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At Andrews, we strive to provide HVAC companies with the most responsive yet affordable boiler service in the country. We understand the pressures you face in supplying clients with the best equipment available, and the importance of upholding your reputation within the industry. That’s why we act quickly to ensure the delivery of safe, comfortable building environments at short notice.

Our Experience

Andrews Boiler Hire is the UK’s leading supplier of temporary boiler equipment with unrivalled expertise providing temporary units on both a planned basis and during emergencies. We are committed to offering accurate technical advice as well as the most up to date boilers available on the market, ensuring heating and hot water supplies are constantly maintained. With decades of experience working alongside HVAC contractors, we appreciate the requirements of your clients and exceed expectations in every conceivable instance.

The vast knowledge of our engineers and support staff guarantees we can solve boiler issues across a whole spectrum of applications. We will assist with emergency support and planned maintenance and can recommend equipment and accessories, regardless of the situation. With thirty depots located across the country, we are able to promise customers a maximum four hour response time to any enquiries – keeping businesses operational even when breakdown occurs.

In recent years we have embarked on countless projects for HVAC companies, delivering and installing units while making sure all other obligations are fulfilled. When it comes to protecting existing boilers or designing replacement systems to bypass a deficient unit undergoing replacement, we pledge to respond quicker than our competitors and take the necessary action.

Boiler Replacement

Having a reliable heating and hot water supply on your client’s premises is absolutely essential, so when this is jeopardised or unavailable, the implications can be severe. If systems aren’t frequently checked or tested, the likelihood of them failing after period of time dramatically increases. Sometimes, breakdown can be completely unavoidable, but when units falter or succumb to collapse it is imperative they are quickly replaced.

We understand the potential implications of businesses suffering a boiler malfunction, which is why we act quickly to limit its impact. With an all-encompassing range of units – from 10kW systems through to multi megawatt packages – you can rely on us to swiftly dispatch equipment, accessories and manpower to resolve your hot water and heating issues. Our familiarity and past involvement in assignments of every scale means we can always restore hot water and heat sources without interrupting other parts of your customer’s building.

Although breakdown always necessitates a substitute, it is not the only reason a replacement may be needed. Inefficient boiler equipment has the propensity to cause energy costs to rise due to a reduction in efficiency. Upgrading an old gas boiler could actually end up saving your client money in the long term, as well as reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Emergency Cover

When boilers stop working unexpectedly, a loss of heating and hot water can radically affect your customer’s building and its occupants. In some cases, businesses will grind to a standstill if this amenity becomes unobtainable – particularly when members of staff are likely to be affected. If the need for urgent cover suddenly arises, our instant response to boiler issues will ensure your process and business continues to operate without productivity levels being affected.

We are constantly investing in new technology and research to maintain the optimum service our clients expect. With a four hour response time guaranteed irrespective of location, our service guarantee promises to deliver and install the required temporary boiler from our extensive range of hired equipment. With electric, oil fired and natural gas units available for hire as well as ancillaries and bunded fuel tanks, you can trust us to deliver a rapid solution when emergencies occur.

For more information about our products, services and preliminary discussions about how we can assist you, call us now on 0800 211 611. We also offer customers a thorough contingency package which covers you 24 hours a day. With direct experience working within your sector, our technicians will select the best system for your application thus ensuring affordable remedies to any problem.

Case studies

Our range

Electric Boilers

Our compact and lightweight electric boilers have been designed for use in a multitude of applications, including underfloor heating

Packaged Boilers

Ranging from 100kW to 1,500kW, these robust, containerised boilers are designed for even the harshest of environments

Mobile Boilers

These trailer-mounted boilers offer excellent flexibility in instances where easy transportation and quick installation are desired

Medium Pressure Hot Water Boilers

We offer a complete solution for MPHW requirements where clients need to operate a heating system at a higher temperature than normally necessary

Boiler Air Handlers

To complement our boiler range, we offer a selection of air handling units and fan coils offering duties of up to 50,000m³/h from a single unit

Heat Exchangers

Our braze plate, shell and tube heat exchangers allow heat from a liquid to pass to a second liquid without the two coming into direct contact