Heater Hire

Heating for Marquees

Andrews Heat for Hire have been providing temporary heaters for marquees and outdoor events for 50 years. We have an extensive range of safe, efficient and modern heaters, available for immediate delivery across the country from our strategically located depots nationwide. We offer competitive hire rates and can also provide significant savings on fuel usage. For marquees requirements of all sizes - from a garden party to a major corporate event - we will provide the ideal solution.

Essential Heating

We understand that the preparation of an event can be an arduous and stressful period, but with our unrivalled experience of providing heating for such occasions, we can help. The importance of adequate warmth – particularly during the winter – cannot be overplayed, as a comfortable environment ensures guests will enjoy themselves and remain for the duration. Andrews acknowledges your obligations to keep event attendees warm and strives to appease your every requirement.

Our proven track record of promptly supplying units for hire to any region in the UK has made us the event industry’s most reputable provider of temporary heaters. Our broad range of heating equipment means we have all bases covered, with instant dispatch guaranteed to anywhere in the country. Our sophisticated yet simple units allow clients to adjust temperatures according to their own preference, making them adaptable to any situation.

We have worked alongside countless event managers nationwide, developing and installing heating hire packages for an assortment of specifications. Whatever your requirements, we can be trusted to supply a fast, effective solution for tents, marquees and temporary structures. Our UK network of 30 depots, are strategically located to ensure that regardless of your event’s setting, we will have our equipment on site within four hours of your call.


Safe efficient, fume free heating inside marquees is absolutely vital, particularly when temperatures outdoors are low. Keeping your guests or visitors sufficiently warm is should remain a priority, and our broad range of units make achieving this easy. With the largest fleet of portable heaters available for hire in Europe, Andrews Heat for Hire can help.

The size and shape of your structure will dictate which solution is most effective, but our expansive stock has you covered for every scenario. Weather resistant indirect oil-fired heaters give you the option of ducting hot air inside the vicinity, while the unit itself is situated outside the marquee. Alternatively, our robust electric heaters – with a variety of changeable settings – can operate via a single plug and be positioned discreetly within the canvas.

Our new ID35 indirect oil fired heater has risen the standard for marquees heaters, it provides over 30kW of heat and due to its high efficiency can save up to £2 per hire in fuel costs. The units is fully weatherproof, extremely portable, but can still fit through a doorway.

We offer no obligation site surveys, with our expert technicians visiting your premises to advise you on a course of action. We will even design and install heat for hire packages subject to your precise arrangements and ensure delivery within a four-hour window.

Outdoor Events

Outdoor events prompt several logistical factors to be considered – particularly when taking place during the colder months of the year. Mobile heaters prove an applicable solution to chilly weather and are both efficient and easy to operate. Indirect oil-fired heaters are most commonly used in such circumstances, with units positioned a safe distance away from congregated crowds of guests.

Our wide product range enables our clients to have hot air supplied via a solitary device or multiple. We can help you select the most appropriate system for your event to ensure a constant generation of heat. Our trained engineers will also install the units for you to guarantee the most cost-effective heat for hire package. Unlike most of our competitors, we offer a genuine 24 hour backup service, 7 days a week, throughout the year.

We will also supply all of the accessories you will need to complete you heating requirement, including flexible ducting, thermostats, fuel tanks and diffusers. If required we can also supply you with fuel and manage your fuel supply throughout the hire period. In some circumstances where electrical supplies are not available close to the marquee can provide a temporary generator.

Whether your event is imminent or you’re merely planning ahead for the future, we can guide you towards a viable solution. We excel in the provision of dependable, fume-free heaters for any industry or location, with quick delivery to your site guaranteed. If you seek a quote or simply more information about our service, call us on 0800 211 611.

Case studies

Our range

Electric Heaters

Designed for shops, offices, schools, and hospitals, our electric heaters provide safe, fume-free warmth without exhaust gases, smells or vapours

Indirect Fired Oil Heaters

These units deliver huge volumes of clean heat and are perfect for places where ventilation is limited or where people are present

Indirect Fired Gas Heaters

Indirect fired gas heaters provide clean, dry heat safely and economically and are an ideal solution for places where there is limited ventilation

High Capacity Heaters

Developed to work reliably whilst unattended for long periods of time, our high capacity units can withstand the rigours of the most arduous applications

Direct Fired Gas Heaters

These units can only be used where there is plenty of natural ventilation including garages, workshops and agricultural environments

Direct Fired Oil Heaters

Where there is sufficient air movement, our direct fired oil heaters represent a safe and effective solution to low ambient temperatures

Fuel Tanks

Our extensive range of fuel tanks has been designed to allow our heaters, boilers and pumps to operate uninterrupted for long periods