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At Andrews, we understand that pharmaceutical processes often rely on precise temperature control in order to correctly manufacture and store delicate products. We provide the most modern boiler units available on the market and supply these 24/7/365 from our depots located throughout the UK. Our comprehensive range of equipment means we can accommodate applications of any size or dimensions for short or long term hire.

With years of experience recommending, installing and commissioning boiler solutions across the country, our engineers are adept at guiding clients towards the most suitable course of action. Unlike most competitors, we offer a genuine round-the-clock contingency service while hire is ongoing. So if an inefficient boiler leaves you facing downtime or a reduction in output, technical support and general assistance is never too far away.

Prior to installing temporary boilers on your premises, our staff will undertake a thorough assessment of the site so the current and future demands of your application are taken into account. A free site survey is offered to all customers and guarantees we implement the most cost-effective solution. With an expansive depot network spanning the entire UK, our service guarantee promises to respond to your call within four hours of initial contact.

Pharmaceutical processes are reliant on a number of raw materials - particularly hot water - so when this provision is unavailable, productivity can be severely affected. A broken boiler has the potential to bring pharmaceutical companies to a standstill and cause costs to surge through lost output and down time. That’s why we react immediately to supply replacement units and help you reach objectives within tight deadlines.

Our energy-efficient boilers are perfect for specialist environments like pharmaceutical applications and have been designed with this use in mind. In recent years we have had regular involvement with pharmaceutical facilities across the country, often providing auxiliary units during peak demand or throughout periods of severe weather, with our clients observing noticeable improvement in their industrial processes while having our equipment on hire.

As a company, we aim to provide customers with a reliable hot water supply and facilitate business continuity wherever possible. Our impressive range of boilers enables us to supply viable turnkey packages on any scale, with the specific requirements of your business always regarded a priority. We understand that different procedures need different conditions, which is why our systems are easily adjusted to suit changing circumstances.

Products and manufactured items are very vulnerable to incorrect temperatures, which is why storage conditions must be scrupulously monitored and controlled. A cold environment can drastically alter the condition of certain tablets and capsules when they are stowed away for periods of time. The safest way to regulate these surroundings and ensure they are kept within manufacturers guidelines is by deploying an efficient boiler and air handling units to provide the area with adequate heating.

We have extensive experience and a well-rounded knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, having worked on numerous projects within your sector over the last few years. This understanding enables us to enhance your stockroom facilities, by designing and delivering boiler packages which are suitable for specific applications. As well as overseeing installation, Andrews also provide customer with unrestricted support throughout a hire’s entirety, affording you peace of mind until equipment is collected.

For general enquiries about our services or to arrange for one of our engineers to assess your premises, call now on 0800 211 611. We take careful steps to safeguard against breaching regulations outlined by the Medicines and Healthcare Produces Regulation Agency, and supply clients with the safest, modern boiler units available for rent.

London University

Pharmautical environments can be fussy environments, especially when set temperatures are required for experiments. The slightest change in temperature can change all the results and lead to unnecessary retesting. Andrews Boilers work continuously with many pharmaceutical environments and understand the accurate need for air and water temperatures. We have a range of boilers from packaged to containerised to trailer mounted to suit the desires of our customers. We have manned experts making sure the equipment is appropriately installed in your environment.

When a top university in London, needed a precise temperature set environment, Andrews Boilers quickly installed our AHU units. We also supplied a temporary scaffolding tower to hold the boiler, saving space, as there was limited access by foot in the area. This ensured there was enough space to pass the boiler. The AHU unit provided the precise temperature needed for the lab experiments to take place. Hiring, instead of purchasing the boiler, ensured the boiler was just used when needed, proving very cost effective for the customer!

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