Chiller Hire

Food & Beverages

At Andrews, we are experts in providing bespoke cooling packages to the food and beverage industry. With nearly 50 years’ experience supplying clients with temporary chiller solutions, we have established a reputation as the country’s most reliable specialist hire company. Whether you seek equipment to assist with the manufacturing process or simply to keep areas cool for storage purposes, we will provide immediate assistance.

Our F&B experience

Andrews have extensive experience of supplying temperature control equipment to the food and beverage industry. Over the years we have provided a vast number of solutions to businesses they require food products to be cooled or kept cool. Milk processing, biscuit cooling, providing chilled stores for meat products, cooling down glass bottles, keeping salads, fruit and vegetables chilled are just a small selection of the projects we often undertake. We are often called upon to provide temporary or auxiliary cooling to a factory during peak production or to meet seasonal needs. Our 24/7 emergency service makes us the supplier of choice should existing equipment fail.

We pride ourselves on supplying customers with a quick response to climate control and process cooling issues, and promise to respond to your call within four hours. A free site survey and quotation helps our technicians understand your independent needs, both from a business perspective and the project itself. This in turn enables us to tailor a hire package and related services to your unique requirements, while strictly adhering to a defined budget.

When it comes to the storage and production of perishable goods, no-one can match us for the reliability or effectiveness of our cooling equipment. Our dependable chiller units deliver powerful solutions for the manufacturing, processing and eventual storage of food and beverages. We can deliver appropriate equipment for all aspects of production and guard against your overall operation being disrupted or stalled.

As the UK’s largest dedicated specialist climate hire company, we have an excellent track record creating and installing temporary chillers for businesses within your sector. Our engineers, consultants and support staff have specific experience of your industry, guaranteeing we can accommodate even the most obscure requirements – regardless of scale.

Food Storage

At Andrews, we have an extensive range of low temperature chillers and air handlers designed for areas which need large volumes of cooling for chilled stores or processing – keeping food at the required temperatures. Our units come in a variety of configurations, ensuring our clients’ economical restrictions and cooling demands are both taken into consideration.

We have almost half a century’s experience helping clients create and maintain temperature-controlled environments suitable for storing food products. We also have extensive experience in the supply of cooling for fluid process applications in breweries and soft and carbonated drink manufacturing. Not only do we provide replacement equipment, in the event that your own units fail, we can also convert everyday rooms into fully-fledged chilled storage facilities if demand dictates. Transforming a vacant warehouse or unused space into a cold store is made simple by utilising one of our low temperature chiller units. We are also able to supply all of the extra equipment you may need such as generators, heat exchangers and air handlers, in order to create a complete temporary solution.

Emergency breakdown normally needs an instant reaction to overcome the problem – particularly when perishable food and drink are concerned. Our depot network spread across the entire country means engineers can be on your site and installing substitute equipment within four hours of your call. We understand the consequences of fruits, vegetables or even frozen goods being subjected to unsuitable temperatures, which is why we respond to customers immediately.

Food Processing

As specialists in devising powerful cooling solutions for your industry, you can rely on us to deliver, mount and maintain our products throughout the hire period. We understand that food manufacturing processes entail a number of sensitive procedures which may require cooling, refrigeration or even freezing. Whether you need specific spot cooling, climate control throughout a large factory or process water cooling, we will provide a system to ensure these requisites are met.

In recent years we have provided businesses in your field with fluid chillers, low temperature units and air handlers to aid all stages of food production. Whether you are involved with fragile items like cheese, chocolate or even fresh produce, we are proficient in minimising downtime and lost output by ensuring room temperatures are at desired levels. Our ability to implement and retain ambient conditions conducive to food processing makes us the UK’s most dependable hire company.

If you are unable to decide the most appropriate course of action for your application, our expert chiller hire technicians will visit your site and provide a free site survey, this will enable them to offer an affordable yet effective cooling solution. Their direct experience working on assignments within your sector make them exceptionally well-placed to handle situations of any kind. For more information about the service we provide, or for a preliminary discussion about an impending project, call now on 0800 211 611.

Case studies

Our range


Ranging from 30kW to 750kW, these chillers feature the latest technology including airtight and rotating compressors, reducing energy costs

Low Temperature Chillers

Our low temperature chiller units are capable of reducing fluid temperatures to as low as -15°C for a multitude of applications

Fast Chill Range

Andrews Fast Chill units have been specifically designed with large volume space cooling in mind and can reach as low as -15°C once installed

Air Handlers

All Andrews air handlers can run on chilled or hot water, delivering effective climate control to customers where and when required

Heat Exchangers

Ideal for cooling a multitude of liquids, our range of heat exchangers facilitate the transfer of heat and greatly increase the speed of temperature change

Heat Pump Chillers

These chillers have been designed to produce both cooling and heating in a single packaged unit, using the latest refrigerants and heat pump technology