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CDS Chemical Dosing System

Product Features

Lockable cabinet for added security

Perspex panel for external monitoring

Quick release fitting for simplified use

Compact size rendering unit suitable for tight spaces

Plug-and-play dosing with small power requirements

Consistent and adjustable dosing to maximise flexibility


Our Chemical Dosing Systems (CDS) provides precision dosing of treatment chemicals to enhance water quality in a range of applications. By automatically administering pH and coagulants at the ideal dosage rates, the unit effectively conditions the water stream for superior clarification and consent alignment. Treatment chemicals are securely stored in bunded containers and delivered via accurate metering pumps to water intake points. This enables real-time pH balancing and coagulant introduction, destabilising suspended particles and promoting rapid floc formation. Highly effective coagulants create mini-flocs, facilitating their removal through downstream separation processes. This advanced system is essential for achieving consistent water quality compliance while minimising chemical consumption and operating costs.


Motor size 0.25kW
Weight when empty 11.5 kg
Dimensions 163 x 283 x 372 mm
Voltage 110V/230V

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