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As the country’s most prominent specialist hire company, we have the broadest range of pump hire equipment and related accessories for virtually any application. For many years, we have been closely involved with the film and entertainment industries, where our distinct units help to create unusual water-related scenes. By constantly innovating and adding new products to our fleet, we are able to offer customers in your sector the most up-to-date solutions available in the market.

We have highly trained technicians who have direct experience working in this field, which enables them to deliver even complicated solutions based on a well-rounded understanding. But before we commission any pump system, our engineers will consider all the options during a free site survey which will help us ascertain the most appropriate solution for your specific circumstances. We understand the pressure and constraints that you work under and will take this into account when designing the system.

We pride ourselves on having the ability to implement affordable pump packages for the specific needs of our clients. By having depots situated throughout the UK, we are able to provide a local service and guarantee swift response times all year round. Whether you require a handful of units or a complex hire package for months on end, we have the necessary depth of resources and expertise to ensure your demands will be accommodated.

By moving water and other, more expensive liquids, for special effects in the film industry, we provide a wide range of applications demanding advanced, technical solutions. At Sykes Pumps, we have provided support in this activity for over 50 years. Examples of challenges given to us include dams bursting, waterfalls, volcanic eruptions, tropical showers and even the creation of large chocolate rivers.

These visual properties can enhance the way a film or production is perceived and help to construct scenes which would otherwise not be possible without our pumps. We have worked on various high-profile sets over the years and have played our part in capturing some of the most memorable shots in recent memory.

A key priority in this industry is that, due to the high cost of filming, our equipment must work to the specification required first time and every time without fail. Over the years we have managed to develop an extensive client base, and one of the reasons for this is the reliability and effectiveness of our pumps. As the UK’s foremost specialist hire equipment company, we have established a reputation as dependable suppliers of pumps, with the ability to tailor packages to the precise needs of our customers.

At Sykes Pumps, we have played our part in a number of assignments where one-off events require a temporary water flow. For instance, a world-famous annual music festival venue decided to construct a temporary waterfall feature within the grounds. We were contacted by organisers and asked to provide the necessary equipment to generate a constant water circulation at specific flow rates, which worked perfectly to create the ambience they sought in that area of the festival.

Similarly, when one of the world’s leading car manufacturers needed to create a water feature for their highly prestigious exhibition at the London 2012 Olympics, they turned to Sykes Pumps for their advice and equipment to ensure that the spectacular display supported their brand values of quality and reliability.

So whatever you are trying to achieve at your event we have the expertise to be able to help you make that vision a reality. Our experienced technicians will ascertain the most appropriate system for your circumstances, regardless of its scope and size. We will assess, inform, deliver and then install whichever pumps your specific requirements demand and we support you 24/7 every day of the year because we know that your industry isn’t a nine to five operation. To arrange a free site examination conducted by a specialist surveyor or to discuss how our services can benefit you, call us now on 0800 211 611.

Independent festival in Hampshire seeks help from Sykes Pumps
When a music festival in Winchester required a solution for a complicated waterfall flow, Sykes Pumps Hire were approached to solve the issue and ensure festival goers could witness a unique attraction operating as planned. The festival’s main stage was redesigned four months before the opening date but the waterfall stations were not yet functional. [...]
Sykes Pumps features on one of the country’s most popular television soaps
Last week, avid viewers of one of the country’s most popular television soaps may have spotted a Sykes Pumps General Purpose unit being used as a prop on set. With the dramatic storyline unfolding, our pump was set up to dredge a body of water which – known to those watching at home – was [...]
Sykes Pump Hire recreates African waterfall
Sykes Pumps are no strangers to the country’s most famous television and film studios. Our wide range of equipment enables our clients to produce special effects and scenes that require huge volumes of water. In this instance, our technicians were called in to assist with the creation of an African waterfall for a famous action [...]
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