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Maintaining patient comfort is vitally important in hospitals, surgeries, clinics and other healthcare applications, and ventilation can play a critical part in this. Specifically, efficient ventilation can help drastically reduce the transmission of respiratory diseases simply by increasing air motion, and it has even been suggested that the 2003 outbreak of SARS may have been accentuated by poor air movement.


As already touched upon, a regularly serviced ventilation system is key to instilling the sort of environment that your staff and patients deserve. The primary demand for ventilation in a healthcare setting is to provide clean, filtered and fresh air while simultaneously removing the stale, humid and polluted air that blights a large proportion of buildings in the UK.

No supplier can match our understanding of the healthcare sector, which has been accrued by working directly with clients in your industry over many decades. The critical nature of a medical environment leaves absolutely no margin for error, which is why we pledge to deliver any equipment you need within a 4-hour timeframe.


We’ve all heard about instances where someone has been admitted to hospital with a specific illness and subsequently developed another ailment, and it’s not as uncommon as you might like to think. According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, approximately 6% of patients develop an infection while staying in hospital. Current guidelines suggest that ventilation systems should be used to refresh all air in wards and theatres between 9 and 12 times every hour in order to reduce the scale of airborne infections.

This is something we can help hospitals achieve with minimal fuss, and our broad range of ventilation equipment has been assembled with this very purpose in mind. Given that most modern hospitals are sealed and have limited or no window openings, mechanical ventilation is the perfect remedy to an absence of natural airflow.


The correct selection and placement of temporary fans coupled with an available source of clean, outdoor air can combine to deliver and maintain the necessary airflows and create a well-ventilated environment conducive to preventing the spread of infection. Healthcare facilities bereft of suitable ventilation can quickly succumb to the effects of airborne pathogens – a particularly dangerous scenario for patients who already have compromised immune systems.

Upholding best practice need not come at a huge cost, however, and our tailored ventilation systems can be adapted to suit even the tightest of budgets. In some situations, customers prefer to optimise their ventilation solution by using supplementary air cleaners or air purifiers in conjunction with fans.

Our range

Ventilation Fans

Used for providing fresh air in spaces where circulation is restricted, our ventilation fans can also be used to extract dangerous fumes

Cooling Fans

Our cooling fans provide a perfect alternative to conventional air conditioning systems whilst removing stale air from a variety of applications

Industrial Fans

These high capacity units afford users variable speed controls and are capable of operating on either 110V or 230V power supply

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Most commonly used following flood or water damage, our lightweight carpet dryers are designed for use in areas affected by damp surfaces