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What is a heat exchanger?

A heat exchanger is an appliance that enables heat from a liquid to pass to a second liquid without either coming into direct contact. Plate heat exchangers are the most frequently used type in HVAC applications and are made up of thinly-separated metallic plates. This feature accelerates the transfer of heat and ensures quick temperature changes in every conceivable scenario. When fluid passes through a heat exchanger, it can be used to heat fluid for a broad array of purposes including central heating, underfloor heating and domestic hot water.

Heat exchanger for hire

At Andrews Boiler hire, we stock plate, shell and tube and submerged evaporative heat exchangers across our nationwide depot network. We handle enquiries swiftly and have a team of experts contactable around the clock to ensure your requirement is dealt with efficiently. The expertise of our engineers allows us to gain a better understanding of what you require whilst adhering to whatever budgetary limits are in place. Our comprehensive range of equipment guarantees customers the very latest technology and a capability for accommodating flows, pressures and fluids of any size or kind.