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Interceptor Drip Trays

Product Features

Designed for use with pumps of up to 8” in size

Separates water and oil safely to prevent costly spillages on site

Safe and easy to use allowing simplified operation

Environmentally-friendly enabling greater sustainability

Equipped with crane hooks to simplify manoeuvrability

Robust construction facilitating use in testing applications


Interceptor drip trays are the only proven system available which allow rainwater to pass through whilst safely securing retained oil, fuel and other chemicals. Their highly effective design negates the need for filters or chemicals, giving you environmental protection throughout a project. Working on the principle that oil floats on water, the tray naturally separates the two by allowing the water to pass safely through the outlet hole. Even if pumps have a built-in interceptor drip tray, an additional full-length tray will give extra protection. Environmental authorities often insist on using these whilst working near waterways or when there is a risk of polluting groundwater. The amount of oil and fuel retained in the tray is monitored by a gauge and, when full, the residue can be removed by a licensed disposal company.


Models MediumLarge
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 1,525 x 2,440 x 3031,550 x 3,000 x 300
Capacity 860 litres1,055 litres
Compatible pumps 2″ up to 6″2″ up to 8″
Weight dry (kg) 280325

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