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Events & Exhibitions

Events in temporary structures, like marquees, may require the addition of fans to circulate warm or cold air depending on the time of year. Andrews Ventilation have provided solutions to many events across the UK where temporary ventilation has been required for the guest’s comfort, or even extraction for temporary on site kitchens.

Events expertise

Events and exhibitions are often held in larger premises – such as exhibition centres – which have insufficient ventilation or sometimes none at all. Because of this, visitors are likely to suffer in the absence of a suitable temperature control system. Mechanical ventilation will usually be required to remove humid air and provide guests with adequate air movement to give a feeling of freshness.

Andrews’ specialists regularly work with event co-ordinators, providing each client with bespoke ventilation equipment according to individual. No matter what the nature of the event or exhibition, its location or number of attendees, you can be confident that we have developed a solution for something similar before.

Our reliable and specialist service allows us to guarantee the delivery of equipment to your site within four hours of initial contact. We understand the delicate time constraints that exist within the events industry and promise to act quickly in order to help eliminate unfavourable conditions and adhere to project deadlines.

At Andrews Ventilation, we have been providing expert advice along with a wide range of industry-leading equipment to the events sector for many years. Our impressive track record in accommodating virtually any kind of scenario means our clients can rely on us for all of their ventilation needs.

Fresh air supply

By providing customers with the most appropriate ventilation hire solution available, they can be confident that the correct volume of fresh outdoor air is brought into whichever area requires it. It’s our job to ensure that events and exhibitions are well-equipped with an appropriate ventilation hire solution and provide guests with an adequate air supply, in compliance with health & safety regulations.

Our effective, well-designed extraction and ventilation fans assist event co-ordinators to prevent condensation forming and subsequently ruining functions throughout the cold and damp seasons. This is achieved by supplying equipment capable of producing high air flows that are commensurate with the number of attendees.

Our broad range of rental fan units are also regularly used to generate clean fresh air in the summer, helping eliminate humidity and creating a comfortable environment for spectators. Regardless of the weather conditions, we are confident that our selection of ventilation fans have the power to circulate and bring fresh air into your event space – even with all doors and windows closed – removing impurities and odours.

Keeping visitors cool

Effective ventilation is a vital component of creating a cool and comfortable environment. It’s very rare that simply opening windows, doors and other openings will prove an adequate measure for counteracting hot temperatures and cooling guests. In fact, applications such as exhibition centres and large halls may not even have windows in place. In these cases, it is necessary for mechanical ventilation systems to be installed to dissipate excess heat.

Without the proper provision of temporary ventilation fans, guest experiences can easily be ruined by uncomfortable conditions. Our powerful, discreet and cost-effective ventilation units increase the airflow over attendees at floor level, providing them with a significant net cooling effect that will keep them relaxed throughout the day.

Our specialist ventilation units are available for hire and stocked in depots all over the country to ensure you receive a rapid solution to your problem, regardless of location. We also offer clients a free site survey, where our engineers offer expert advice on the best solution to your enquiry. Unlike other suppliers, we will provide customers with continued 24-hour support throughout a hire’s duration – guaranteeing peace of mind at every stage. For one of our temporary units or a more comprehensive ventilation hire package, call one of our specialists today on 0800 211 611.

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