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We offer unique nationwide coverage and assistance with rapid response times guaranteed 24 hours a day. With almost thirty depots strategically located throughout the UK, we promise to respond to your enquiry within four hours of contact - irrespective of your location. By providing our customers with free site surveys, we are able to assess your precise requirements and propose a cost-effective solution accordingly.

With the country’s most expansive array of electric, oil fired and natural gas fired boilers for hire, we always have sufficient stock to accommodate demand on all scales. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive fuel management system which ensures your boiler remains fully operational throughout the whole rental period. Our units range from 22kW through to multi megawatt packages, ensuring that we have the equipment and expertise to cater for environments of all sizes.

By continually investing in both our products and staff, we are able to promise our clients the most up-to-date, cost-efficient boilers on the market. With our unique national depot network we are able to dispatch and install equipment to be immediately when emergencies arise. With a wealth of experience supplying boiler packages to businesses in your sector, no-one is better placed than us to guide you through maintenance periods or urgent requirements.

During the winter months in particular, a reliable central heating system is imperative when hotel guests are otherwise susceptible to cold weather. In order to keep those staying in your premises content, you must ensure that warm, comfortable conditions are present throughout. A lack of heating generally equates to a loss of revenue and health and safety regulations outline the minimum temperatures required within buildings of this type, as well as the risks of failing to adhere to these guidelines.

We appreciate that delivering an outstanding experience for guests is the primary aim of any hotelier, and understand the associated implications of failing to do so. That is why we endeavour to commission the most appropriate equipment for your application, without affecting other parts of your day-to-day running. Having assisted hotels and leisure facilities for several decades, we are adept in providing unobtrusive solutions while ensuring business continues.

Before installing a boiler package, we undertake a thorough planning phase to ascertain the most suitable unit for your environment. Our engineers will modify systems to your complete satisfaction, with your independent needs the main consideration of every project. Boiler failure can occur unexpectedly at any time, but when this happens we are on hand to provide an alternative 24 hours a day.

As hoteliers or proprietors of similar accommodation, you have a duty to ensure hot water is supplied throughout the duration of peoples’ stay. This basic provision - although often disregarded - is of paramount importance when it comes to daily tasks such as bathing or showering. The comfort of your guests is directly affected by an absence of hot water, and this subsequently reflects badly on your overall reputation and revenue.

In recent years we have supported numerous hotels with powerful and reliable mobile boilers, using existing systems and pipework as well as standalone packages - depending on circumstances. Our distinctive units incorporate a twin heat exchanger arrangement which supplies hot water for wash areas and bathrooms, while also contributing to low pressure hot water heating systems. This sophisticated equipment safeguards against negatively impacting on guests in the vicinity, allowing normal operation to continue.

In addition to temporary boilers, we also provide a full range of ancillary equipment, including super-silent generators, heat exchangers, pump sets, air handlers and pipework. All customers are covered by our contingency service which supports you throughout the hire’s entirety. Call us on 0800 211 611 to discuss how we can benefit your process, or for more information on the products we offer.

Kent spa suffers major boiler breakdown
A popular Kentish spa recently suffered a major boiler failure after four of their main units broke down on site during a busy day. This caused considerable issues at the resort and meant the availability of hot water was lost, affecting their swimming pools, jacuzzi facility and showers. The management team at the well-known spa [...]
Emergency boiler keeps historic hotel in business
When one of the most historic hotels in Hertfordshire was at risk of temporarily closing its doors due to a major refurbishment project, Andrews Boilers were urgently called in to offer their expert advice. The hotel in question is wholly committed to ensuring their guests are provided with the highest standard of service – failure [...]
Andrews provide boiler hire solution for popular international hotel
Failure to provide effective climate control in a hotel environment – particularly during the winter months – can ruin the experience of guests and tarnish a hotel’s reputation. So, when a popular international hotel experienced an unexpected boiler failure, our specialists were required to provide an emergency boiler solution. The hotel in question is among [...]
Emergency boiler replacement keeps major IT consultant functional
When a boiler breaks down or loses effectiveness, a rapid response to the issue will help keep your building operational. Failure to address the situation quickly can have far-reaching implications for everyday businesses – including revenue loss. In December 2015, one of the UK’s biggest players in the IT sector suffered unexpected boiler failure at [...]
Replacement boiler provided for hotel in Somerset
A client of Andrews Boilers, a 3-star hotel located in Weston-Super-Mare wanted to replace their existing boiler system. The boiler was at the end of its life and the client was in search of a unit that was economical and had a reduced carbon footprint. The hotel had previously used Andrews Sykes and so knew about [...]
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