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The DE 190 has an average power consumption of 43kW/h - ideal for heating large industrial spaces up to 1,200m³ in size. This particular high capacity product can generate a maximum air flow of 4,500m³/h, underlining its suitability for a broad range of heavy duty environments.

As one of the most technologically advanced electric heaters available on the market, the DE190 has duct spigots on both the inlet and outlet - allowing up to 32 metres of 450 mm diameter ducting to be fitted at either end. This unique feature enables the unit to be stationed a considerable distance away from the targeted areas and thus affords the user greater flexibility.

Additionally, it can be installed with full recirculation or in line with a desiccant dryer for applications which require both heating and dehumidification.

Weighing only 120kg, the DE 190 is both light and compact while its 4-wheel chassis helps simplify manoeuvrability. Lockable wheels also prevent accidental movement once positioned into place, guaranteeing sturdy deployment on virtually any surface.

The heater’s simplistic installation allows full functionality within seconds of plug-in, providing its surroundings with large volumes of warm air almost instantly.

  • Safe and easy to use
  • Automatic operation
  • Fully portable
  • Very robust
  • Stylish design
  • Quiet operation
  • Very reliable
  • Delivers huge volumes of warm air
  • Easy installation
  • Large workshops
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Product storage
  • Building sites
  • Tank drying
  • Agricultural
  • Temperature control
  • Industrial units
  • Ship building
  • Yacht maintenance
Air flow (max)
4,500 m3/h
Duct length (max)
32 metres
Power supply
415 V 3 ph N + E 50 Hz Run 52 A
Generator size
60 KVA
Noise level (max)
68.7 dBA @ 3 metres
Duct size
450 mm
Weight (kg)
120 kg
Typical heated area
1,200 m3
1,360 x 630 x 950 mm
Heating duty (max)
42 kW 136,480 btu
Plug type
BS4343 3 ph 5 pin 63 A
Manual (external controls available)
Average power consumption
43 kW/h
  • 10M x 4 PIN 125 AMP 415V EXTENSION LEAD 10MM DIA
  • 8M X 450MM DUCTING
  • DUCT Y 450MM TO 2 X 300MM
  • 8M X 300MM HEATER DUCT (12"") MAX 32M

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