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Power Industry

For power generation plants to work efficiently, a number of variables must be properly controlled to ensure daily operations can proceed unaffected. Instilling the necessary conditions and providing a safe environment for engineers working in the power industry are both fundamental considerations. Andrews Ventilation provide original ventilation solutions to meet the power industry’s most challenging heat extraction and surface blasting requirements.

Power industry expertise

As the UK’s leading provider of ventilation hire equipment, we are very well acquainted with companies operating within a broad range of industries – including power plants, refineries and petrochemical applications.

Andrews Ventilation hire equipment is widely used to ensure that the maximum temperatures enabling the plant’s most efficient operation are not exceeded, while also maintaining a consistently cool temperature to provide comfortable working conditions for engineers on site.

Our experienced specialist team regularly provide major clients with our industrial ventilation fans to assist with planned developments, general maintenance or emergency projects. Additionally, our experts also understand the importance of sensitive equipment being preserved and using dry air to prevent corrosion when the need arises. Andrews’ ventilation fans are often used in conjunction with desiccant dehumidifiers to accelerate tasks and protect expensive machinery that would otherwise be at risk.

Heat dispersal

Maintaining a cooler environment and perhaps more importantly, adapting to changes in temperature, are crucial factors that will affect the comfort of those working inside the plant and the continued functionality of the equipment within.

Intense heat produced within the plant itself makes concrete walls and supporting columns more susceptible to damage, making it potentially dangerous for all plant personnel if warm air is not quickly diverted elsewhere.

Our high-capacity cooling solutions provide a constant airflow cycle that drives away hot stagnant air at an increased rate. A ventilation fan arrangement can then be used to simultaneously replace the generated heat with large volumes of cool, fresh air. By deploying fan hire equipment in targeted areas to increase internal airflow and disperse heat, a cooler and safer environment is created for the benefit of both plant operatives and the generators, reactors, turbines and other tools on site.

Surface blasting

Ensuring that sufficient blast area safety measures are taken has proven to be a particular challenge for clients in the power industry. Fortunately, Andrews Ventilation has a genuine track record of providing customers with our specialist equipment, using decades of experience and intricate designs to dilute and remove dust and noxious gases from site.

A sufficient volume of air is required for surface blasting to ensure all air is clean, making the working environment more hospitable for engineers and thus creating a safer blasting environment. Using abrasive materials such as steel grit, coal slag, glass and sand often generates hazardous dust levels within the air which must be dealt with appropriately. The same can be said when toxic metals are involved as both the blasting material and blasted coatings can give off dangerous fumes.

We provide a combination of temporary hired ventilation fans with a high combined airflow which can be strategically placed around the blast area, drawing cooler air from outside before blasting on the surfaces themselves. Similar arrangements can also be made to remove any fumes or dust particles produced by the custom blasting systems.

Our portable ventilation fans are available for hire today and can be delivered to your location within four hours of contact. For one of our temporary units or a more comprehensive ventilation hire package, call us on 0800 211 611. Alternatively, complete an enquiry form and one of our experts will be in touch.

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