Environmental Equipment

When pumps are needed to move water, wastewater or sludge in environmentally sensitive areas, it is vital that a supplier can offer their customers a broad range of environmental accessories. The range of environmental pumping ancillaries within the Sykes hire fleet has been designed for use in tandem with our tried and tested range of pumps, ensuring clients are covered for any eventuality.

  • Wide range of environmental pumping accessories for instant hire
  • Settlement Tanks, Settlement Tank HD and Silt Away silt separators
  • Can be used in conjunction with our surface mounted on submersible pumps
  • Fully bunded IBC fuel tanks from 90 litres up to 3000 litre capacities
  • Interceptor drip trays for extra protection when working near watercourses
  • Aerator hire for fast aeration of lakes or waterways
  • Depots located throughout the UK

At Sykes Pumps, we consistently strive to accommodate the market’s ever changing demands by bringing products to market that help alleviate everyday environmental challenges endured by the businesses we work most closely with. Having been at the forefront of the pumping industry for more than a century and a half, we have the expertise to propose and introduce products that protect the environment and can be used in conjunction with our wide range of pump hire equipment.

One of our core responsibilities is to acknowledge and adhere to strict environmental and safety legislation and to ensure that any equipment we pioneer complies with these regulations. Our prominence in this specialist field enables us to quickly grasp the advantages of modern technology which we can then incorporate into our latest product designs.

Silt Tanks

The Sykes silt range provides clients with effective separation of suspended solids and silt from water pumped through ground sources. Typically, these are used on construction sites or quarries that discharge into water courses or surface drainage systems. Water passes through the Silt Away via a Lamella plate box which splits solids contained within the fluid itself, allowing them to be dropped into the discharge chamber below. Use of these tanks allows filtered water to be discharged directly into rivers, canals and surface drains.

Settlement Tanks

Sykes offer a range of standard and heavy duty settlement tanks to be used on the discharge side of any pump set. These tanks are specially designed to prevent silt and fines being discharged into the water course or drains. Each tank is provided with a series of weir plates, Bauer quick release couplings, lifting eyes and drain plugs.

Interceptor Drip Trays

Interceptor drip trays can be provided with most pumps to avoid potential environmental pollution due to fuel spillage, or oil spillage when refuelling or maintaining pumps. Even if the pump has a built-in drip tray an additional full length tray can give extra protection. These are especially beneficial when working close to waterways or where there is a risk of water pollution.

Fuel Tanks

The safe transportation and storage of fuel, especially in environmentally sensitive areas, is an increasing concern for all. Sykes offers a purpose built range of fully bunded fuel tanks for hire with a capacity range from 1000 to 3000 litres. Fully compliant and tested to ADR and UN requirements for IBC, all manufactured under ISO 9001: 2000 requirements.


Venturi Jet Aerators are a fast and effective way to introduce oxygen into a lake or watercourse. The Sykes range of Venturi jet aerators are available for hire and can be fitted to the discharge side of our diesel driven surface mounted pumps or our electric submersible pumps. These units do exactly what their name suggests and increase the oxygen levels in water by mixing water with ambient air. They can also be used to aid mixing in the water industry. These units have been used on many occasions to save endangered fish stocks during periods of hot weather or where low oxygen, caused by pollution, has led to a problem.

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