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Retailing is a highly competitive business and customers are often able to choose from a wide selection of outlets. So why should they choose yours? No matter how good your merchandising is or how competitive your prices, if the shopping environment is unpleasantly hot your customers will soon go elsewhere. So if your retail premises doesn’t have permanently installed air conditioning, or you need fast emergency support after a breakdown, we offer the UK’s biggest range of portable air conditioners, air handlers, fans and fluid chillers for hire - ensuring your customers stay with you.

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From exclusive boutiques to major multiples, retailers across the country rely on Andrews Sykes to keep their customers cool and content. The shopping experience is influenced by many things and maintaining a comfortable temperature is critical in encouraging customers to look, linger and spend. Our air conditioners, evaporative coolers and fans are ideal for enhancing the retail environment even on the hottest of days and in the most crowded of shops. Our equipment is so quiet and discreet your customers won’t even notice it, but they will certainly notice its effects. Available in single units or multiple installations, on short or longer term rental, the unique range of retail air conditioners from Andrews Sykes are elegant, energy efficient and environmentally responsible.

Shopping centres, malls and other major retail premises present particular challenges to their owners, managers and occupiers. Their large scale means that ensuring an even temperature throughout the building can be difficult. Permanently installed, centralised cooling systems are generally the responsibility of the centre manager or owner with supplemental cooling being the responsibility of individual retail tenants. At Andrews Sykes we have a huge range of hire equipment, from individual portable air conditioning units to large scale water chillers and air handlers. Our equipment is modular so it can be combined easily to form larger packages for retail malls and major stores - ideal for providing additional cooling during periods of exceptional weather or if fixed installations breakdown unexpectedly.

Andrews air conditioners, fluid chillers, air handling units and ventilation fans are available nationwide for immediate delivery at surprisingly affordable prices. So, before your customers vote with their feet and shop elsewhere, make tracks to our door and ask us for a free, no-obligation quotation.

Andrews Air Conditioning Hire guarantees the continued safety of garden centre pets
Pet retailers across the country are obligated to ensure all animals are kept safe and healthy, so when a garden centre in Nottingham encountered difficulties keeping their rabbits and guinea pigs cool, they contacted Andrews Air Conditioning Hire in search of an effective cooling solution. As an existing client, they knew Andrews would be able to offer same-day, out of hours delivery which was extremely important given how quickly high temperatures can affect small animals. Our [...]
Portable air conditioning units keep retail trade booming
At Andrews Air Conditioning, we recognise that controlling the temperature of your outlet or store can be difficult during the summer months. Fortunately, by regularly working alongside customers operating in your industry we have been able to develop an unrivalled aptitude for providing bespoke cooling solutions specifically designed for the retail environments. This was recently demonstrated when an internationally-renowned clothes shop based in Manchester sought a temporary air conditioning system after seasonal temperatures rose sharply. Access [...]
Andrews Air Conditioning assists farm shop in Kent
If perishable crops aren’t stored in a closely monitored environment, they are likely to quickly become inedible, spoiled and eventually wasted. Warm temperatures can drastically affect the condition of fruit and vegetables, which is why farms and plantations regularly seek the services of Andrews Air Conditioning. A client in north-west Kent contacted us during a period of seasonal warmth, looking for a short-term solution to rising temperatures. The farm – based in Dartford – required some [...]
Retail Outlet Cooling
Retail outlets and shops of all sizes can benefit from having effective air conditioning during the summer months. The cost of having a fully installed system can be prohibitive so that is why many shop owners turn to a hire solution during the long hot days of summer. Portable units can be used to cool whole shops, provide spot cooling and supplement existing equipment. One major high street retailer contacted us when they had problems with [...]
Indoor shop cooling
During popular spending periods it can be hard to control the climate within your shop, especially when overcrowding occurs. Andrews Air Conditioning understands the complexity of maintaining a comfortable environment within your shop. We supply an excellent range of unique products that will ensure the best temperature for your business. A multi-national retail outlet called Andrews Air Conditioning when they were in need of cooling for their overheated shop floor. The shop was exceedingly busy and [...]
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