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During the summer months, it is essential that your shop is comfortable enough to encourage consumers to browse and make purchases. Failure to take the necessary steps can have a damaging impact on both your revenue stream and reputation, but sourcing a temporary cooling solution will ensure this is easily avoided. We help thousands of retailers counteract the heat each year, proposing short-term ventilation hire arrangements designed for individual applications.

Our Retail Expertise

Retail is undoubtedly one of the more competitive industries due to the wide selection of outlets available for would-be buyers to choose from. This range of options means that department stores, chains and outlets must give customers a reason to shop there – or to put it another way, not give them any reason not to. An excessively warm environment can be extremely off-putting and will undoubtedly lead to people heading for the exits more quickly than would be the case if conditions were ambient.

Premises without a permanently installed air conditioning system can benefit from the deployment of cooling fans, which are capable of circulating up to 7,600m³/ of clean, fresh air every hour. Our experience of this sector has enabled us to ascertain that in many scenarios, a simple fan arrangement is more effective than portable air conditioning units as there is no need to locate appropriate areas to carry ducting.

Temperature Control

Whether you’re operating a major high-street retailer, a boutique store or a small shop, we at Andrews Ventilation can supply a suitable comfort cooling solution. Each year, businesses throughout the country approach us seeking a cooling fan rental package that can be delivered and installed within four hours of an enquiry being received.

Our range of units offer clients a quiet, simple and effective method of dispersing warm air and ensuring an air flow is constantly circulated around rooms that are prone to becoming too hot. The ASF cooling fans in our hire fleet are capable of running on either a 110V or 240V power supply, rendering them perfect for use in everyday surroundings where conventional plug sockets are available.

These are ideal for greatly enhancing a stuffy or humid retail environment – even on the hottest days of the year – and although their presence may be inconspicuous to your customers, the impact they have on your store will most certainly be noticeable. From a solitary cooling fan right through to multi-unit hire arrangements, Andrews Ventilation have the resources and UK-wide presence required to provide same-day delivery in an emergency.

Food outlets

No modern shopping complex is complete without the presence of a food court, and these too require good ventilation in order to prevent cooking odours from becoming overpowering. It is generally accepted that the majority of odour problems are actually caused by insufficient ventilation, and these can therefore be overcome quickly if an appropriate technique is used.

Once a smell becomes airborne, the remaining particles simply linger unless an air circulation is created. This can be achieved by deploying a number of extraction fans around a kitchen or food preparation area, which will work in conjunction with one another to remove the offending smell. Having an opening or window to help force cooking vapours outdoors will bring the best results, but an extractor hire alone will still make a considerable difference.

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Our range

Ventilation Fans

Used for providing fresh air in spaces where circulation is restricted, our ventilation fans can also be used to extract dangerous fumes

Cooling Fans

Our cooling fans provide a perfect alternative to conventional air conditioning systems whilst removing stale air from a variety of applications

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These high capacity units afford users variable speed controls and are capable of operating on either 110V or 230V power supply

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Most commonly used following flood or water damage, our lightweight carpet dryers are designed for use in areas affected by damp surfaces