Hoses and Accessories

In addition to providing our customers with an unrivalled selection of pumps, we also offer a full range of accessories to ensure any project can be carried out as required. From hoses and pipework to control panels, unique fittings and road ramps, our clients can be confident that Sykes Pumps will supply whatever is needed to keep your assignment on track.

  • Control panels up to 75kW
  • Hoses for all applications
  • Fittings for flexibility of pipe runs
  • Specialist accessories e.g. road ramps
  • Environmental protection items
  • Digital, mechanical, magnetic and ultrasonic flow metres
  • Bauer couplings for speed of assembly and release
  • High pressure hoses and fittings
  • All relevant standards exceeded

As a leading pump hire solutions provider, Sykes has been synonymous with innovation, design, quality and service, not just for our pumps but also for the associated equipment. The diversity of duties that our pumps are required to perform means that our selection of accessories for rent must be equally as versatile.

The Sykes Pumps range of hoses and accessories has been selected to complement the full range of pumps available, which means that you are able to source everything you need from one supplier reducing purchasing time, paperwork and costs.

All of our hoses and accessories exceed the relevant standards and are manufactured from the highest quality materials, ensuring problem free installation and performance. Our hoses and accessories are treated to the same level of inspection and, where appropriate, maintenance as our pumps. This ensures that you receive equipment which is always up to the task at hand.

Suction Hose

Available in 50mm versions through to 300mm, our flexible suction hosing comes in six metre lengths up to 100mm bore size and three metre lengths in the larger sizes as standard and is suitable for just about every conceivable application. Our suction houses can be connected with either flanged or Bauer couplings.

Layflat Hose

Our layflat discharge hoses come complete with Bauer fittings in 25 metre lengths and have been designed for use on projects where either clean or dirty water is being pumped. These can be provided in lengths of up to 100 metres.

Polythene Tubing

Perfect for long discharge lengths, our robust semi-rigid polythene tubes come in sizes ranging from 30mm through to 200mm. These are regularly used on projects where solids are pumped – including sewage and sludge – and are ideal for low pressure applications.

High Pressure Hose

Designed for applications where high head pumps are being used, our high pressure hoses are available in sizes ranging between 80mm and 300mm. We do however recommend that one of our specialists carry out a site survey when working with high pressures.

Steel Pipe

Sykes’ steel pipes are ideal for long run discharge and low to medium pressure applications and are typically available in six metre lengths. Our 300mm versions come in three metre lengths and are compatible with a range of bends, T-pieces and other adaptors.

Fittings & Valves

As well as quick release couplings, we offer a selection of fittings to allow an almost infinite number of possibilities when considering the layout of pipework on site. These include ‘Y’, ‘X’, and ‘T’ pieces in addition to bends, reducers and enlargers.

Road Ramps

Road ramps provide the safe positioning of pipe work across roads and pathways, where vehicular access is required and disruption to the area needs to be kept to a minimum. Widely used on construction sites and sewage or water treatment works.

Control Panels

For use with electric submersibles, our range of control panels and level control equipment provides the ultimate flexibility for the management of pump applications. Our range of panels includes: PLC, variable load DOL, variable load soft start and variable speed drive panels.

Flow Metres

Whether you require a digital, mechanical, magnetic or ultrasonic flow metre, Sykes stock a full range of pump accessories to ensure your needs can be met. These are perfect for applications where the discharge of water needs to be monitored or pump performance measured.

Environmental Equipment

Our selection of environmental units enable the ecological movement of water in sensitive areas and other challenging applications. This particular range has been designed for use in tandem with Sykes’ proven range of wastewater and sludge pumps.

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