Ventilation Hire


Perhaps now more than ever before, businesses operating in the hospitality industry recognise the importance of introducing a constant supply of fresh air into enclosed indoor spaces. By doing this, you can ensure the removal of older stale air and in turn greatly reduce the likelihood of virus particles or bacteria being transmitted from one person to another.


The highly competitive nature of this industry means that businesses must do whatever they can to set themselves apart from the rest. Making your customers feel safe and welcome will always give you an edge, and this can be achieved by installing a temporary ventilation system that can operate as a multi-purpose solution. While ventilation is quite rightly associated with a need to provide frequent air changes to improve overall air quality, it is also very common for our fans to be used as a simple cooling mechanism.


Given that hotels and leisure resorts are very much designed with comfort and relaxation in mind, it is staggering to consider that mechanical ventilation is so often overlooked. These facilities are generally open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you cannot afford to ignore a need to ensure that clean, fresh air is constantly circulated around your building.

Communal areas such as bars, lounges and reception areas are well-known for having no open windows, which restricts natural ventilation in spaces that are generally populated by large numbers of people.

While ventilation should be regarded as part of an integral hotel energy solution, it is critical that the requirements of individual areas are precisely dimensioned to stop running costs spiralling out of control. By seeking the advice of experts, you can obtain a practical solution that satisfies the intended output by delivering air changes, cooling relief, or a combination of the two.


Adequate ventilation was cited as the first step towards pubs and restaurants reopening at full capacity following the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is now unlikely that the process of recirculating fresh air will be dismissed as inessential ever again. A broader understanding of lingering virus particles, droplets and aerosols, and the issues these cause, means we have quickly moved into an era where poorly ventilated establishments are looked upon unfavourably by customers.

It is now an indisputable fact that people are much more likely to transmit airborne infections in rooms where windows can’t be opened, or where a ventilation system is lacking, which has an obvious knock-on effect for businesses in your industry.

A temporary ventilation hire solution need not be expensive but can set your pub or restaurant apart from those not taking their responsibilities as seriously. Our experts can propose a rental agreement that will instil the conditions that your customers crave, and from as little as just a few pounds a day.

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