Air Quality Control Hire


With awareness around the benefits of air quality control solutions growing by the week, now is very much the time for organisations to embrace innovation and play their part in resolving a concerning air pollution crisis. This directive could and should apply to most market sectors given that assessing indoor air quality has only recently been universally considered a priority. Government reports show that an increase in asthma sufferers has been directly linked to higher air pollution levels in school children – a situation that warrants the utmost attention.


The pandemic has accelerated a noticeable shift in the way schools, colleges and universities think about air quality and its effect on staff, pupils and students. A number of independent studies have concluded that there is a clear link between poor air quality and reduced concentration, memory and digestion of information. And with more than 1,000 schools in London alone within 150 metres of a major road, it is obvious that the problem is both dangerous and far-reaching.

As the UK’s leading supplier of air quality control and filtration systems, we are widely experienced in helping customers in your industry challenge the status quo by addressing a prevalent real-world issue. By developing relationships with schools, education authorities and building managers, we have acquired an excellent understanding of exactly what it is that you are likely to require. Our extensive range of air quality control systems are stocked across our depot network and can be delivered to any UK location within four hours.


Many schools in this country find it difficult to deliver the clean air that children need, and this is largely due to ventilation systems being inadequate or indeed there being no ventilation system at all. There are instances where building managers opt to deploy mesh filters within an existing ventilation system, but these measures are generally ineffective due to these having low filtration efficiencies and requiring a surprisingly high level of maintenance.

A more practical alternative would be to install a dedicated air purifier inside the rooms that merit your attention, with these units excellent for delivering clean air even in areas lacking ventilation. Easy to install, quiet in operation and achieving several air changes per hour, these units will combat bacteria, pollen, viruses, traffic pollution, dust, gases and even dangerous chemicals.


The coronavirus pandemic forced university students to adapt to a new way of learning, with seminars and lectures delivered online as part of an arrangement to keep people off campus. While it is likely that cyber classes will always have a part to play in future curriculums, it is critical that your university building is sufficiently equipped to handle a return to previous normality.

For many years, we have invested in high performance air quality control technology to ensure our customers benefit from efficient filtration without having to compromise on noise output. We are now entering a new age for air quality and ventilation but our experience in this field has already been demonstrated on countless occasions. For more information on the options available to you or for advice on precisely which units will be of the greatest benefit, call us today on 0800 211 611.