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Tunnel ventilation is critical to ensure adequate air quality, control the spread of smoke in case of fire and remove toxins from confined spaces.

Our wide range of reliable ventilation fans for hire are designed to deliver air through ducts in underground mining and tunnelling projects, and are available in different sizes and combinations to fit your needs. Whether you’re working on a small project or an extensive operation beneath ground level for months on end, you can rely on us to have you covered.

Andrews has extensive experience in all types of tunnel ventilation systems including fume extraction schemes and fresh air ventilation projects. We endeavour to help you counteract unfavourable conditions and adhere to project deadlines without incurring avoidable costs or a damaged reputation.

Thanks to the size of our industrial hire fleet and the skills of our people, we deliver the most effective ventilation schemes no matter how tough the environment or location. With a true 24/7 service nationwide including a four-hour emergency response guarantee, you’ll get the help you need if you run into problems underground.

The need to provide a well-ventilated environment within any tunnelling project is of critical importance, as strict health & safety regulations insist on a vented and fume-free workplace to ensure those working on site are protected at all times.

Hazardous fumes inside a tunnel are commonly caused by the dust and gasses emitted as a result of tunnelling developments and exhaust fumes emitted by the equipment used. To secure a safer and healthier environment within a tunnelling application, it is necessary to take strict measures while carrying out the works.

Andrews have a proven track record of providing purpose-built extraction fans to remove air that has been contaminated by fumes and dangerous gasses. These are commonly given off by the heavy-duty equipment used as part of a construction scheme, but our expertise and equipment ensures this is tackled effectively.

We believe the safe and efficient removal of harmful fumes is essential and are confident that our all-encompassing selection of ventilation fans have the power to extract all traces of unclean air. Need advice on a suitable ventilation fan rental? Call us today on 0800 211 611.

Our ventilation rental equipment serves the function of removing exhaust gasses within a tunnel but also assisting the distribution of fresh air within a potentially dangerous enclosed area.

A tailor-made ventilation system is the most effective method of ensuring tradesmen and construction workers are protected by the presence of an acceptable air quality.

Ventilation is required during the construction of any tunnel and will contribute to optimal underground airflow, day in and day out. The units blowing system works continuously to supply engineers with fresh air – creating a comfortable and safe working environment throughout the entirety of a project.

Our broad range of rental units are regularly used to supply clean fresh air for just about every conceivable application, helping prevent dust inhalation and creating a secure environment for miners, builders and anyone else deployed within a tunnel. We are confident that our selection of ventilation fans offer the air flow capacities necessary to provide high volumes of fresh air within tight, sealed off areas.

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Andrews Ventilation Hire unveil largest fan yet
With a long-established reputation for providing customers with high capacity extraction fans, it is with great excitement that we announce the introduction of our latest model – the FV1800. This addition further improves an already popular range and offers clients double the airflow of our tried-and-tested FV900 unit. Designed and built in the UK, the [...]
Local newsroom requires ventilation for underground demolition
When a building is demolished or structurally altered, it is vitally important that a ventilation system is in place to ensure areas with restricted air flow are safe for people working on site. The planned removal of walls four floors below the ground level of a multi-story site was therefore dependent on our intervention. Andrews [...]
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