solution for a very high profile meeting between some of the country’s leading political figures. Our client was hosting the Prime Minister for an urgent meeting set to take place the following day. An Andrews technician was sent to site to conduct a [...]
Tailored air conditioning hire keeps seminar on schedule
At Andrews Air Conditioning Hire, we know how frustrating a failed cooling system can be – especially when breakdown occurs less than 24 hours before a major event you’re hosting. So when our client suffered a chiller failure the day before they were expected to accommodate a highly publicised seminar, they contacted our specialists in [...]
Global children’s charity seek temporary cooling equipment
When an international children’s charity required emergency cooling for one of their London offices, Andrews Air Conditioning Hire was on hand to help. The rapid rise in temperature left dozens of workers exposed to unbearable working conditions. Our client contacted us regarding a practical solution that would successfully provide comfort cooling for a sizeable working [...]
Commercial television regulators kept cool during summer
Sometimes, even recently constructed modern buildings can find themselves unprepared for extreme weather when it arrives. This was exemplified during the summer of 2016, when one of the country’s broadcasting governing bodies sought an emergency cooling hire package from Andrews Air Conditioning. Our client’s Olympic Park base in Stratford was erected in 2012, but the [...]
Consultancy firm requires emergency air conditioning
Over long periods of time, a chiller system can lose efficiency and become ineffective – dramatically increasing the chances of it breaking down completely. This was precisely the scenario a national consultancy company was faced with after their unit failed during a particularly busy interval for the business. Failure to address the issue immediately could [...]
Facilities manager seeks cooling for office and server room
With temperatures in London beginning to rise ahead of a hectic bank holiday weekend, it was essential that a large office building and accompanying server room were suitably protected by air conditioning equipment. Unfortunately for the customer in question, their existing chiller arrangement had malfunctioned due to pipework breaking unexpectedly. The situation therefore left vital [...]
Industry-leading IT firm rescued by Andrews Air Conditioning
When one of the world’s most widely recognised technology and consultation businesses sought alternative cooling at their data centre in the South East, Andrews Air Conditioning were tasked with delivering a suitable hire package to enable repair works to begin. The customer was looking for stand-in cooling equipment to operate instead of their existing system [...]
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